Terrell Owens on Bengals’ problems: We didn’t have the coaching

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Who’s to blame for the Cincinnati Bengals going 4-12 last season? Terrell Owens says that’s an easy one: The owner and the coaches.

“You start with the head coach, and then you start with the staff on both sides of the ball,” Owens said on NFL Network’s Total Access. “Offensively, we really didn’t have the coaching that we really needed to muster what we had on the offensive side of the ball.”

But Owens wasn’t done with head coach Marvin Lewis and his staff. Responding to NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp naming Bengals owner Mike Brown, Owens said Brown also deserves a heaping help of blame.

“I’ve made a comment about if you’re trying to win some championships, it starts from the top down,” Owens said. “[Sapp] mentioned Mike Brown; I think even before I got there, they said the owner was a little different. Obviously, I saw that.”

According to Owens, the players were good enough that the Bengals should have been a good team. But the players couldn’t do it alone.

“I think if you look at the talent we had in that locker room this year and we mustered four wins, that should let you know something is not right,” Owens said. “Throughout the year, I saw some things that really wasn’t right.”

Of course, there were reports during the season that one of the things that wasn’t right was Owens himself not being a good teammate. And there have been indications that the reason Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer wants out is that he’s sick of having bad teammates, including Owens.

But Owens says the blame for Palmer wanting out starts at the top, too.

“Obviously if you have your franchise quarterback who is supposed to be that guy for your team trying to get out of there, that’s kind of telling the organization something, and that’s telling a lot of people out there something as well,” Owens said.

It also tells us something about Owens that he doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that his arrival in Cincinnati had something to do with the Bengals’ decline from first place to last.

70 responses to “Terrell Owens on Bengals’ problems: We didn’t have the coaching

  1. its never been TO’s fault! geez cant the media, all the fans, owners and other players realize that! haha
    what a tool….

  2. Owens had a pretty good season, how can you claim that he’s responsible for the Bengals fall?

    MDS is on a roll today with this article and the headline about Belichick getting “information” out of Reggie Wayne about whether Manning’s elbow got hit or not. Make it a trifecta by writing something like “Favre Didn’t Talk to Terry Bradshaw This Week”.

  3. It also tells us something about Owens that he doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that his arrival in Cincinnati had something to do with the Bengals’ decline from first place to last.

    Sometimes,as much fun as it is laughing at some of the stupid stuff that T.O. does, normally I would not be one to jump out and defend him…but god are you grasping at straws with us.

    I suppose next you are going to tell us that its also TO’s fault that bengals from 9th in rushing YPG (128.5 p/g) to 27th this year (95 ypg.)

    …I am not even a bengal fan and i see this..

  4. I watched every game that wasn’t blacked out, and saw Owens and Ocho failing to make catches to avoid being hit, and running the wrong routes on a consistent basis. Is the coaches at fault because Owens wont run in the middle cause he knows Ray Lewis will knock his ass off?? I loved the last Bengals Steelers game when Owens had 3 open catches in the middle and shockingly dropped all 3 of them when he saw Harrison. What a Pus!

  5. T.O. had a pretty good year. He wasn’t the reason for underperformance by the Bengals. And in spite of the trash talking about him, he is generally regarded as a good guy in the locker room.

    What he says about ownership and coaching in Cincinnati has been said by many others before him. Maybe the message is accurate.

  6. Everyone knows T.O.’s a jerk. HOWEVER, he is absolutely correct. How Cincinnati keeps their head coach is beyond me.

    Think about it……you become a run-heavy football team built around Cedric Benson and have success. THEN you sign T.O. and draft a receiving tight end (who’s pretty good) but LOSE YOUR IDENTITY.

    Can anyone tell me who the Bengals really are?

    No one?

    EXACTLY, and that falls on the coach – plain and simple.

  7. Let me get this straight. The team poison in San Fran, Philly, Dallas, Buffalo, and Cincinnati is bitching about coaching??

    Diva WR’s dont win Super Bowls, let alone teams with 2 self centered idiots at WR.

  8. I realize that terrell owens gets a lot of criticism and bashing from the media, but to blame him for going from first to last? you must be joking..while I didn’t watch all their games this year, I saw several instances of a guy who wanted to win, such as that play against the steelers where he made a nice catch in the last minute or two of the game and got lit up by polamalu and hung on for the catch. They had quite a few injuries, but it was also interesting how much the defense declined from one year to the next. That was the main difference in the record, more so than terrell owens somehow destroying the team. Give me a break

  9. Maybe if T.O. didn’t have alligator arms every time a defender was coming, the Bengals wouldn’t have lost so many games.

