Ravens confirm pick sent for Josh Wilson won’t be upgraded


Baltimore’s trade for Seahawks cornerback Josh Wilson worked out rather well for the Ravens.

They sent a conditional fifth-round pick to Seattle that would upgrade to a fourth-round pick based on the number of Wilson’s starts.  Despite Wilson stepping in and starting nine games, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said Wilson didn’t meet “the requirements for the condition to kick in.”

Wilson is set to hit unrestricted free agency under old CBA rules.  He’s had an up and down career, but was undoubtedly the best cornerback on a team that won a playoff game last year.  Seattle did him a huge favor with that trade.

9 responses to “Ravens confirm pick sent for Josh Wilson won’t be upgraded

  1. Wilson played great for us this year… definitely hope we can get him back. Clearly we need all the CB help we can find.

  2. He played well in the Ravens system and as he got more comfortable he made more plays. Bringing him back would be a benefit for both parties involved!

  3. Here is the story that I am hearing…Manning came to the table and stated that he “didn’t want to break the bank!” Manning was holding out for better team mates and wants a new OC (one who can get the plays into him in a timely manner). He wanted Polian to go out on the Free Agent market and spend some money that he didn’t want. Polian told him to be a QB and not a coach and it pissed Peyton off!!! the negotiations then became heated…highly heated. Peyton then stated “OK…I will act like a player and demanded a trade!!!” Polian needs to check his ego at the door and get him signed! Peyton wants a stronger line and a new OC and will take less money…seems like those demands are not that hard!!! Get it done and don’t have the entire state of Indiana on you Polian!!!!! Franchise tag was the only way to cool both sides!

  4. he is too small to be a starting corner..but he is one of the best nickel corners in the league… hawks got robbed on that trade but hes a solid player

  5. other then losing the game when Roddy White pushed him down he had a great year. They should consider using him in the return game. He is small and fast which would work well.

  6. He is a little on the small side but he definately played well enough to be resigned. Would love to get Asomaugh but he is out of our price range! I hope with the NEW DC we get more aggressive and our corners’ tackle better.

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