Another baseball player takes shot at Vick, backtracks

On Thursday, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle defended his wish for Eagles quarterback Mike Vick to suffer an injury by essentially say, “Yeah, I said it. . . .  Jealous?”  That same day, another baseball player pointed a finger at Vick and one of his most dynamic teammates.

Commenting on speculation that teammate Michael Young won’t show up when workouts begin on Sunday, Texans second baseman Ian Kinsler said, “This isn’t DeSean Jackson or Michael Vick or Manny Ramierz.  Michael Young is a professional.  It would be completely out of his personality not to be here.”

The comments made no sense.  Neither Jackson nor Vick ever have held out of training camp or mandatory offseason workouts.

On Friday, Kinsler offered a lame excuse.  He says he singled out two Eagles because he grew up a Cardinals fan and now is a Cowboys fan.

“I would never say Beanie Wells or T.O. or anyone with the Cowboys or Cardinals,” Kinsler said, per Richard Durrett of  “I’ve always been a Cardinals fan because it’s home, but when you move to Dallas, honestly, you really have no choice.”

Of course, T.O. isn’t with the Cardinals (yet) or the Cowboys.  Then again, we didn’t need any extra evidence to prove that Kinsler is, with all due respect, sort of an idiot.

17 responses to “Another baseball player takes shot at Vick, backtracks

  1. Why don’t all you ballplayers stick to your pathetic little dying sport. Baseball is the most boring sport. A season of 162 games and none really matter. Thats why its dying because no one cares. All it really is, is something to pass the summer. Yawn!!! By the way sterilize Cromartie in 2011.

  2. It was obvious yesterday that he was a Cowboys fan. Why else would he say it?

    I’d be mad at Philly too. Desean does the Nestea plunge on their asses, Cliff Lee chooses to play for a real team, and Kinsler can’t hold Chase Utley’s jock at second base!

    He’s a hater.

  3. Vick deserves every negative thing that comes his way and then some. He actually deserved to be indited by a Virgina DA, but he had him in his back pocket.

  4. Is anybody surprised that in a country of dog lovers, so many people hate Vick. He only served his time in the eyes of the law.

  5. Why would anyone ask anybody named “Ian” anything?

    It’s not even a name. It’s something a donkey says.

  6. At some point, people will realize that no one cares, especially not Vick. he’s back on the right side of his earning potential and I don’t think he strikes me as the kind of person who really cares what everyone else thinks about him. Move on, please.

  7. This guy is a moron who has no validity for his comments. Get a life, and while you’re at it, get one for the rest of the MLB players too.

  8. genius PR move.. what could be better than backing your teammate while at the same time bashing two of most hated football players in north texas.. kinsler is the man

  9. also i dont think he was saying that vick and desean miss workouts he was saying that michael young is a professional who doesnt make things all about him like desean jackson or does anything illegal like mike vick or is total headcase like manny.. he was saying it would totally out of michael youngs character not to be here… not that hard to understand imo

  10. Article translation; “please go on strike NFL, we need the fans back..we cant help it if our ratings cant remotely contend with yours in the fall”

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