    If you just look at his stats, you say T.O. had a good year, but if you actually watched the games, you’d see that time after time in the clutch (usually last drives) T.O. would shorten up and the ball would be picked off.

    4 losses, 4! can be attributed to him alone. Good riddance.

  10. And of course, the problem couldn’t’ve possibly been you Terrell. Someone else or others are always at fault in Owens World. How could the Bengals have possibly lived up to high bar of perfection you set every season.

  11. Of course. Blame Terrell Owens and Chad for the Bengals not being a good team. That’s definitely what the problem is. Because they’re pre-madonna’s right? Selfish. They put the “I” in team right? The funny thing is, I only hear them complaining when they’re losing. When they’re losing, they want the ball, because they’re confident in their abilities. But of course, there’s a problem with that you know? Don’t celebrate in the end zone, that’s stupid right? Football isn’t fun, it’s a business. What a great write up. Good job sir. Good job indeed. SMH.

  12. T.O was the best player on the Bengals last year and one of the best in the league until he got hurt. T.O is always right, it just takes a little while for the truth to come out. Can anyone say he was wrong about Mcnabb being out of shape? No! Was he right about Romo? Yes! Was he right about Garcia? Yes! He is always right. The coaching was awful. The only thing worse than the coaching was Carson Palmer. He was awful. Remember, in the Super Bowl, he put his career on the line to play in that game and went off. T.O hall of famer no doubt. He has 2 years left easy.

  13. Ridiculous – when athletes don’t say anything about a situation, the media just speculates and then rips the athletes for not saying anything. Then when one comes out and says something, you get an article like this – every Owens quote is followed by cliched shots at about Owens as a teammate. We all know about Owens history at this point – can’t you just report what he says and let us connect the dots ourselves for once??And if you are going to just randomly implicate Owens for the Bengals problems and for Carson Palmer’s issues, you might at least want to have a source or quote or something to back it up – not just “reports” and “indications” without anyway of knowing what that means. Anyone can make a TO joke – reporting takes a little more effort.

  14. T.O. was good for the Bengals this year. I don’t see why people continue to hate on him. I’m pretty sure most people realized at this point that Carson Palmer will never be a good quarterback.

  15. This team was the division champ and went 6-0 in the division the year before he signed.

    I said the day he signed they wouldn’t make the playoffs. Do the math, Owens = Poison. I feel for the team that signs him next.

    I wonder if anyone ever points this out to him. If I remember the Eagles went to the Superbowl, mainly because he was on the bench injured. He comes back for the superbowl and they lose.

    Poison, I say!

  16. Of course they have bad coaching. Mavin Lewis is 60-67-1 in the regular season and 0-2 in the postseason. They’ve had more arrests I think than any other team and have finished above .500 in only TWO of Lewis’ EIGHT years as head coach. They’ve had a “franchise” QB for much of that time as well as productive WR and running backs. The fact that Marvin Lewis is going to be back is just a mystery to me. One of the definitions of insanity it to do the something the same way over and over yet expect a different result. Lewis is a proven LOSER not winner and the team has been a mess to boot. I don’t like T.O., but he’s right in this case.

  17. There are now five teams now who never want to have anything to do with TO ever again– the last two teams after just a single season. While might mean 27 fools remain, TO’s lost two steps and will at most be UFL’s clown if that Minnie Me league survives. Next up for TO: Jeff George-type rants in about how he can still play but no one will let him. The guy’s a cancer.

  18. Drudging up T.O.’s past and trying to crowbar it in this situation doesn’t get to what the problem in Cincinnati is.

    Owens wasn’t a distraction this year…he was actually one of their more pleasant players during this disaster.

    When your franchise goes through a 4-12 season, yet brings back the HC that led you there, that’s a bigger problem.

    When your running game that your HC wants to rely heavily upon averages about 3.5 yards a carry consistently, but is whining about not getting the ball enough, that’s your bigger problem.

    When your defense gives up a3 TD second half lead to Buffalo of all teams, that’s your bigger problem.

    When your so called “franchise” QB is turning the ball over almost 30 times while everyone in the media continues to make excuses for why his career has fallen off of a Boomeresque cliff, that’s your bigger problem.

    But by all means, continue blaming it on T.O. and Chad Johnson. Wonder what the excuse will be when they’re gone?

  19. I noticed a number of comments citing Terrell’s numbers as the reason he couldn’t have been a part of the problem (just like he wasn’t in San Fran, Philly, Dallas and Buffalo).
    Employing that logic, Jeffery Dahmer was a good cook, which means he was really a pretty decent guy.

  20. If Owens’ brain was as big as his mouth he might be worth listening to. At the moment he is just a medfly. A parasite hanging on for dear life.

