Atogwe visits the Redskins Monday

Cut last week by the Rams and hopeful to return, safety O.J. Atogwe isn’t going to sit around and wait for an answer from his former team.

Howard Balzer of and The Sports Xchange reports that Atogwe will visit the Redskins on Monday.

In Washington, Atogwe would be reunited with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who spent three seasons with the Rams from 2006 through 2008.

“My agent has been talking to a few teams and we have discussed the possibility of going to different places,” Atogwe said.  “I’ll meet with [the Redskins] and see what’s up.”

Balzer reports that the Bills also have an interest in Atogwe.

“This is an opportunity for me to explore other options,” Atogwe said.  “It doesn’t mean the Rams aren’t still an option.  A door has been opened so I can really see if this is where I’m supposed to continue to be or if I am supposed to go elsewhere.  It gives me and my family more options to make a decision.

“At the end of the day, I’ll make the decision that I believe I’m led to make and be in the place where I’m supposed to be.  That doesn’t count the Rams out and it doesn’t count any team out.  It gives me an opportunity to evaluate my current situation while giving me the option to go where I believe I’m supposed to go.”

The Vikings could be a possibility, based simply on the fact that Atogwe will marry on May 21 the daughter of Vikings linebackers coach Mike Singletary.

“Largely, it will come down just to the best fit from a family standpoint, a city standpoint and, of course, football.  Just where I believe in my heart will be the best fit for me to do what I’m blessed to do.”

Atogwe is a free agent, and he can sign with any team at any time.  If a lockout commences on March 4, all business will cease.

Balzer points out that Atogwe’s skills are best suited to playing free safety, but that he has been required at times to play strong safety in St. Louis over the past two years.

In Minnesota, where safety has been a weakness of late, fans are likely salivating at the possibility of Atogwe and Bob Sanders taking over the last line of the team’s Tampa Two defense.

10 responses to “Atogwe visits the Redskins Monday

  1. He’d be a great fit in Washington. Landry can stay up in the box and Otogwe can do his thing and roam.

  2. If he wants big money, he’ll join the Redskins. If he wants a championship, he’ll go somewhere else.

  3. As with every free agent, he’ll visit Washington and pull on the slot machine lever to see if he can hit the jackpot.

  4. Ahhh…the easy “Redskins waste money” jokes. Very orginal. They’ve always played by the salary cap, but have clearly invested in the wrong areas many times.
    The difference now…Allen is running things. Last season they actually played the uncapped year like a fiddle and are in great shape financially.
    I would expect smarter decisions moving forward, but Danny is still the owner so we’ll see. In the meantime, these clever knee-slappers we’ve all heard a million times before will surely be retread over and over by great minds.

  5. As a Ram’s fan this makes me sick. I can understand not paying an 8 million dollar roster bonus but it should have NEVER come to that. Long term deal should have been done last year

  6. much more excited about the prospect of atogwe then sanders for the vikes. although if sanders can be signed with the right risk free contract then he could be a great pick up as well.

  7. I must say that a healthy Sanders and Atogwe would give us the best secondary play since…. Ummmmm….. At least back to Browner/Lee/McMillan days. Wake me up if it actually happens.

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