Eagles say they didn’t influence Vick’s Oprah decision

The Eagles denied a Philadelphia television station’s report that they influenced Michael Vick’s decision to cancel his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Not true,” an Eagles spokesman told the Philadelphia Sports Daily.

Vick’s spokesman Chris Shigas agreed: “The Eagles were supportive of Michael’s decision both when he agreed to do the show and when he decided to cancel.”

Shigas says Vick wasn’t afraid of answering any questions or potentially facing the owners of his dogs.

“He’s already answered all of these questions,” Shigas said.

Vick’s camp says that he only backed out because the timing of the interview no longer worked.  Oprah’s camp has decided to withdraw the offer for a complimentary O Magazine subscription that is usually given to her guests.

24 responses to “Eagles say they didn’t influence Vick’s Oprah decision

  1. “The Eagles were supportive of Michael’s decision both when he agreed to do the show and when he decided to cancel.”

    Wow, way to take a stand!…I think, well, whatever

  2. This is a non story. This is the downside to instant media, we make a story up of a guy who isnt going to be on a talk show. No one should even know about this in the first place besides vick and oprah

  3. i dont blame vick for canceling . Vick would have rather made an appearance on a show that mattered … Like the Puppy Bowl

    besides why would he want to be harrased by dog lovers . he is the 16 million dollar man

  4. I understand when you guys make non-football related posts when a player is arrested or accused of a crime and what not. But NOBODY cares if a player does or does not appear on Oprah, even if it is Vick. You guys will post anything with the word “Vick” in it just to get the page views, its shameless.

  5. @ Jammer88 Clearly you dont know anything about this thing called LIFE. Try it out sometime b/c your the problem with America … people change for the better every day… just b/c you cant understand that doesnt mean other people cant change.

  6. There is nothing for people to gain from watching Vick humiliated on TV than their own personal, petty satisfaction.
    If you’re that upset, do something real: donate or volunteer to an animal rescue shelter instead of just hyperventilating about Mike Vick all the time.

    The truth is, Michael Vick was a godsend for those who have spent years fighting uselessly to get the public to pay attention to the crimes involved in dog-fighting.

    Vick went down, was punished, was made an example of, and by way of his celebrity helped to shine a big fat spotlight on this stuff.
    He indirectly helped the fight against illegal dog fighting and related animal abuse crimes more than anything else in the last 20 years.

    Let Oprah and her audience wring their self-righteous little hands over something else.

  7. Clearly the big O is pissed off if she won’t give Vick a subscription to her super-awesome magazine. She told him. However will Vick be able to sleep at night after this horrible turn of events?!

  8. @illad3lph1a, that might be the case if someone hadn’t been shot at Vick’s last birthday party at Vicks house. If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get fleas. Again, it will be a matter of time before Vicks gets arrested for cruelty to animals. Vick continues to surround himself with thugs, thus, Vick is a thug.

  9. You mean to tell me that now Vick has to pay for his own copies of Oprah’s self centered magazine. Well, he better jump aboard the Dr Phil bandwagon before he withdraws the free therapy card.

  10. The people saying its a non story (that they read and commented on) all work for either Vick or the Eagles.

    It is a story. It shows how unstable the guy is. He has a Superbowl party canceled, an Oprah show canceled – Its all very ODD…..

  11. It was a terrible thing that Vick did. If they were Pekinese or Chihuahuas, then maybe I could understand.

  12. vick and the philyy fans all have one thing in common,all of them are cowards that can’t stand to hear the truth! glad he lives there,he fits right in!

  13. Oprah was Vick’s path back to the big bucks endorsements he desperately wants. After all, if he can snow the soccer moms that still watch her show in the tens of millions, there was nothing in his way.

    I’ll bet the cancellation of his appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show had something to do with a) insistence Vick answer all questions put to him, and b) the 1500+ who wrote and called Harpo’s offices demanding equal time for those who sheltered or adopted Vick’s dogs.

    I read late last night that “The View” is now interested in hosting him on their program. I’m sure he and his handlers will find the suitably butt-kissing environment he’s looking for there.

  14. jammer88 – “Vick continues to surround himself with thugs, thus, Vick is a thug.”

    So that means you surround yourself with brain dead morons?

    deadman – what the hell are you even talking about?

  15. If you guys TRULY didn’t care about this “non-story” than you wouldn’t have read it whatsoever, let alone taking the time to leave an oxymoronic post stating that you don’t care…think.

  16. Reply to marvsleezy:

    Why is this a “story”? Why is Oprah even a “story” for that matter? Even more to the point, why is getting a free subscription to her self promoting magazine a “story”? Who made Oprah Queen Of The World anyway?

    As far as Michael Vick goes, give the guy a break already. Yes, he did something horrible, but he paid the price for it. Unless and until he does it again, lay off of him. If he does it again, lock him up and throw the key away. But as long as he’s being a good citizen, leave him alone!

  17. Vick is one of the most despised humans in America. He’s a well paid piece of trash with a multibillion dollar organization of which panders to immature men and some of their females. I hope I live to see the complete results of Karma. A serial killer/torturer is a serial killer/torturer. THAT never changes. He’s had a few opportunities to show his true self and failed miserably. Consider this comparison:
    Vick is to dogs as Hitler to Jews. His henchmen are comparable to Eichmann, Mengele, etc. Water finds its own level, and in this case, they are thousands of miles below the sewer.

  18. OK I have had about all I can take of this bashing Vick thing. You people who want something bad to happen to him is proving that your even worse then he “WAS”. And I hope to god you “PERFECT” people don’t have children cause if they do something very wrong then just remember what your preaching…. No Second Chances”. Be consistent and lock them up or wish death on them… I also love how inconsistent our pathetic (yes I said pathetic) society is… You do realize that we control dogs (a living thing by the way) with leashes, telling them where to pee, where to sleep, and what to eat. A dog cant even roam the earth (downtown for example) without being captured and caged. So stop pretending that we are so nice to animals people!!!

    Also hunters kill deer for sport (yes deers are still an animal which is of equal importance to dogs) cut off their heads, stuff it and hang it on their wall to be proud of… hmmmmm.. Id say hats more wrong, more demented then even what Vick did actually yet our pathetic (theres that word again) society finds that not only fine, but totally legal…

    Also we are still bashing a guy who was penalized for a crime that others commit everyday and get off scot free? For example dog fighting is legal in most countries. So a person did something that is legal in many countries and was thrown in prison and lost millions when others get nothing and that’s the guy we bash?

    Now I know he doesn’t hang around the bad crowd anymore cause he is playing terrific which requires practice and practice requires time. He doesn’t have the time to hang around the wrong crowd. Instead of midnight drive-thru at Mcdonalds he is more of a roman noodles guy it seems like. And he is doing more for dog fighting then anything in the past could.

    I usually am the first to respect people opinions and always preech that no opinion is right or wrong. But int his case all the Vick bashers… YOU ARE IN THE WRONG!!!

  19. @oOomorrisoOo
    You’re an idiot. In case you didn’t know this..but dogs are domestic animals.. And you don’t just kill domestic pets for “fun”. Are deer domesticated? No.. I don’t think so. Maybe to some people but that’s beside the point. Ever hear of anyone going dog hunting? No. Cause that’s just wrong. And civilized human being know this.
    Also, you mention “in most countries”… Ummmm Hello?? This is the USA in case you were lost for a minute there. So that statement alone makes you look dumb.
    People like you (Vick lovers) make me hate Vick even more

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