Expect a lot of defensive ends taken in deep first round

With our first mock draft posted, we are starting to wrap our minds around the 2011 draft class here at PFT.  With a little help from NFL Network’s Mike Mayock.

Mayock held a media conference call on Thursday, and we’ll be posting some of the interesting nuggets throughout the day.

Let’s start with some notes on how this draft looks as a whole.  Mayock says it’s the best defensive end class he can remember, and eight players have first round grades from him.

Mayock also says he believes this class has a deeper first round than in recent years.  That’s an impressive statement considering how deep last year’s draft was as a whole, but Mayock believes this one loaded with more true first-rounders.

(Mayock’s opinion was in direct contrast to ESPN’s Todd McShay, who said Wednesday he only had only 23-24 first-round grades.  So McShay saw this year as a shallow first round.  Hmm.)

Add it all up, and this is a good year to be looking for a pass rusher or five technique defensive ends and have picks late in the first round.   The Patriots, then, should be smiling with the No. 17, No. 28, and No.33 overall picks.

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  1. And boy do they need it. Just seems a little silly to have traded away Seymour for the 17th pick to pick a DE at just about the same spot in the draft two years later. They could have used him a ton in the last two years. Now they have to hope the DE they pick turns out to be as good or that was a waste of a trade.

  2. (Mayock’s opinion was in direct contrast to ESPN’s Todd McShay, who said Wednesday he only had only 23-24 first-round grades. So McShay saw this year as a shallow first round. Hmm.)


    That would be because McShay doesn’t know what he’s talking about….he’s a true Kiper prodigy.

  3. @BernardPollardIsAnAss

    Trading Seymour wasn’t JUST about the pick. It was because they couldn’t afford to resign him AND Vince Wilfork, AND Tom Brady, AND Logan Mankins. It’s, in my opinion, part of why they traded Randy Moss too. They get value for guys with 1 year left that they don’t intend to re-sign.

    Look at what Seymour has gotten paid. Franchise Tagged last year, $30 Million this year and next year. That’s a lot of money, and there are other guys that they needed to spend it on more. Even if you only hit on half your draft picks, those guys come cheap. Logan Mankins is arguably the best Guard in football, and his Franchise tag this year will pay him more than his prior 5 years combined.

    Good teams build through the draft and pay to retain their foundation. Seymour was on the wrong side of 30.

  4. Mike,

    Finally someone who gets it. Great post! I hate the Pats but they do things the right way if you want to compete year in and year out.

  5. Mayock is THE BEST in the business. That’s not to say, of course, that he’s always right. Rather, he’s right more than any other analyst, in my view. He knows these young players better than they know themselves. The confidence he exudes on air is reflective of the exhaustive research he brings to his work.

    That said, if “Hoodie” selects another, say, defensive back or wide receiver, instead of a badly needed 3-4 DE and OLB with exceptional passing rushing skills, then I think I’ll suffer a coronary in front of the television.

  6. mike83ri said it all – though I’m not expecting non-Patriots fans like BernardPollardIsAnAss to know the level of detail that is common knowledge among Patriots fans.

    Instead of letting Seymour walk for nothing they got a 1st round pick that allows them to draft his replacement cheaply. They used the the savings to lock up Brady, Wilfork, Warren and hopefully Mankins. That’s smart football.

    The Patriots have SIX picks in the first three rounds alone in a year when the draft is deeper than it has been in recent memory with a large number of players leaving college early pre-lockout.

    That didn’t happen by chance – Belichick saw this coming and planned accordingly.

  7. Also, while I don’t dislike Seymour as a player, I question whether he was worth that much… a player that old and costly AND giving up a 1st round pick in the deepest draft in memory to get him…

    The Raiders were between a rock and a hard place – they may have made the same determination as the Pats but at this point, letting him walk after giving up a 1st round pick in a deep draft would have made the Raiders look completely dysfunctional and incompetent

    (Yeah, I know, as if Al Davis is worried about looking dysfunctional)

  8. Mayock knows what he is talking about 95% of the time when it comes to draft prospects and their skillset. I stopped listening to the ESPN tools a long time ago. The only G.M. that liked their mock drafts was that MORON named Millen. And we saw what he did to my LIONS.

  9. McShay is definitely a moron, but there seems to be some misunderstanding here.

    If you talk to scouts, 23-24 guys who grade as legit first rounders is a very deep class. (Some scouts I’ve talked to said they had 17 or 18 guys graded as first-rounders last year.)

  10. @mike83ri

    let me get this right …you think you are better off paying an uproven kid with the 15th pick about 20 million for five years, with about 12 million guaranteed regardless, then you are paying a proven 6 time pro bowler twice as much.

    I would pay twice as much to proven player, then I would to a guy who is jjust as likely to be a bust as he is to make in the nfl, and is about an 99 to 1 longshot to even make one pro bowl.

  11. “Mayock also says he believes this class has a deeper first round than in recent years.”

    “Mayock’s opinion was in direct contrast to ESPN’s Todd McShay, who said Wednesday he only had only 23-24 first-round grades.”

    If Mayock thought previous drafts had fewer than 23-24 legit 1st-rounders then no it actually isn’t a direct contrast. I suppose I could listen to the actual interviews for clarification, but then what’s the point of having the blog?

    PS All those saying McShay is a moron, he was at least the guy who said Jimmy Clausen shouldn’t go in the first round at the time when most mocks/”experts” had him as a top 10 pick, and also made a pretty good call on Vernon Gholston being a player he wouldn’t even think about until the second round.

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