Report: Eagles pressured Vick to cancel Oprah appearance

As more details emerge regarding the decision of Mike Vick to cancel his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, FOX 29 in Philly reports that the Eagles had a hand in keeping Vick away from the program.

Per the report, Vick made the decision not to proceed with the interview after the Eagles voiced objections to it.

The report doesn’t provide any specifics as to the who and how and why, but the Eagles possibly were concerned that:  (1) Vick had already said everything he had to say about his history of dogfighting; (2) Oprah surely wasn’t interested in talking about football; and (3) if Oprah had invited one or more of the people who adopted fighting dogs rescued from Vick’s Virginia property, it would have created a This Is Your Life-style moment gone very wrong, very quickly.

And so we now must set the official PFT DVR (hey, it’s a write off) to The Oprah Winfrey Show for the next week or so, in order to see whether she decides to have a show featuring the people who adopted Vick’s dogs.

33 responses to “Report: Eagles pressured Vick to cancel Oprah appearance

  1. Here is the story that I am hearing…Manning came to the table and stated that he “didn’t want to break the bank!” Manning was holding out for better team mates and wants a new OC (one who can get the plays into him in a timely manner). He wanted Polian to go out on the Free Agent market and spend some money that he didn’t want. Polian told him to be a QB and not a coach and it pissed Peyton off!!! the negotiations then became heated…highly heated. Peyton then stated “OK…I will act like a player and demanded a trade!!!” Polian needs to check his ego at the door and get him signed! Peyton wants a stronger line and a new OC and will take less money…seems like those demands are not that hard!!! Get it done and don’t have the entire state of Indiana on you Polian!!!!! Franchise tag was the only way to cool both sides!

  2. There are ‘attack dog’ talk show hosts who will try to blindside guests in order to create ratings by stirring controversy, but that has never been Oprah’s style. She doesn’t need to – and almost certainly wouldn’t do it to a black man, anyhow. If Eagles FO blocked the appearance it was, at best, unfounded concern on their part, paranoia at worst.

  3. Wow, seriously?

    I have a feeling that the Eagles’ front office just made a fatal mistake. There is NO REASON why they should have stepped into this. What happened has nothing to do with the Eagles, and if this thing is ever going to go away, Vick needs to be put on the spot in a big way, in front of the world, and take his lumps like a man.

    This does nothing but make the Eagles look as cowardly as Vick.

  4. “True to form, when Michael Vick feels the heat, he scrambles out of the pocket,” Hunter said.

    Come on folks give this “tired dog story” a rest.

    Any sane person would bale out if they knew they were being setup for an ambush. Why would Vick do any different?

  5. she probably wanted to fall all over him like Pam Oliver seems to want to fall all over these guys every Sunday………..

  6. god I pray that there is no lock out or we’d end up with lame stories like this one all year

  7. of coarse Oprah was trying to make Vick look bad, she tries to make every one look bad that has offended her

    she thought she was setting him up to make him look bad on national TV but the Eagles and Vick were to smart for that

    Score 1 for Vick 0 for Oprah

    She still is the trashiest show on TV God why does she still have her own show?

  8. “This does nothing but make the Eagles look as cowardly as Vick.”

    I think Vick has been pretty stand-up over this and speaks at least weekly on this subject.

    However, there is ZERO agruing that the Eagles are a weasily organization (at least from the President on down), and that’s coming from an Eagles fan.

  9. Doesn’t matter who called for the cancellation in my opinion. Nothing coming from this would improve Vick’s image. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, that ship has sailed. He could only look worse when that audience full of crying housewives with their poodles in their laps lit into him.

  10. So he killed a few muts…Who cares? And I love that all the people who tried to bankrupt him just got b**tch slapped in the face now that Vicks salry this year is close to 20 million. Go Vick! Satying grillin them haters (and dogs)

  11. If you’re goofy enough to watch Oprah, what are you doing posting anything on this website? Who cares about her show?

  12. So once again, someone has to come to Vick’s rescue to tell him not to do something he shouldn’t have agreed to in the first place.

    Issues with bad judgment????

    Tell me again how Vick has changed?

  13. I understand that this is considered “newsworthy” and I don’t mind reading the posts. But, on the other hand, this topic gives the ignorant population a forum to spew their diarrhea of the mouth…..right BAWAFRESH??? Its amazing how these idiots celebrate their stupidity in public.

