Kyle Orton has no idea what his future holds

The Broncos are expected to turn to Tim Tebow as their franchise quarterback in 2011, and Kyle Orton isn’t sure what to think of that.

Don’t know, to be honest with you,” Orton told Mike Klis of the Denver Post when asked about his future with the team. “Everybody can make choices. I’m happy. I’ve been playing as good as I ever have.”

In addition to not knowing the proper usage of “good” and “well,” Orton seems to have an incorrect view of the way he played before giving way to Tebow at the end of the 2010 season. In reality, Orton wasn’t playing well at all; in his last two games of 2010 Orton had passer ratings of 46.3 and 27.1, by far the two worst games of 2010. It’s not like he ended the season in a blaze of glory.

Orton also said he has had minimal contact with new Broncos coach John Fox.

“I don’t know him,” Orton said of Fox. “I’ve only talked to him once, and that was basically to say hello. But I’ve only heard good things about him, and that’s from players I trust. Nice guy. Players’ guy.”

Orton probably isn’t going to get a chance to get to know Fox. The Broncos seem ready to hand the team to Tebow.

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  1. I know it’s not a good idea to keep Orton as the starter in Denver, but there’s definitely someone better than Tebow around. You don’t even need anyone from the NFL. Just look out the nearest and call in the first person you see. He’ll suck, but it’s better him than Tim Tebow…

  2. You think anyone would give up a 2nd round pick for Orton?

    How about a 1st round pick for Dumervil??

    Broncos need to rebuild and since they’re going to a 4-3, Dumervil won’t be as valuable as he would be on a 3-4 team.

    Trade Knowshon Moreno for a high 2nd rounder?

  3. Arizona can probably get Orton from the Broncos for dirt cheap right now… I would say for around a 4th round pick, or a 3rd at the most. Much cheaper than the multiple first round picks the Eagles are asking for Kolb, who has a whopping 3 career starts I believe.

  4. Seriously, who the hell would pass a 2nd rounder for Orton. You would have to have a seriously easy schedule if you expected to have a winning season (better than 8-8).

    Orton is no where near better than Kolb. That’s why Kolb is going for a LOW 1ST ROUNDER and no one wants Orton. Come on he got replaced by TEBOW!!!! Also in a passing league a QB who cant throw the ball over 25 yards accurately is useless.

    Moreno is injury prone and will not pull a high second rounder. You can get better and younger outta the draft.

    Dumervile is worth a 2nd…. to a 3 4 D. What 3 4 D needs him tho?

  5. There are a number of places Orton could go. SF, Min, Az, Miami, Ten or Carolina. I actually see him staying in Denver and starting by week 6.

  6. IF the league and union can get a CBA signed early enough for a real offseason, I think he will be traded for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. If the labor dispute last well into the summer, I think he will be back in Denver backing up Tebow.

    Before his injury last season, he was having a very good year and among the league leaders in passing yards. He greatly improved his deep ball over the previous season and was really making a connection with Brandon Lloyd. If the Denver defense was so terrible last season I think Orton would be viewed quite differently.

  7. Mark my words….

    SF picks him up for a 3rd rounder. They draft a QB in the draft. Rookie sits behind Orton for 1-3 years learning from a Purdue graduate (and Harbaugh) and then comes in and takes over as the starting QB.

    Alice Smith gets the opportunity to hand out water and towels to the team he once “lead”

  8. Orton’s completion percentage and yards per attempt suggest he has improved the past 2 years, but he’s still not that good.

    58.8% completion is not what you expect to see from a guy who, if his averages were carried over a full 16 games, would have thrown for 4,500 yards. 4 of his 13 games, he completed less than 50% of his passes. They lost all 4 of those games by a combined 83 points.

    What do you give up for a guy who’s no better than an interim? Not much, I say.

    People have mentioned Kevin Kolb and Orton as the best 2 QBs available, but if my team really needs a QB, I call Detroit and Buffalo first and make sure that they aren’t willing to deal Ryan Fitzpatrick or Shaun Hill instead.

    I think Shaun Hill is better than both Kolb and Orton and probably lacks a hefty price tag. Fitzpatrick I think is the worst of the bunch I named, but by far the cheapest and Buffalo is always willing to deal their decent players for draft picks they screw up more often than not.

