The Phil Simms NFL Workout resurfaces


As the second full Sunday of the NFL offseason unfolds, the league and the NFLPA are meeting discreetly in D.C., with the only news coming for Albert Breer’s photos of the food that’s being taken into the facility.

So to provide some entertainment on what could be a slow afternoon, we give you the Phil Simms NFL Workout, which appeared last April on YouTube.  It’s sort of The Super Bowl Shuffle meets Physical.

Other players appearing in the video include Tony Dorsett, Rulon Jones, Gary Anderson, Eric Dickerson, and Todd Christensen.  Also, it sounds like the late Dick Schaap voiced the introduction.

We’re not sure whether it’s as embarrassing as Simms’ decision to confront ESPN’s Desmond Howard in Dallas.  If it isn’t, it’s close.

The good news?  Current players can use it as a way to keep in shape during the coming lockout.

UPDATE:  Some of you think that Christensen drops an “F” bomb at the 3:29 mark.  He arguably says “funky.”