UFL faces another lawsuit

As the UFL tries to convince the public that it’s not in a possible death spiral, the league continues to find itself . . . in a possible death spiral.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, a P.R. firm hired in 2010 to help the team formerly known as the California Redwoods have success in their first season as the Sacramento Mountain Lions has filed suit against the UFL, seeking payment of more than $250,000.

The suit alleges breach of contract, which means the the firm believes it was promised something it didn’t get.

Which, in the case of most of the people who currently have a problem with the UFL, is money.

Then again, given that the firm’s strategies included a scavenger hunt for a cardboard cutout of quarterback Daunte Culpepper based on clues posted on Twitter and Facebook, we think we know why the UFL stiffed them.  Allegedly.

Last month, Mark Cuban sued the UFL, claiming that the league had failed to repay a $5 million loan.