  21. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if for once Owens wasn’t throwing someone under the bus for a sub-par season. “We just didn’t get it done this year. It was a team effort. We came up short, everyone, including me has a share of the blame.” There’s your script, dude! Now, just go away.

  22. Did anyone ask that moron why the Bengals offense performed the best it had all year at the end of the season when he and Ocho Scumbag were riding the pine?

  23. Of course, there were reports during the season that one of the things that wasn’t right was Owens himself not being a good teammate. And there have been indications that the reason Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer wants out is that he’s sick of having bad teammates, including Owens.


    Please show me evidence this is the case? Can you say ass out me and a ass out of you? Quit assuming dumb ass…

  24. Owens might as well line his team up in front of a firing squad..

    No way a guy like that ever plays on my team if i’m the owner or the coach. That was the biggest mistake Lewis made.

  25. The most telling indication that TO is right about the Bengals management and coaches is that they chose TO to be on their team

  26. shaggeez says:

    I realize that terrell owens gets a lot of criticism and bashing from the media, but to blame him for going from first to last? you must be joking..

    no man, no one is laughing it’s not a joke.

    the dood has been a death sentence for the team everywhere he’s been.

  27. Signing TO was actually if they’re a smart move. If they make the playoffs then he helped, if not they can use him for a scapegoat “TO DISRUPTED TEAM CHEMISTRY THATS WHY WE LOST NOT OUR TERRIBLE QB” and idiots will believe it. Marvin Lewis is stealing money by still having a job.

    The real reason the Bengals didn’t make the playoffs? They are the Bengals.

  28. this guy hasnt won a playoff game since he played in sf, he did play in a sb with philly but he was hurt for every playoff game they won that year

  29. TO may be very outspoken and annoying at times but I respect his honesty. He is right about the lousy coaching and ownership of that team. I never saw him throw anyone from the Bills under the bus so if he is such a “cancer” why did he leave them alone? Also, for you to imply that TO is the reason why the team went 4-12 is ridiculous. He had a monster season and made some big catches.

  30. What I would give to know what T.O.’s agent is thinking now!?

    Wow, is this going to get the NFL owners or coaches calling T.O. for next year at $5-6 mill, regardless whether he is right or wrong?

    What great P.R. frontrunning for his agent!

    All I can imagine is only the most DESPERATE NFL owner or coach would call T.O. now.

  31. Time for a T.O. drug test. I’m sure coaches all over the league will hear his comments and call him right up to play for them. At least he has an opinion. Could be good for TV. Just not good for a TEAM. His attitude and distractions are so divisive that no coach will give him a chance. Nice career T.O. see you in Canton in 5 years. You’re done.

  32. Yeah, TO and his Pro-Bowl worthy year MUST be the reason the Bengals lost!

    Get a freaking clue. The media hate on TO is ridiculous. Either you can play football or you can’t, and TO clearly can. You don’t like his attitude? Boo freaking hoo. Go watch figure skating, wuss.

  33. After what T.O. said and did to his “friend” McNabb, is it any wonder this venom is coming out of his mouth? What, did you expect him to accept the responsibility?

    As a Browns fan I want to thank Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis and the rest of the Bengal organization for signing T.O.

    Maybe one of the networks will team up T.O. with Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin. 🙂

  34. sommerday says:
    Feb 19, 2011 4:02 PM
    What I would give to know what T.O.’s agent is thinking now!?

    Wow, is this going to get the NFL owners or coaches calling T.O. for next year at $5-6 mill, regardless whether he is right or wrong?

    What great P.R. frontrunning for his agent!

    All I can imagine is only the most DESPERATE NFL owner or coach would call T.O. now.

    Why do you think he’s only had 1 yr contracts the last couple of years. Only desperate teams HAVE BEEN calling him. Even desperate teams know not to give T.O. anything more than a 1yr deal.

  35. How dare you insinuate that T.O. is a bad teammate! Owens is the best athlete in the world, period. Just because every team he signs with either goes from good to bad or bad to worse within minutes of his arrival doesn’t make it his fault. Maybe when other NFL players are around Owens they see how excellent he really is and realize they aren’t as good as they thought, their confidence takes a hit then these are the results you get. Or it could be that T.O. is just a bad teammate! And as far as his comments about the.coaches, they aren’t the ones who have to go out on the field and execute! Last time I checked, the player’s play and the coaches coach and answer media questions about T.O.’s sideline antics.

  36. MDS’s anti-TO schtick is getting older than Al Davis!!!!

    If TO was on the 2008 New England Patriots team, MDS would blame him for causing the Pats to go from 16-0 to 11-5!!!

    MDS would also blame TO for Tom Brady’s knee injury and the lack of pass rush that New England had!!!

