Brandon Banks released from hospital

Six days after suffering a stabbing, Redskins return man Brandon Banks has been released from the hospital.

Agent James Gould announced the development, in a statement released by the Redskins.

“Brandon Banks was released from Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington earlier today,” Gould said.  “The tube was removed from his chest, and his lung is fully inflated.  Brandon should be fully recovered and able to resume offseason training in three to four weeks.  He will continue to follow up with Redskins team physician, Dr. Anthony Casolaro throughout this process.

“Brandon would like to thank Dr. Casolaro and all of the nurses at Virginia Hospital Center for their care and all of his fans, teammates and the Redskins family for all of their support.”

Banks’ injuries originally were described as superficial.  Earlier this week, the true details began to emerge.

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  1. I am a diehard skins fan and just wanted to say a couple things. I love banks….him and armstrong were pretty much the only upside to this year. I thought about this whole situation….. from both sides…. (1) nothing goood happens after midnight and (2) what do u expect when a 22-23 yr old gets paid big money….I agree with both arguments. this is very dissapointing…….but I have a different question I would like some opinions on. (1) Do you think this could ever happen. (2) would it be a bad trade and (3) would it never happen because of the Mcnabb trade…..DO YOU THINK THE SKINS WILL TRADE MCNABB AND A 1ST OR LATE 1ST AND EARLY 2ND ROUND PICK FOR KOLB….????

  2. I’m glad to hear this young man is going to make a full recovery from his injuries. I hate reading in the news of anyone being a victim of violence. Yet, this only proves the point that you never know what a man is capable of. It is sad that this whole thing started over Banks and his associate poking fun at and making jokes on a man outside a night club because the man was wearing all white. Such a stupid reason to lose your life over. I feel pity for the victims for being assaulted like that, but I also feel pity for them because they are grown men acting like children and could’ve had lost their lives over something so petty. I hope they learned something from this ordeal. But knowing how professional athletes are today, they probably only learned to carry an illegal concealed firearm for the next time they see someone dressed in 80’s fashion!

  3. U Know what….couldnt help iy….laye night for myself so I loce going to bed saying this…..Jerry Jones is garbage and so are the cowgirls…..atleast I know that my team stinks…..this time last yr over 65% of the experts picked the cowgirls to not only win the division but HOST THERE OWN SUPER BOWL…..haahahahaha that was great….like I said atleast we knew we were gonna go 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 so it wasnt that bad of a yr but u thought that u were gonna win the SB…..just like every yr. Get real…. face the facts….and already ” ” ex[erts are picking the girls to win the super bowl. maybe 10-6 at best…. prob better than my skins but call a spade a spade they are garbage

  4. I guess noone will comment… season is over…I hate it. Well as a die hard Maryland fan….this sucks…the Terps prob wont make the big dance. the Wiz in NBA are horrible(but could still make the playoffs…thats the joke of NBA….and my Caps are way down in NHL from lasy yr. so i guess we will see. I will be here commenting all yr. hopefully alot of other ppl will also……

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