Baseball could be an option for Jake Locker

Washington quarterback Jake Locker has always said that football is his favorite sport, and playing in the NFL is his dream. But Locker also has a standing offer to play baseball, and the Anaheim Angels are hoping he considers that option.

Angels General Manager Tony Reagins told Mark Saxon of, via our friends at HardBallTalk, that the team would love to see Locker give some more thought to playing baseball.

“I think there are some factors out there that are going to make his decisions more difficult,” Reagins said. “The labor situation is one, where he’s selected is one of them. Our eyes are wide open in this regard and we’ll see how it plays out. You always have a chance.”

The Angels gave Locker a $250,000 signing bonus when they drafted him in 2009, so it’s no surprise that they’re still trying to get him to play for them. And there are a few scenarios in which Locker might rethink his priorities between baseball and football: If his stock plummets in the NFL draft, if the lockout drags on for months, or if the new labor deal dramatically reduces the amount of money Locker and other rookies can make. Locker may also use his ability to make a living playing baseball as leverage in negotiating his contract with whatever team drafts him.

But all indications, at the moment, are that Locker views baseball as a fallback, and football as his chosen career path.

17 responses to “Baseball could be an option for Jake Locker

  1. i’d pick the Mlb over NFL to play in anyday

    bigger contracts if you are good, longer careers, doesn’t screw up your health long term

    sounds good to me

  2. If Locker accepted a $250k bonus from the Angels, how is he eligible under NCAA rules?

    Bo Jackson was ruled ineligible for getting free flight to turn down a baseball contract.

  3. I believe signing a baseball contract makes a player of another sport ineligble for scholarships, but not ineligble to play. Trajan Langdon got a baseball scholarship while at Duke. He continued to play basketball, but was no longer a scholarship athlete.

  4. Once he signed the baseball contract, he was a walk-on in football. And the Angels paid his college costs on top of it.

  5. Yeah Locker gave up his scholarship that’s how he was still eligible play NCAA football-players can’t get money from boosters, agents or the actual school while under scholarship.

  6. I could see locker wearing brown, driving a brown truck and ringing doorbells in five years because he just doesn’t have what it take to play in the NFL. As far as baseball I don’t know but much about him playing it but there are ten times the guys trying to get half as many spots on the big club. How he handles Pressure is not one of his strong characteristics…

  7. I’d like to take the wait and see,collage ball and the NFL are two totaly different games, he may play allot better in the NFL than collage, you just can never tell until he get there, ala Rogers. Locker grew up about 40 miles from where I live and everyone that knows him says he a great guy and a very hard worker so let wait and see. Please no strike

  8. Why can a NCAA athlete accept a $250,000 signing bonus when he’s still playing a NCAA sport? Did his acceptance of the signing bonus only make him ineligible for college baseball? Seems like he shouldn’t be allowed to accept anything when he’s in school.

  9. “Yeah Locker gave up his scholarship that’s how he was still eligible play NCAA football-players can’t get money from boosters, agents or the actual school while under scholarship”

    Are you saying a high school All-American can forgo a scholarship and instead get supported through college by boosters and other sources and still be elligible to play NCAA football? Seems to me that a hell of a lot more top high school athletes would be taking this profitable avenue over a scholarship, and there are a lot of boosters willing to provide their schools this path if allowed.

  10. The next Drew Henson? Y’all are cold. He could also be the next John Elway… but I doubt it.

    He’s probably thinking, “Panthers, I play in the NFL, Seahawks, I’ll go throw a baseball.”

    Yeah, that was mean, especially since I gave superbowlseahawks a thumbs up for making me laugh. Ah well. Bitter Panther fan…that’s me.

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