Snyder’s control costs Kornheiser credibility


Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s ownership of D.C. radio station WTEM continues to get him favorable coverage from the station’s high-profile talk show host, Tony Kornheiser. And Kornheiser’s refusal to talk about issues that could cast Snyder in a negative light is continuing to result in criticism of Kornheiser.

Yesterday I noted that Washington Post columnist John Feinstein said he felt queasy by Kornheiser’s instruction that Snyder was not to be criticized on his show. Today Feinstein was a guest on Kornheiser’s show again, and I listened in the hopes that Kornheiser would relent and allow the subject to be discussed. But no: Not a word was spoken about Snyder, who is the subject of a great deal of discussion in other D.C. media over his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.

Feinstein also appeared on Mike Wise’s show on a station Snyder doesn’t own, however, and on that show Feinstein said Kornheiser deserves the criticism he has received for his refusal to say anything bad about Snyder.

“I think that Tony’s getting criticized for not even talking about this story, and I agree with that, I have told Tony that,” Feinstein said, per Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I’m not talking behind his back. But as I said before, it is his show, and you’re entitled to talk about what you want to or don’t want to, as long as you’re willing to accept the criticism that comes with those decisions, whatever they might be.”

Although Kornheiser was a longtime journalist for the Washington Post, Feinstein pointed out that Kornheiser isn’t a journalist anymore, he just plays one on TV — which some might argue makes it acceptable for Kornheiser to take a paycheck from Snyder, avoid criticism of Snyder and have a chummy relationship with Snyder.

Of course, when he was a journalist, Kornheiser loved nothing more than to pontificate about the standards of journalism and give sanctimonious speeches about why Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalists were superior to lowly bloggers. That makes it a little harder to give Kornheiser a free pass.

In any case, as that harsh story from the Washington City Paper showed, just because Snyder’s deep pockets get him favorable coverage from Kornheiser doesn’t mean his deep pockets will get him favorable coverage from the rest of the D.C. media. Snyder may be able to buy off Kornheiser, but he can’t buy off everyone.

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  1. $nyder CAN buy off everyone. He’s already bought the Extremeskins message board, one of the two sports radio stations in town, and is trying to sue another journalist into taking back all the ‘mean’ (but factual) things he said about him.

    $nyder will try to buy up the last radio station, and will someday try to buy the Washington Post.

    Then we will be guaranteed to hear nothing negative at all about Our Dear Leader.

    And meanwhile, the Skins will continue to chase Big Name Free Agents and finish 5-11 every year.

  2. It’s pretty sad that the only way $nyder can get anyone to say anything nice about him is to

    1) buy them off, or
    2) sue them into silence

  3. Blame Snyder all you want but TK was born with a pair and if he doesn’t realize that then why blame Snyner? Either he acts like a journalist or he acts like a guy who is scared to lose his job. I know that Sheppard Smith of FoxNews has a pair and he’s not above criticizing the network or the other people when they obviously are wrong about what they’ve said so why can’t TK do the same? Is he afraid that if he speaks up and gets canned that no one will hire him? Hell, Keith Olbermann would have been silenced decades ago, if that were the case. 🙂

  4. If he’s not a journalist anymore, and just a talk-show host, then the ethical issues don’t exist, no?

    Who in their right mind with bad-mouth their boss on the radio/tv?

    I wouldn’t. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    People can say what they will, but chances are 99.8% would do the same.

  5. Feinstein is correct in that TK stack money needs to discuss the topic. From what it sounds like he’s buddies with belt buckle boy and that makes it difficult. Why???? Because he can’t go on the air and justify what Danny Boy does and still maintain ANY of his integrity so he dodges the topic like the weasel he has become.

    The Irony is TK made his mark at the Post by covering the Redskins and his columns on the Superbowl Bus, the squire (owner Jack Kent Cooke) and his Wives/Dogs are legendary. He used the misfortunes and success of the last skins owner to make his name in DC and now the old hack hides behind an owner to keep collecting his checks! MR. TONY IS A OLD CRUSTY SELLOUT!

    Somewhere David Falk is smiling!!!l

  6. The words “Kornheiser” and “credibility” clash horribly when used in the same sentance.

  7. I wonder what Snyder did to Michael David Smith. He is always tryign to find something to slam him about. Michael David Smith, is it Dan Snyder that you have a problem with or is it the Redskins? You do not have a hair on your balls since you will not answer me. I have pretty much called you out every single time you talk smack about the Redskins. You are prety biased against them for some reason or another. I just do not think you have the pair that will allow you to answer.

  8. If Dan Snyder is “buying off” Tony Kornheiser, then every employer in the world is “buying off” all of their employees.

