Ron Rivera: Panthers will use tag, but haven’t settled on player

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Panthers coach Ron Rivera confirmed Thursday on PFT Live that he plans to use the franchise tag this year.

“We will,” Rivera said.  “We’re in the middle of discussions trying to make sure we get everything set and when we decide to put it on the right guy.  I think for one reason or the other we’ve got some obvious candidates, some guys that we truly like on our football team and guy that we want to most certainly keep, and unfortunately there’s only one tag you can use, so we’re trying to decide on that.”

So let’s try to guess who the obvious candidates are.  [Editor’s note:  I suppose I just should have asked him.]

Running back DeAngelo Williams:  His talent is worth the tag, but the team has two other talented backs on the roster with Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson.

Center Ryan Kalil: One of the best at his position in the league.   The franchise number for an offensive lineman could be north of $10 million, which is huge money for a center.

Defensive end Charles Johnson:  He’s coming off a breakout season.

There are other options like cornerback Richard Marshall or linebacker James Anderson, but we don’t think they will be taken seriously.

For Rivera’s complete interview, head over to the PFT Live homepage.

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14 responses to “Ron Rivera: Panthers will use tag, but haven’t settled on player

  1. Good luck Ron with tight fisted Jerry Richardson!

    He’s run the Panthers the same way he ran Hardees- into the ground!

  2. I think it probably has to be Kalil. Wouldn’t the center position, not the OL in general, be the applicable tag figure?

  3. Ron Rivera: Admits he has no clue what the hell he is doing, rather sure that Carolina won’t notice for at least nine seasons.

  4. toe4,

    They won 2 games cause of the absolutely worst offense I’ve ever seen. No passing game whats so ever a long with a coaching staff who did a terrible job of game planning and calling plays. And of course a rookie QB running the show didn’t help. Matt Moore crumbled as well under the pressure of being the main man instead of the relief guy off the bench.

    They started out with a great defense. It just crumbled under the pressure of having to not only stop the other teams offense but bail out our own offense.


    Carolina having a youth movement does not equal being cheap. The year before we had hardly any cap space to sign FA after using the franchise tag on Peppers. But everything was supposedly in place anyways since we were coming off a 12-4 season. In previous years we were active in bringing in FA. Ken Lucas, Whale, DJ Hackett, Kemeauto, Lewis, Diggs, Proehl, Keyshawn Johnson, Jake Delhomme, Stephen Davis, L. Johnson, Mushin M. after he left, etc. High priced players at the time mixed in with some average Joe’s. Just like every team does.

    And really what did we lose from those cuts last off season? Peppers? Charles Johnson did more with less help on the Dline around him. Diggs? Our LB core was a strength again. Jake Delhomme? Most Panther fans were pretty happy not to have him starting another year. J. Clausen performance last season might of changed our minds. Mushin M. retired. He was way past his prime anyway. Same with Brad Hoover. Does any non Panther fan know of other Vets cut? Can you really blame the Panthers for parting ways with them?

    cereal blogger,

    They did tag Peppers the year before. He played half ased the final year with us. Even was called out by Jon Beason for showing no heart. We still offered to pay him more money then he deserved. But ultimately he wanted out of Carolina’s. Would of been nice to have on the opposite side of Charles Johnson but oh well. Charles Johnson will be a star in the league. He should be our franchise tag this off season.


    Just because the team record sucked as a whole does not mean there is not individual talent that would be coveted by other teams. For back to back years, Carolina will probably have the top FA on everyone’s FA board either lost or re-signed. Whether that is D Williams or Johnson.

  5. I love the ignorance on display in the comments to this article… we’re cheap? is that why we offer to make Peppers the highest paid defensive player in the history of the league in 2007 and then tagged him and paid him 16 million for one season? Are we cheap because we gave Delhomme a 12 million dollar contract extension coming off the worst game of his career? You can accuse us of being foolish, but not cheap.

    We have nobody good enough to use it on? really? If you consider Peppers good enough to use it on then you have to consider Johnson good enough to use it on since he just finished having a better season than Peppers (more pressures/sacks).

    How about the starting center in the pro-bowl, he’s not good enough to use it on?

    How about DeAngelo Williams? He’s averaged over 5 ypc for his career, only Marshall Faulk and Jim Brown can also make that claim, ever heard of them? He also tied Jim Brown’s 1963 record with 6 touchdown runs of more than 30 yards

  6. is there really a question? Jonathan Stewart is the no brainer if you’re going to use it. Why would you use it on a linebacker nobody has heard of. Maybe I have the wrong interpretation of the franchise tag. Could someone please explain if I do.

  7. Jonathan Stewart is under contract. DeAngelo Williams is the FA. Mike Goodson is under contract as well. Which is why DeAngelo Williams is less of a priority to me at least then say our leading sack and pass rusher DE, Charles Johnson. C Kalil has been one of the better Centers in the league in the past but our Oline showed some weaknesses this past season. It wasn’t the best year for the Oline as a unit.

    James Anderson was having an outstanding first year starting before joining the rest of the team on IR. Just because non-panther fans have not heard of James Anderson does not mean he is not good. Franchise tag worthy? I don’t think so, but he still had an outstanding year for first year starting.

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