Aaron Hernandez reveals he underwent hip surgery

The Patriots usually don’t reveal much about offseason surgeries.   Thankfully, a gym full of kids attending Aaron Hernandez’s weekend camp in Connecticut aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

The kids asked Hernandez why he was on crutches, and he told them it was because of hip surgery, according to the Hartford Courant.

The news supports the widely-held belief that Hernandez wasn’t close to 100% in the team’s playoff loss to the Jets.  Hernandez sat out Weeks 16 and 17 with a hip injury before suiting up for the playoff game.

He finished his rookie year with 563 yards and six touchdowns, but was losing playing time to Rob Gronkowski and Alge Crumpler even before the final two weeks.

Gronkowski and Hernandez’s roles in New England’s flexible offense only figure to grow next year.

6 responses to “Aaron Hernandez reveals he underwent hip surgery

  1. Ironically the picture shown is Hernandez’s last productive play for the Pats. He either got hurt doing that dance into the end zone, on another play, or in practice.

    The topic of when he got hurt never got broached from what I could gather, but I think it was during the blowout game against the Jets

  2. Hope it’s not a big deal. Surprising this never occurred to me, as he definitely disappeared after having at least one or two big plays in every game for week.

    What’s NOT surprising, is that the super insiders at PFT didn’t pick up on this, and had to be alerted by the 5th graders.

    Too busy digging up slop about Belichick and the big bad cheating Patriots and throwing it against the wall to see if something sticks to actually, you know, post real news.

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