  14. Mr. Vick thank you for not attending the Oprah show because nothing good could have come of it. Everybody has already formed there opinion about who you are including Ms. Winfrey.

    It’s a damn shame that we have had people to do and make far worst decisions then killing dogs and have not been publicly crucified more then this. Man. He has done what was asked of him and more, with the exception of turning back the hands of time to fix his wrongs. How many of us wish we could do that. Or should he apologize for having the talent he has to help him and his family live a prosperous life. My bad because of what he did he doesn’t deserve this opportunity.

    Mr. Vick once again thank you for not allowing Ms. Oprah Winfrey to put you up on that cross and be publicly crucified more then you have already been. Combats on having the Eagles place the franchise tag on you for next season. You didn’t get that tag because your past history, you received it because of your bright future. I hope you continue to prosper and good luck if possible because of the CBA on your up coming season.


  15. Oprah is a joke, she knows nothing about sports. Vick is a football player so what point does it make for him to go on her show and take abuse for something that he has tried so hard to move on from.

    I love dogs, but I really believe that Vick is changed. Do I think he should ever be able to own a dog? NO. But I do think he is a lot different person than he was 3 years ago.

    Anyone who pays attention to sports knows this and doesnt need him to go on a womens talk show to see him say the same things he has been the past year and 1/2.

  16. Being a dog lover and owner for my entire life… i passionately HATE Michael Vick off the field… i don’t care how long he was in prison for… to me my dogs are like my children… how can you destroy a being that just wants your love and affection or treat them the way they were?… when i look into Vick’s eyes i see nothing but stone cold ICE… you can argue that he served his sentence for what he did but i will never believe that was enough for the horror he helped create… im sure there are plenty of others who should have gotten incarcerated too… but… on the field… i absolutely love him… he is amazing to watch… but i do think he should man-up and face a crowd similar to Oprah’s someday… hopefully if he is a changed man he will prove it to the world… if he truly wants to clear his name with the American people i think he should face the music and do it… yeah it may stir up some crazy controversy but if he’s sincere about being a changed man he needs to prove it on his own

  17. I am quite sure (as I was the FIRST to post the possibility yesterday) that she indeed had some of the ex-Vick dogs and their owners in the wings ready for a reunification moment.

    I also believe she would have asked about all the folks he stiffed financially when he went to jail and filed bankruptcy. Since he NOW has big bucks I can bet she was going to ask if he plans on making those folks whole…

  18. first off im not a fan of eagles or vick… but truth be told…the man paid his debt to society. unlike stallworth who did 30 days for killing a man. enough with this dog stuff. its a sad day when we put more value on a dog life than a person. i blame org like peta. i feel that its more important things they could spend time and resources on (the hundreds of children who is missing, dumped in trashed cans, who victims to a sexual predator and shot by mother on way to soccer practice). last time i checked a dog was below us on the food chain. not saying what vick was right but who do you think going to hell first a man that kills a man or a man who kills a dog?

  19. d2o2s6r6 says:

    It’s a damn shame that we have had people to do and make far worst decisions then killing dogs and have not been publicly crucified more then this.

    I find it sad that most of Vick’s apologists seem to focus on the dog torture and act as if Vick “is square with the house” for the time he served.

    The fact is Vick did not serve one day in jail for torturing those animals to death.

    Vick did time for federal racketeering stemming from illegal gambling and running an interstate dog fighting operation. That alone should susequently ban him from playing in the NFL for life (a la Pete Rose). Additionally, Vick failed a drug test while suspended and awaiting trial, and knowingly gave a young woman herpes.

    Perhaps you think Vick is a great guy or “hero” as some dimwits have posted on here, but most people would look at Vick’s track record and assume he is a worthless POS undeserving of the talent he possesses. On top of that, you have his sadistic penchant for torturing animals to death in the most hideous ways he could dream up. This is not a quality that was born out of a bad decision while getting pissed up on Grey Goose on a lazy summer afternoon with his homeboys, this is an indication of deep-seated sociopathic tendencies. Something Vick has never to date received any kind of counselling and therepy for.

