Eagles’ involvement in Vick’s Oprah decision is a matter of semantics

Howard Eskin of WIP radio, who used to hate PFT (we somehow coaxed him out of the line, or maybe he got out once he saw Paul Domowitch there), has an interesting perspective on the decision of Eagles quarterback Mike Vick to bail on Oprah, given that Eskin also serves as a sideline reporter on the Eagles’ game broadcasts and regularly interviews during his weekday show men like Vick and coach Andy Reid.

By way of background, FOX 29 in Philly (not a blog or a tweet) reported that “Vick postponed his Oprah Winfrey interview after the Philadelphia Eagles voiced objections.”  The Eagles denied it, and a Vick spokesman said that the Eagles were supportive of the decision to go on the show, and of the decision to not go on the show.

Addressing the matter during a Friday guest-hosting stint on The Dan Patrick Show, Eskin claims that the Eagles didn’t tell Vick not to go on the show.  “I can tell you for absolute and absolute certainty that Michael Vick didn’t go on and it was clearly his choice to not go on.  Now, did the Eagles like this?  No, they did not.  Did the Eagles tell him not to do it?  No, they didn’t tell him not to do it.”

And then, while explaining what happened, Eskin acknowledged that the Eagles basically told him not to do it.

Eskin said that Vick was “unsure” about appearing on the show, and that Vick had been persuaded to agree by others.

“[H]e had reservations,” Eskin said.  “And he told some people at the Eagles — and it was not Andy Reid — that he had reservations.  And I can understand that.  You’re gonna go on there and you’re not gonna be sure of yourself.  And people from the Eagles said, ‘Listen, if you have reservations, you can not go on with Oprah Winfrey.  It’s still your call, your choice, you make a decision.  But if you’re not sure of it, just tell them you can’t do it, and that’s basically what happened.”

So, basically, the Eagles didn’t want him to do it, but they didn’t tell him not to do it.  And once he indicated that he had concerns about doing it, they told him not to do it.

In other words, they told him not to do it.

This is, in our view, the latest chapter in the mollification of Mike Vick.  Eskin, who essentially works for the Eagles during the season, is helping (unwittingly or otherwise) the Eagles ensure that Vick believes that the decision was his and his alone, and that no one was insisting that he not do it.

Though it’s a far cry from the enabling and excuse-making that occurred in Atlanta, there’s definitely some tiptoeing going on here, and the ultimately goal is to keep Mike happy.  Or, at a minimum, to keep him from becoming unhappy.

And how Eskin probably hates PFT again.  But at least the Eagles didn’t tell him to.

35 responses to “Eagles’ involvement in Vick’s Oprah decision is a matter of semantics

  1. Come on. Do you really think that people care about this? This is not news. Vick’s shortcomings have been re-hashed enough.

  2. Not being from Philly (thankfully) it seems as if this guy Eskin is that town’s version of Tony Kornholioheiser in DC. right? That is, radio hosts masquerading as “journalists” while self censoring and protecting the folks that pay them (the Eagles and Redskins)…

    Or as Will Smith said in ‘Men in Black’, “Do I owe him an apology?”

  3. You gotta tow the company line. Michael played well this year so therefore his past sins must be expunged.

    No one wants Michael to get accosted by some person who adopted one of his of dogs that had it’s lips razor bladed off or has been shocked so many times that it pisses the floor when the microwave gets turned on.

  4. Damn, stick with reporting rumors instead of making them up.

    Sounds more like Vick went to someone in management for advice. Whether he chose to accept that advice was left to him.

  5. Hearing that all these owners of some of the dogs that were saved were going be there Vick did not want to get into a ganged up on.What does Vick have to gain by going on that type of show ?

  6. I’m not really tired of Vick, just tired of the media reporting everytime he uses the restroom. Espn and a few of these sites have become 80% drama and 20% sports. At least Favre is gone for now so we don’t have to hear about his decisions or lack there of.