  37. If T.O. lands with a good team w/ strong leadership he can succeed. He is still a good player and plays hard. I mean we’re talking about a future hall of famer here people. Hypothetically if he played for the Falcons.. He would make an already good team even better. I think Roddy White would appreciate that and the rest of the offense.

  38. T.O. Great talent. Mental midget. Only one team offered this knucklehead a chance to play. Had he kept his mouth shut he would be playing this coming year for somebody. This fool throws everybody under the bus. T.O. is the hot chick who is 35 and still thinks she is hot.

  39. Like it or not, T.O. will get into the NFL Hall of Fame.

    My question is, how will Owens be embraced by those currently enshrined? T.O. is just lucky he won’t have to deal with Lombardi, Halas, Stautner, Nitschke, Landry, … etc.

    It just seems unlikely that Owens would get a particularly warm embrace from many legends — and might even be considered a “cancer” by some already in the Hall. Not all — but some.

  40. Time after time Owens contributed “losing football” plays, dropping a sure chain-mover by taking his eyes off the ball before securing it, making tough sideline catches all except for one of his feet being out of bounds (this alone happened 4 times by my count from a guy who’s been in the league 15 years). He simply gave up on routes all the time, especially in the clutch.

    A pick six resulted from TO (physical target bigger than God F Zilla) simply NOT executing on a comeback route to otherwise fundamentally & positionally shield the ball from the defender (who clearly understood where the pass to A SPOT would be going more so than TO, who actually should have known the play). TO has to make sure that if he can’t catch that ball there he has to position himself so that noone else can make a play on it either, which he clearly didn’t. The result = pick 6.

    TO & 85 time after time FAILED to execute with the game on the line. They simply did not play winning football. Of course, uninspiring muttering mad scientist Bob Bratworstki’s offense was too complicated in the playbook for the O to execute presnap, forcing constant pre-snap movement penalties with 85 being absolutely THE WORST OFFENDER on that score even after playing his whole pro career exclusively in it. 85 also specializing in habitually choosing the wrong either/or route choice. Ironically, defenses (especially AFCN) frequently knew how the Bengals’ routes were to be executed more than the receivers running them.

    Otherwise, Palmer is the greatest QB in NFL history vs prevent – when his team is playing from 2 scores behind he’s absolutely LIGHTS OUT & with the defense giving cushion he’s a zen master at “taking what is given” with token pressure to perform Capt Comeback miracles, but as soon as the D tightens back up and ‘gambles’ on his routes, PICK! & end of miracle finish just short. Too much film on the guy in the same scheme equals no surprises and BB would not incorporate this into his overall ‘vision’ for his own obvious advantage. This type of OC with a firebrand HC like Cowher backing him up (with tone from above) MIGHT work, but not with Marvin Lewis, who SCREAMS OUT for a dynamic OC to completely run the O side for him on gamedays. Bratworstki was NOT this.

    Season ticket holder (ca 40 YL 4th row upper deck) & lifer bengalfan since ’68.

  41. I love how no one is mentioning how awful Ochocinco was this year…..if it weren’t for Owens this year Cincy could have had the dreaded GOOSE EGG this year. TO always opens his mouth about the coaching staffs…but maybe he’s right think about it. San Fran (MY Team) has been awful for what 8-9 years now, Buffalo = same, Dallas not really awful but it’s clear Wade Phillips WAS the problem (Tony Romo too IMO) and now Cincinatti who has been bad for quite some time but had a decent season here or there (w/o Marvin Lewis). He never said anything about Philly, Why? because their coaching staff constantly keeps them competitive even after trading their franchise QB.

  42. Call me crazy but I think he’s right too a degree. I mean, obviously he and Ochocinco should shoulder some of the blame but they did actually have some talent on that team. What happened to Benson and their great running game? What happened to their DL, which played lights out the year before? How about the tandem of Joseph and Hall? Hell, even Pacman was a pretty good nickel back for them. But most of all, what the hell happened to Carson Palmer? Does anybody else remember when this guy was an elite QB? Seems like now he’s good for at least a few “WTF is he thinking” throws a game. He really hasn’t ever been the same since that gruesome knee injury.

    For them to go from the playoffs to 4-12 is absurd. And how this guy is trying to suggest that, that drop off was because of Owens is even more absurd. I think he’s certainly been at fault before for his teams’ losing but not so much this time.

  43. Terrell Owens had one of the best career winning percentages of any player in football prior to this season.

    Oh wait, that doesn’t fit into blind, inaccurate statements about Owens “causing his teams to lose,” does it? OOOOOPS.

  44. How about the horrible injuries the Bengals suffered? Also, how about the unappeaseable T.O. in Palmer’s ear every day?

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