Rams let go of Atogwe, as expected

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We noted last month that Rams safety O.J. Atogwe was due an $8 million roster bonus on February 21, and there was next to no chance the Rams would pay it.

The Rams made the final decision a few days before the deadline, dropping Atogwe on Friday according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

It’s still possible Atogwe could end up back in St. Louis.  He’s a solid but not outstanding safety, and the Rams gave him a better deal last offseason than any other team when Atogwe was an unrestricted free agent.

Atogwe has the benefit this year of being able to shop around in February, before a potential work stoppage.  Last year, he hit the market in the middle of the summer once most teams had filled their needs.

18 responses to “Rams let go of Atogwe, as expected

  1. atogwe could be a very good pickup for the vikings if he comes at the right price. heck, they are paying m. williams about five million this year to drop INTs, miss tackles and take poor angles on receivers. i think that atogwe is absolutely a better than average safety that will probably find a home soon.

  2. What makes me laugh is that there are a lot of people here who rip these guys and tell them that they should honor their contract when they want more money and yet, those same people are silent when it comes to ripping into management for not honoring their end.

  3. roxtar10 says:

    I hear Bob Sanders is available if you need to cover the safety spot for 4 or 5 games this year.

    If you’re taking wagers, I’ll take the under on that one for a million please.

  4. Hey Tom Heckert/Mike Holgren…

    This is who you’re supposed to pair up with TJ Ward. I’m sure you know that, so what’s taking so long?

  5. Dallass’ next safety. Jerry the ferry will pay him 10 million. Maybe even give up a first and a second??

  6. The problem is the players KNOW that contractually they must honor a contract that can be terminated at any time – hence the big up front bonus. So I’ll continue to criticize players that hold out when they’re under contract.

    Of the contracts WERE guaranteed, there would be a ton of one year deals. Imagine Albert Haynesworth if all they money he signed for in DC was guaranteed, he’d be a BIGGER dawg.

  7. I think the Rams will get him back but they better start looking at drafting a safety in the middle rounds

  8. As a Ram fan, there was somewhat of a writing on the wall when the contract was given,unless OJ had a spectacular season. He did not, he had an alright one. Not worth $8 million for sure.

    But I think it all was determined in the end when UDFA Darian Stewart started making his way up the depth chart, appearing more often in the game then James Butler and starting splitting time with Dahl.

    Then you also consider the Rams previously drafted aggressive nickleback in Jerome Murphy last season.Known for being great in man covergae, under some spags tutoring,i could easily see him being moved to FS if atogwe is not brought back.

    Either way, I hope Atogwe is – but at the right price.

  9. O.J Atogwe is a good safety. He’ll do well on any team in need of a safety. I do see a good chance of him:

    Going to the Houston Texans for $35 million over 4 years

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