    Seriously, you could look at the NFL and find numerous examples of black men who would make fantastic role models for children. Men like Mike Tomlin, Donald Driver, Steve McNair, Tony Dungy, Donovan McNabb, Reggie White and Jerome Bettis to name a few. Instead, you seem to gravitate to one of the worst examples of a role model you could find in the NFL today. Why is that? Do you really look up to Vick because he his “hard” and has “street cred” because he served time in federal custody? What is it about this particular piece of human filth that makes you want to bend over backwards to defend him?

    In closing, here is a quote about this kind of behaviour from the FBI Behavioural Sciences Unit:

    One of the known warning signs of certain psychopathologies, including anti-social personality disorder, also known as psychopathic personality disorder, is a history of torturing pets and small animals, a behavior known as zoosadism. According to the New York Times, “[t]he FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.”A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found all of them had high levels of aggression toward people as well, including one patient who had murdered a young boy.” Robert K. Ressler, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s behavioral sciences unit, studied serial killers and noted,”Murderers like this (Jeffrey Dahmer) very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.”

  20. I talk to myself so now I guess thanks to you I’m writing to myself. I was only stating this story is overplayed (6 post) in 2 days and Richard Hunter is a attention hound.

  21. Love PFT but the constantly negative articles on here about the Eagles is beginning to be a ridicules… not just this article but every article that comes down is skewed to how bad the eagles are doing things… Anyone else feel this way too?

  22. As a person with a job who therefore doesn’t watch Oprah, I could be wrong here, but isn’t Oprah’s show taped? And if so, is there some reason Vick couldn’t have appeared subject to approving the final cut of the segment? It just seems that if his/the Eagles’ fear was Vick being “ambushed” or otherwise cast in a negative light, there were probably ways around that problem.

    More generally, if the Eagles wanted to avoid constant opportunities for embarrassment, they should have thought twice about making a controversy-prone idiot the face of the organization.

  23. It just doesn’t even matter any more. Vick and dog killing are always, always going to be linked. When anyone hears his name it is the first thing that comes to mind. QB, so what he killed dogs, he profited from dogs killing each other. One morning show on radio just absolutely refuses to talk about Vick and his past. Doesn’t matter as I said before, win a super bowl, that will put the spotlight on him even more. Prison should have taught him another skill. He is dead as a QB, I don’t care what he wins.

  24. Michael Vick, always has and always will be a thug. Vick won’t last in the NFL and it will be just a matter of time before Vick gets arrested again for animal cruelty.

  25. @ juancorsair No where in my post does it mention Mr. Vick as a black role model. I just think that’s it’s sad that every time this mans name is mentioned he needs to be drug thru the trash. Look at George Bush who has destroyed a whole country and sentenced thousands of our young men and women to die for a war that needed not to happen. And why should he not be allowed to play in the NFL. Every person who has served time should not be able to work and support there family. Give me a break. Or because he stands to make millions. Leave that man alone and allow him to live his life. Child molesters have to register as sex offenders so the public can identify them and take the proper precaution. This does not apply to Mr. Vick, so he can come and go as he please and live a normal. And if your wondering I’m not a fan of dogs and would never make them more important to human life then human life itself. Humans, top of the food chain. And in closing, nothing Mr. Vick do will ever affect anything around me………………..

    Still not an EAGLES FAN and thanks to you EVEN more not a FAN of DOGS……..well maybe Snoop Dogg………LOL

  26. Everyone needs to stop bringing in inconsequential things like “George Bush”. We are not talking about George Bush, we are talking about Michael Vick. Try all you want to throw the subject, make it about child molesters, haters what ever you want. Just hide and watch what happens to this guy. He is his own worst enemy.

  27. bawafresh says:
    I love that all the people who tried to bankrupt him just got b**tch slapped in the face now that Vicks salry this year is close to 20 million.
    I am completely baffled by the PFT “censors” that TWO posts trying to explain “bankruptcy” to this poster have been deleted? Seems like the past few months, people have been complaining in greater numbers that posts about Favre, Vick, and Roethlisberger are being deleted left and right.

    To bawafresh, I am going to explain once again that people didn’t try to “bankrupt Vick”, Vick filed bankruptcy and stiffed many people he legitimately owed money to! And the fact that he’s getting close to $20 million is going to make them HAPPY, as it gives him income with which he can pay his debts to those people.

    No one is trying to screw Michael Vick, HE is the one screwing THEM.

    Can’t imagine that the PFT censors could find anything objectionable with this post.

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