Last call for Pat Tillman Award voting

Though we regard the voice of PFT Planet as non-binding when it comes to handing out our position-by-position postseason awards, we still want to know what you think.

Especially when we’re having a hard time making up our minds.

That’s why we’re reminding you to cast your vote for the recipient of the 2010 Pat Tillman Award.  Right now, it’s a close call between Troy Polamalu and Nick Collins.

We’ll make a decision tonight.

24 responses to “Last call for Pat Tillman Award voting

  1. I don’t know, I just feel funny about this whole Pat Tillman Award thing —- I can’t vote for any of these guys — I mean nothing these guys did is even in the same universe as what Pat Tillman did —- I’m 100% for a Pat Tillman Award, I mean I love and respect the man and his family too —- I just think a Pat Tillman Award should be for someone who runs into a burning house to save children or some type of extreme heroism of some kind that puts your life on the line —– I don’t know, I’m not voting for any of these guys — There’s to many freaking awards for these guys anyway —- I mean their getting paid a lot of money to do this stuff and make comebacks and give it their all —- Maybe if one of them decides to do it all for free I’ll vote for them to get some stupid award

  2. @goodjet
    Well said, i couldn’t agree more. I think the award should have a write in candidate. If so, I’d vote for….Pat Tillman

  3. I’m in agreement Pat was a good football player but he was a great American hero and a great humanitarian. I’m all for this award but it should be given to a player based on his off field contributions. All these players are good players but couldn’t carry Pat’s jock in off field contributions. So I won’t be voting on this award.

  4. As people have stated in prior comments, none of these guys deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Pat Tillman.

    Pat Tillman transcends football.

  5. Is this award simply for the best safety this year? Or is it for someone that sort of embodies what Tillman was all about?

    I would argue that none of them REALLY do, but I voted for Troy because he’s

    A) A better safety than Nick Collins

    but more importantly

    B) He seems to have made helping service men / women his philanthropy niche.

  6. For everyone complaining that none of these men are deserving of the award need to realize although it sounds like a compliment to Tillman it is not. This award keeps what he did alive!
    Every man listed must be worth it!
    What counts is off field behavior, and to me Troy has that won.

  7. UMM where did my comment go?
    Here it is again!Troy Polamolu is so deserving! I know that him nor anybody cannot replace the original man whom this award is named after, but Troy is a humble, and giving person on and off the field. He is amazing! He helps our defense in such a special way. His very presence gives our Steel Men a boost of confidence and love!
    One of the charity works he is involved in is called Operation Once in a Lifetime! For soldiers!!
    Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. The dream of a soldier is to come home alive, unwounded, to train safe, to love his country, his unit and his family. However being a soldier is not easy; it is filled with hardship, not just physically or emotionally, but financially.Operation Once in a Lifetime helps every soldier for every cause; wounded, unwounded, deployed, nondeployed, all ranks and all branches of the United States Armed Forces, you serve, you qualify.Every contribution will go to helping a soldier and their families, whether paying a soldiers electric bill, car payment or flying a soldier home.
    I cannot speak more highly of this man. He is respected by even non steeler fans. He is humble!
    Read more:

  8. As a Packer fan I voted for Nick Collins(homer) but after reading a little bit into Troy Polamalu’s charity work I would like to change my vote to him.

    For what its worth.

  9. Mike …

    I voted, but agree with goodjet. It’s uncomfortable to give a Tillman award to men for on-field excellence. We don’t remember Tillman for the quality of his NFL play but for his sacrifice to the nation. Perhaps in the future you could name this honor after another deserving retired safety and reserve your Tillman award for players from any position who do something extraordinary off the field. I don’t mean that to insult the nominees this year, but just think it would be more fitting.

  10. Troy Polamalu Deserves this award, as our token of appreciation for his voluntary work that benefits military families!!!!! PERIOD!! There’s also something wrong with this website voting. It doesn’t post the votes properly!!!! The total keeps remaining the same, vote after vote!

  11. Im not a packers fan, i was for the super bowl though. No matter how u add it up, u have got to give this award to Nick Collins… It was obvious in the playoffs especially the super bowl that Clay Matthews got snubbed for defensive player of year. Polamalu clearly was outplayed by both these players during the season and especially the super bowl when it mattered most.

  12. See, no, Polamolu did more for our team then Clay. He had some major plays this year THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS ACCOMPLISHED. Did Clay get called supermen for jumping over the titans line of scrimmage?? Too many game plays from Troy for us. It is different then Clay and what he does for the packers. It does not matter anyways, this award is not about Clay and what he lost. Its about a player and his actions on and off the field. Since Troy does Military charity work and i am pretty sure Collins does not, then its clear who the winner should be.

  13. You’re absolutely Right NicoleLawrence. Which is why I’ve been voting for the last few hours….but not all of my votes are posting!!!! What’s up with the bandwidth problems at your network. Don’t set up the site, if you’re not going to count our votes!!!! Just hand the award over to Troy! For his military families’ service ALONE, he should win!

  14. Collins had a pick six in the Super Bowl. Troy Polamalu had two touchdowns scored against him in the Super Bowl. Troy’ an excellent player, but these awards are supposed to be givin to the players that step up most when their team needed them most. Collins is the clear winner in that category.

  15. @Troy’s fans …

    I’m a diehard, 33-year Steelers fan, and of course, I voted for Troy. But it’s obvious from the other players nominated that Mike intended this solely as an award for performance on the field and not for off-field character. I think Troy has earned it either way, and Reed would be second to Troy. You give an award like this for a player’s impact over the entire season, not for a single play in the Super Bowl. For that Collins should have shared SB MVP honors with Matthews.

    But I still believe it would be more appropriate to name this award for another safety and have the Tillman award be solely for players involved in extraordinary off-the-field service. That way all Mike could ensure that all the nominees would be worthy of an honor representing Tillman.

  16. @gpack22 …

    Polamalu suffered an Achilled injury at year’s end, which is why he wasn’t a factor in any of Pittsburgh’s playoff appearances. That’s also why he was on the injury roster and was questionable for the Super Bowl until the day before the game. Pity this site can’t be limited to serious fans who know what they’re talking about.

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