Jay Mariotti still thinks LeGarrette Blount should have gone to jail

Jay Mariotti’s fall from prominence because of a misdemeanor count of domestic violence didn’t suddenly make him self aware.

Mariotti speaks in a softer tone.  Living on the West Coast seems to have calmed him down.  But when you listen to his words during a fascinating sitdown on Jason Whitlock’s new podcast Real Talk, the old defiance and lack of perspective remains.

Whitlock asked Mariotti whether he feels any differently about an old column where he said LeGarrette Blount should have gone to jail for his post-game punch while at the University of Oregon.

“He hit him.  It’s on videotape.  He hit him with a punch.  Period.  End of story,” Mariotti said.  “If that had happened on the street, somebody would be hauled in.”

Mariotti’s time as a TMZ subject showed him what it’s like to be on the other side.  It doesn’t sound like he learned much from the experience.

He pleaded guilty to roughing up a woman, yet spent the early part of the interview making excuses.  Mariotti said the biggest lesson he learned was that he just shouldn’t have been out at the time, implying he did nothing wrong.  (Way to use a hackneyed athlete excuse.)

Mariotti also indicated he would have fought the case in court if not for AOL’s suggestion to plea and their supposed promise he would get his job back.   (AOL has since dropped Mariotti, as has ESPN.)  He accused the media of not looking deeply into his actual plea agreement and court statements.

“They aren’t necessarily going to follow the ins and outs of the case,” Mariotti said, chiding the media for basing opinions on initial headlines.

(Everyone that watched Mariotti on Around the Horn just participated in a mass facepalm.)

Mariotti still doesn’t get it.  He made his career out of basing quick, unfair black and white opinions on initial headlines.   As Whitlock pointed out,  Mariotti wants nuance when he rarely offered it to his his column subjects.

Mariotti’s response to that criticism: Well, I did offer perspective on some occasions.

That’s the type of answer you’d expect from of a 9-year old boy who believes he was unfairly sent to his room.

60 responses to “Jay Mariotti still thinks LeGarrette Blount should have gone to jail

  1. “He hit him with a punch Period”
    Whatever you do, don’t tell him about that Canadian sport with the sticks, and pucks, and ice.

  2. Mariotti has zero credibility. He was always a joke here in Chicago. ESPN legitimized him by putting him on Around the Horn, but folks in Chicago weren’t buying it. Now the rest of the country sees what we had to deal with for the longest time.

    Bye bye Jay!

  3. Thank God this arrogant, clueless piece of crap is off ESPN. Is there anyone that actually likes Jay Mariotti outside of his immediate family? Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if even his family wanted nothing to do with him.

  4. What can one say but you hit the nail on the head GR.

    And thanks for using the picture that makes him look like a member of Huey Lewis and the News circa 1988! I prefer that one even over his mugshot…..

  5. Does he think Richard Seymour should have gone to jail for punching Big Ben? It happened on the football field, and it was caught on camera.
    This guy is a clown.

  6. Though I hate Jay Marriotti, he’s got a point.
    Today in “real life” if a man throws a cup of juice at the wall and a woman is scared, its Domestic assualt. Not only will you get charged but you will be convicted of misdemeanor assualt if you dont do some kind of counceling and plea down the charges. On the other hand, Blount knocked out a guy on National Television (after the game, not during it). And didnt even have to get some kind of anger mangagment classes. Thats just doesnt seem right, at least in my eyes.

  7. I wondered what happened to that guy.

    I guess I need to read TMZ on a more regular basis.

    Can’t say I miss him.

  8. like anyone cares what this dumb jerkoff thinks.
    Cant stand this guy i turn off espn everytime hes on

  9. techstar25 says:
    Feb 17, 2011 10:30 AM
    “He hit him with a punch Period”
    Whatever you do, don’t tell him about that Canadian sport with the sticks, and pucks, and ice.

    Yeah, but they still get locked up for 5 minutes after that.

  10. Well Jay does know something about assault cases. That said, and as much of a fraud that Whitlock is, why would he bring his credibility down to a sewer dweller level with Mariotti?