    ESPN forbids it’s columnists from criticizing other ESPN employees. Bill Simmons has pointed this out in numerous columns and podcasts.

    Can anyone on here point out a single example of this website being critical of NBC?

    The fact is, if you actually listen to his radio show (and it is obvious most of you don’t), he is extremely critical of the Redskins when it comes to on the field and personnel matters. He has blistered Snyder and Shanahan for their handling of the McNabb and Haynesworth situations.

    And I am saving the point that should be the most obvious to the person who runs this site that claims to be a lawyer- when Tony Kornheiser talks on his program that is aired by a station owned by Dan Snyder’s company, he is speaking as an employee of that company. Without a specific disclaimer, anything he says can be used against Snyder in court.

  9. nebster21 says:
    Feb 17, 2011 4:17 PM
    I wonder what Snyder did to Michael David Smith. He is always tryign to find something to slam him about. Michael David Smith, is it Dan Snyder that you have a problem with or is it the Redskins? You do not have a hair on your balls since you will not answer me. I have pretty much called you out every single time you talk smack about the Redskins. You are prety biased against them for some reason or another. I just do not think you have the pair that will allow you to answer.
    Watch out I basically stated that in an earlier post and it was removed

  10. I remember when Washington Post Radio ceased and it turned into the station that now has the Kornheiser show. It’s a terrible show, and it’s like Kornheiser’s entire agenda is reinforcing Jewish stereotypes and kissing Redskins arse. I quickly learned that WAMU (NPR Washington) would have to do.

  11. I discovered Kornheiser’s “higher ground” that he speaks from…it’s in Death Valley at 60 feet below sea level.

  12. You say Kornheiser should get criticized for keeping Snyder comments off the air? How about PFT with those softball sized lobs you threw at Danny boy during the Super Bowl interview?

  13. Where did my comment go? Did Mr Smith not like being labeled as journalistic hack for only quoting a portion of John Feinsten’s quote? Here it is (from the same Dan Steinberg you source) for any fair-minded individuals who would like some context: “Tony Kornheiser has specifically asked me not to bring up Dan Snyder on his show. I feel queasy about this but Tony’s my friend and it is his show. It isn’t as if there aren’t plenty of other forums for me to talk about Snyder and Snyder is one of those guys Tony simply isn’t going to go after–not because he’s paid by him but because he likes him.

    Look, we all have blind spots. If you tell me something bad about Paul Goydos or Tom Watson or Gary Williams or Mike Krzyzewski or Mary Carillo or Joe Torre or Bobby Cox I’m not going to listen. Snyder is one of those guys for Tony. So is Mitch Albom, who we also disagree on. If I had a show and he wanted to come on and rip Watson’s politics, I’d probably say, ‘look, I’m sure I agree with you but the guy is my friend so let’s not go there.’ And he wouldn’t go there. So, Tony and I don’t talk about Snyder. We agree to disagree–vehemently.”

    I fully expect this post to disappear as well, which points again to this website censoring, which seems to be your complaint against Kornheiser.

  14. Kornheiser has lost any and ALL credibility. I just turn him off … and he used to be one of my favorites.

  15. It’s not like he called out a quarterback for not signing autographs and then spend the next month trying to make up

  16. To me the criticiism of Kornheiser is ridiculous. He works for Snyder, why on earth would he criticize him publicly? There are very few employers in the world that allow themselves to be publicly criticized by their employees. After what happened to Kornheiser with the ridiculous suspension for speaking less than laudably about Hannah Storm’s wardrobe, I can see why he would want mo part of discussing his boss’s problems.

    If Kornheiser worked for the Washington Post still, I could see the validity of the criticism better. As a self confessed “yodeler” who’s writing days are over, I see no reason why his not speaking on this story means anything.

    Where is the criticism of the other employees of ESPN 980 who have shows and say nothing?

  17. To be fair, he NEVER talks about Snyder or ESPN personalities due to previous issues (those who listen know that he’s been suspended multiple times for various comments). If he commented before about Snyder, the article would be more fair. Instead, it takes this recent incident and portrays a company line as if NOW he’s not discussing it.

  18. Kornheiser’s Pardon the Interruption = Plan 9 from Outer Space. So bad is funny, but kinda makes you feel sorry for him (let me make my opinion clear: It is the worst sports show I have ever seen).

    While putting a muzzle on Kornheiser should be cheered Snyder, of course, makes himself look bad in doing so.

  19. well kornholio doesnt have any credibility anyway.

    but to be clear, he should always stipulate that snyder owns his a$$.

    one would think snyder could own a more presentable a$$… but i digress…

  20. I think adults calling TK an idiot while quoting “Beavis and Butthead” is what we call “irony”.

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