  9. That would be a huge mistake, for denver would be making to trade him.
    He is not great by any means. But to put him on the bench in favor of tim teblows would be idiotic. The kid is a fullback at best. He can’t read defenses or throw into tight windows with any accuracy. It will not take NFL defences long to adjust to a QB who can only run. Put 8 or even 9 men in the box and they will be shafted. Yeh he may make the occasional long pass to a WIDE open receiver (just like in college) but that will be surrounded by MANY 3 and outs.
    Draft a real QB and play orton until the new guy gets ready.

  10. nflrulz says:
    Feb 20, 2011 10:09 AM
    You think anyone would give up a 2nd round pick for Orton?

    How about a 1st round pick for Dumervil??

    Broncos need to rebuild and since they’re going to a 4-3, Dumervil won’t be as valuable as he would be on a 3-4 team.

    Trade Knowshon Moreno for a high 2nd rounder?

    I think you’ve been talking to Josh mcdaniels a little too much.. “You what’s a good ideas? Trade all of our best players that’ll make us awsome.” Dumervil will be fine, Ortin will be gone, and Knowshon why would you ever trade Knowshon.

  11. Minus the drama, I think VY is the best QB available. Kolb is unproven and Orton got such high stats because the Broncos never ran the ball. As a Phins fan, I hope we pick up VY to compete with Henne.

  12. A few things:

    Orton put up pretty good stats last year, sometimes in garbage time, sometimes not. But the main issue was that he got the ball with the game on the line at the end of the game 4 different times last year and choked each time. He just isn’t clutch enough to remain the QB of this team.

    Also, are people really still saying Tebow can only run after having a 300 yard passing game his second game as a starter ever and putting up a 82 QB Rating as a rookie? He looked pretty good if you’re objective about it, although he still has plenty of things to work on.

  13. cosmicduster says:
    Feb 20, 2011 12:08 PM
    I know what’s in Kyle Ortons future….Jack Daniels!
    Just so long as it doesn’t involve a McDaniels, I’m sure he’d be fine with that.

    @bleedgreen08052: How can you say unequivocally that Kolb is better than Orton? Because of his impressive stat sheet? His long list of games started or even played in? I guess Philly has the same faith in him too, since they just signed him to a starter’s contract and now they’re trying to trade him. Go back to the dumpster you just climbed out of, tool.

  14. FYI he had a shoulder injury. If Romo had played half as well it’s all we’d be hearing about.

  15. David..please research facts before reporting. Kyle Orton was top 5 QB in 2010 before rib injuries. Ask the All-Pro WR Brandon Lloyd what he thinks of KO. OH BTW Lloyd led the NFL in catches over 20+ and 40+, guess who the QB was, right KO.
    Tebow did not take KO’s starter position, he was given it bye way of injury.
    Orton will be the Denver starter if no CBA until the season starts. He may be the starter anyway because Tebow is not ready (Elway & Fox).

  16. @chief4ever,

    “There are a number of places Orton could go. SF, Min, Az, Miami, Ten or Carolina. I actually see him staying in Denver and starting by week 6.”

    Your team was the worst 10-6 team ever… but you are right here. Any of those teams could use Orton, but if the Donkeys are smart, they’ll keep Orton as insurance if Tebow doesn’t pan out.

    Orton is a decent qb in this league. Would put him in the middle of the pack, out of 32 starters.

  17. I am a panthers fan and i will tell broncos fans that if john fox made up his mind and say tebow is the starting qb for the broncos you can forget it. orton might be cut or if he stay with the team he will never start as long as fox is there even if tebow throws tons ints in games he is going to stick with tebow.i seen it first hand with fox and jake delhomme.

  18. I wouldn’t mind the Eagles trading a Kolb for Orton and the Bronco’s 2nd rounder. Great insurance for WHEN Vick goes down for a game here or there.

  19. Orton was injured those last two games so did you ever consider that he was referring to his play when he was healthy ? prior to those two games you mentioned didnt he have a 96 QBR 62% completion percentage and was on a pace just shy of 5000 ?

    from the article

    A strained oblique and bruised ribs caused Orton to miss the final three games of last season,”

    so I think he was commenting on his play when healthy.

    Orton first was injured against the Niners and said that if we hadnt of had a bye week following that game that he wouldnt have played the following week and he then injured himself further against SD .

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