  7. trying to follow your article, the way you parse words, really is the equivalent of listening to Howard Eskins radio show, especially when he’s shilling/making excuses for the Eagles

  8. You know, I hate Vick. He is the scum of the earth, the bottom of the barrel but you know what? Who cares? Karma will get him one day but until then, let the man live.

  9. This is the most ridiculous PFT post I have ever read. There is a difference between “advising” and “demanding” something of an employee. The Eagles gave Vick advice on what they thought, but ultimately left the decision up to Vick. Secondly, either way, who cares? If you told me last week that “Oprah Winfrey” would be the name that pops up the most on PFT this week I would have thought you were crazy. Please let this story die.

  10. clintonportisheadd says:
    Feb 18, 2011 10:53 AM
    Not being from Philly (thankfully) it seems as if this guy Eskin is that town’s version of Tony Kornholioheiser in DC. right?

    Worse…if you can believe it. He’s crawled so far up the Andy Reid’s behind, that if you look closely at Reid, you’ll notice he doesn’t actually have a mustache. That’s just a little bit of Eskin’s thick beard sticking out.

  11. How many more stupid articles are there gonna be about this on here??? So sick of hearing about this piece of crap !! Who cares, he didnt go on oprah and the eagles didnt want him to cause they were afraid he would be exposed more as to what a true lowlife he really is..

  12. Eskin is trash, he is so far up the Eagles and Reid’s butt his shoes are brown…. This is the same guy that told all Philly Fans to root for the Mets. I am sure he will deny that now if you were to ask him.. I can’t believe this guy actually thinks he knows football.. Worst guy on the radio!!! Than of course the Phillies go on to the World Series and the Mets totally suck.

  13. “the ultimate goal is to keep Mike happy. Or, at a minimum, to keep him from becoming unhappy.”

    Uh, the ultimate goal is to keep him on the field and out of jail. Period.

  14. I know once again I’m writing to myself, but why does 1 Vick movement warrant at least 7 post on the site? Why don’t we all just wait if and when Vick gets in trouble again (doubt it) and then pass judgement. Until then let’s not psychoanalyze his every move and treat his just like any other good player in The NFL.

  15. This just goes to show that Vick is an idiot. He had nothing to lose by going on Oprah and a lot to gain. The worst case scenario for him going on Oprah was that the people who hate him would still hate him. He wasn’t going to lose any supporters by going on her show. They’ve already forgiven him. However, if he went on the show and came off as sincere and apologetic and maybe even shed a tear he could have won over a lot of those who disdain him. If you win over Oprah you win over America plain and simple.

  16. Vicky and Oprah in the same article.
    It really is comical and sad that it has come to this.
    No sooner than thate SB ends this stuff starts making headlines and is passed off as ” sporting news”
    How many more days until kickoff ?

  17. This is not news and I have no Interest in it, and I dont want anyone else to be reading these articles either.

    Thats why I read all of them and then comment on all of them.

  18. I am sick of hearing about Vick. Lets see how clean he stays in the off season and then we can talk. I think he is going to slip some where down the road.
    I don’t trust all the good guy stuff he has been trying to sell……………………

  19. MIKEA311, If you’re so tired of Michael Vick, then why did you log onto an article posted about Michael Vick, read the article about Michael Vick, and then post a comment about Michael Vick?? For a guy who hates Michael Vick, you sure do pay a lot of attention to him.

  20. Geez, PFT should’ve started a “Do you hate/not hate Howard Eskin”.
    I’m surprised so many people listen to this guy in Philly. The mid-day guys on WIP right before him are 10 times more enjoyable to listen to. He’s so da** negative and has that “I’m always right” mentality.

  21. Going on Oprah was a bad idea in the first place, it was wrong of her to not discuss the possibility of one or more of these groups coming on the show, when she initially discussed his appearance. I don’t blame him I wouldn’t have gone on the show either. I will be glad when September gets here and we won’t have to see here anymore either. She was really trying to get ratings.

  22. Eagle fans and Steeler fans.

    Made for each other.

    One protects rapists and the other dog killers.

    Something in the water or just a complete lack of humanity?

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