Art Daley, Packers beat reporter from another era, dies at 94

Art Daley, a Packers beat reporter who started covering the team when Curly Lambeau was its coach and Don Hutson was its star, died Saturday. He was 94.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette, where Daley started covering the Packers in 1941, recounted how different that era was for journalists: Daley was specifically instructed by the newspaper’s business manager not to write anything negative about the Packers, lest they leave Green Bay.

“Mr. Turnbull told me, he said, ‘Just remember. Don’t say anything real bad about our team because if we lose ‘em, we’ll never get ‘em back.’” Daley said in a 2009 interview.

Another example of how different newspapermen were back then: Daley acknowledged that he cried when the Packers lost.

“I know that I got a reputation for crying in those bad years we had,” Daley said. “I can laugh now, but I used to hear that the paper boys used to tell their customers on Monday, ‘Here’s Art Daley’s tears.'”

Daley retired from the Press-Gazette in 1979 but kept working as a columnist for Packer Report magazine through the 2010 season, when he still watched most of the home games in the Lambeau Field press box.

7 responses to “Art Daley, Packers beat reporter from another era, dies at 94

  1. Sad day. Loved to read Art’s pieces in the Packer Report. The Report turned to trash when they switched to a magazine style, but hey, it still covered my Packers.

  2. I have a note Art Daily sent to Art Rooney about how big it is to win the Super Bowl ( 1974) and don’t let it get to your head and be a big shot. Art Rooney sends a reply to Art Daily thanking him for thinking of him at this big time in his life. Two gentleman from a different time. Sad day for Green bay area.

  3. a very sad day. art was a throwback to another era. enjoyed reading his columns about the old days compared to today. a legend who will be missed. r.i.p. art, i’m sure vince and curly will be happy to see you again

  4. stairwayto7 says:
    Feb 21, 2011 9:53 AM
    Win the Super Bowl and a writer dies and the VISA old coot diesand the teachers do not teach! At least they have a trophy! Stay classy Packer fan!

    Get over it already. You sound like a whiny 6 year old girl. Try and post something people may want to read.

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