Mallett will be asked about drug use at Combine

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In a Sunday blog post, CBS Sports draft analyst Rob Rang pinpoints the question marks Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett can expect to face heading into the Scouting Combine, which runs from February 24 through March 1. Interviews with NFL teams will be of an utmost importance for Mallett, who is thought to be red flagged for character concerns despite what Mike Mayock calls “unbelievable God-given ability.”

According to Rang, NFL front office members and coaching staffs will interrogate Mallett about his “so-called lack of leadership and reports of illegal drug use.”  Rang suggests that Mallett’s ability to respond effectively, or ineffectively, will determine whether the Razorbacks’ all-time passing leader goes in the first round or plummets to the third.

Details of Mallett’s red flags have been scant, though whispers have been there for months.  Drug use may have been what NFL Network’s Albert Breer and FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan were alluding to when exposing Mallett’s “off-field issues” and “baggage” earlier this winter.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Rang is not reporting Mallett did drugs in college, but rather passing along prevalent speculation.  “Speculation” that will be intensely investigated by NFL teams long before any one of them commits millions of guaranteed dollars to a high draft pick.

Except the Bengals.

48 responses to “Mallett will be asked about drug use at Combine

  1. “Except the Bengals”
    How about “Except the Patriots” instead?

    Nick Kaczur gets busted for illegal possesion of prescription pills. He admits to the Feds that he was buying hundreds of OxyContin pills at a time every few days illegally, then works as an informant for the DEA to set up his own dealer.
    Yet the league NOR his own team, the PATRIOTS, say absolutely anything about it nor discipline him in no way whatsover and pretend it never happened.

    So if NFL front office members and coaching staffs want to interrogate Mallett when there is no proof he has done anything, only “speculation” why doesn’t the league interrogate the admitted and proven dopehead and snitcher?
    Oh wait, I know, he is a Patriot. Those types of players are the norm on that team

  2. If Mallett is/was using heroin, cocaine, or something along those lines than yes it is a problem.

    If he used marijuana this is being completely overblown. Whether people want to admit it or not, marijuana is/has been used by a very large percentage of the population. A legitimate argument can be made that marijuana is safer than alcohol, only alcohol is legal so it is socially acceptable.

    If he falls to the third round the teams that need a quarterback that passed on him are going to feel pretty stupid.

  3. If I’m going to invest “millions of guaranteed dollars to a high draft pick” I am going to not only ask him about drug use and leadership, but every question under the sun. This is standard procedure and he won’t be the only one questioned. My line of questioning with Mallet would be that and why he folds like a cheap suit under pressure and has the foot quickness of a ciger store Indian.

  4. Hopefully he’s being interviewed by Jeff Ireland, so they can skip the drugs and get to the real important topics. Like whether or not his mom is a prostitute…

  5. Potheads can’t play in the NFL since pot causes them to lose focus. Ricky Williams even gave up football for a while because he would rather smoke pot.

    Potheads want to believe that pot does not cause any work problems, but the evidence leans the other way.

  6. I dont think it’s so much if he smoked weed. I think it’s the problems that would arrise if he was suspended for violating the substance abuse policy.

  7. Who cares – who didn’t try drugs (including Dan Marino and coke…and Dan Fouts smoking Pot)…its part of growing up.

  8. @dixon29

    this isnt the forum for it, but anyone who smokes/d marijuana knows it’s 500x safer than alcohol in every possible way. Why alcohol is not only legal, but the #1 advertiser in america, while marijuana is illegal, makes no sense at all.

    I actually never saw Mallet play in college so i dont know anything about him.

  9. Mallet will be a bust! Todd “marijuana” Maranovich “only “did weed and look what happened to him!
    As for Marino, weed and coke was “rumored” to be involved in in college and never won a Super Bowl!

  10. Calvin Johnson was asked the same thing during combine interviews…and he admitted he did smoke occasionally during college…and he is one of the more well spoken non-egotistical athletes in the league…if Mallett can “put the ball on a rope” in the NFL, he will be okay…

  11. The only question that matters: Down by 4, 1:30 left, deep in your own territory, in December, in New England, 3rd and 6; Do you want Mallett to be your QB? If you have tovthibk about it, the answer is No.

  12. Why is this news? Essentially, even though it’s different from what most of us will ever go through, the Combine is one big job interview. They’re applying for jobs in the NFL.

    I’ve been with the same company for ten years, so i don’t remember the process, but isn’t just about everyone asked about drug use, felonies/misdemeanors, etc?

    I understand that in Mallett’s case and some others there is “being asked” and “REALLY being asked” but still.

  13. UA is the illegal capitol of Arkansas anyone not using would be in a minority. But then what would a straight laced preppie like me know anyway. Hay Mon got any munchies?

  14. Talk about blantant hypocrisy. In one article these sports writers are questioning the integrity and actions of a kid because of what he did when he was 18. Even going as far as to spinnig the comments of Warren Moon and questioning the kid’s on field talents.

    Yet, in this article cynism is being met when Mallet’s private actions are questioned. So Mr. Rang does not like the NFL questioning Mallet’s ‘ “so-called lack of leadership and reports of illegal drug use.” ‘ I wonder if he feels the same way about Cam?

    I guess you sports folks have to pretend that u’r “fair and balance” in ur reporting of these athletes…BUT judging by this article and Cam’s, I beg to differ.

  15. If we can let Bush and Clinton do drugs and then run our country, we probably shouldn’t even question this kid just for running an offense lol

  16. So… you’re saying he could be a HIGH draft pick regardless of where he is selected?
    (Rim Shot)…I’ll be here all week floks. Try the roast beef and don’t forget to tip your waiter

  17. Marino has Duper and Clayton! Marino mever wanted a runnign game so he could be the man! Marino is a choke artist and kissed a dude in Ace Venture the Pet Detective!

  18. in a related story cam newton will be asked if he is taking a paycut if there is a rookie salary cap!

  19. @prioroknowledge- Did you happen to catch the 30 for 30 done on Ricky Williams? The reason he smoked pot was to relieve his anxiety. Many believed that he was legitimately bipolar. Ever see him do interviews with his helmet on?

    I don’t disagree with the thought you’re trying to get at but the Ricky Williams thing is a poor, poor example.

  20. prior0knowledge says: Feb 20, 2011 2:39 PM

    Potheads can’t play in the NFL since pot causes them to lose focus. Ricky Williams even gave up football for a while because he would rather smoke pot.

    Potheads want to believe that pot does not cause any work problems, but the evidence leans the other way.



  21. where did Evan Silva come from? And who cares? As long as he’s able to perform on the field and is a nice dude off then that’s all that matters. What are they worried about, he will show up high to practice, to games? Very doubtful. I can see if he were strung out all the time off meth or excessive cocaine, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue here. Recreation use should be his own business.

    There are a lot of athletes who don’t use drugs that are bad guys regardless. So exactly what are they attempting to figure out?

  22. Didn’t the Bucs lose a player last year, for a whole year, cause he continued to smoke weed after being suspended twice before?

    Personally accept it or not, the NFL doesn’t.

    And that’s why GM’s will pursue it.

    Makes no difference how great the player is, if he’s suspended.

  23. Said this before and I’ll continue saying it on every post on Mallet until the draft: No way the Panthers, Bills, Bengals, Cards, and 49ers pass on this guy twice. His physical tools and potential are way too high. It only takes one team to figure it out and as a 2nd round QB, the risk/reward falls greatly on the side of reward.

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