  11. I know I’m gonna get a million thumb’s down for this, but I always enjoyed reading Mariotti in the Sun Times. I rarely agreed with what he had to say, but his articles were entertaining. He was almost like the voice of the fan…no intimate knowledge of what he was reporting/talking about….just blabbing on what he felt based on the game he watched on his TV (b/c he never was in the locker room).

    Plus, he hated the White Sox. He gets a thumbs up in my book just for that.

  12. I don’t think Blount and Jay’s situations are similar at all. For them to be similar, Jay would’ve had to punch her in the face. Did he?

    What Jay is saying is that Blount is clearly guilty of punching someone of the face, while he was merely accused of domestic violence. There is a very big distinction there but the commenters are doing the very thing the article is ripping Jay for.

    As Jay pointed out…he has no history of this in his 50 years, save for this one incident that nobody is quite clear on all the details. What is clear is Blount was a troubled young man who had a past and was on tape hitting another player. Those who can’t see the difference and rail Jay for his explanation are inane.

  13. i hate listening to this guy but i would bet money that Blount ends up in jail in the next couple years anyway. A guy with that attitude and all that money its a time bomb ticking away.

  14. Pretty much dead on perspective on Marriotti.

    He was the guy who could make me pissed in 10 seconds or less, every time on TV. I’m glad he is off.

  15. If you are going to send people to jail for one punch…..as Chief Brody would say ” you’re gonna need a bigger boat”

  16. I’m sorry. Perhaps I’m missing the point here. But exactly how is Mariotti different from all the other smarmy little punks who define today’s sports media?

  17. That picture is a good idea for a Halloween costume: blowhard sports writer from the 80s. Hair is key. Carry a pencil and pad and one is set.

  18. You might want to change the pic you guys posted. That’s not mariotti, that’s one of the “new kids on the block”.

  19. Overrated loudmouth with nothing to talk about and diminishing relevance.

    Just like Mike Lupica. And, like Mike, he’ll try to stay relevant by crusading against a player (in ML’s case, Barry Bonds) that everyone else has long been done with.

    His act is tired, just like Skip Bayless.

    When will these relics go away?

  20. I don’t know who’s more of an idiot, Mariotti or the people who actually thought he was important enough to interview

  21. Jay was a clown! Him and Woody Paige arguing on the same show made me ROTFL! He never thought before speaking, and that made for great comedy TV on ESPN. I actually kind of miss him. Plus I’m a MN Twins fan! (he hated the White Sobs)

  22. Blount should not have been charged it was one punch in the heat of the moment that didn’t cause major injuries. This wasn’t a Bertuzzi/More situation or McSorley/Brashear, it was one punch that was a product of the emotional aspects of the game. Also, charging people for going outside the rules of a sport could cause a slipery slope typem scenario where one might be able to make the argument that am illegal chop-block resulting in a torn acl could then be classified as assualt. Keep the legal system out of minor sports infractions and instead focused on important social issues.

  23. somebody needs to bitch slap marriotti a few more times in jail!who cares what a washed up wife beater says anyhow?if i had hair like that,i’d be pissed too!

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  25. Well Jay, you’ve been throwing stones at others glass houses for not being accountable and now for you to come up with excuses let’s me know how much of a real coward you’re! Bottom line is, “It isn’t fun when the Rabbit has the Gun”!

  26. I love how a woman-beater wants a guy in a “sports fight” to go to jail.

    Hearing this is like hearing Skip Bayless criticize someone for not being honest.

    I’ll be surprised if Mariotti gets a job again.

  27. Too bad, he was entertaining on tv. About as entertaining as watching Vick at QB. Difference, Marriotti can’t throw a deep ball.

  28. He punched a wise-ass opponent who was showing poor sportsmanship by running his mouth and trying to pour salt on the man’s wound who was clearly upset about a loss. Blount was definitely in the wrong but I believe the punishment he received was just and appropriate for his offense.

  29. I haven’t cared about a word Marriotti’s said since he said sean taylor deserved to die the domestic violence just iced it the guy’s a jerk and no one should listen to him !

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