Bills interested in Atogwe too; Whitner keeping tabs

Bills safeties Donte Whitner and George Wilson are free agents, so Buffalo is investigating the possibility of replacing one or both of them.

Bob Sanders is set to visit Buffalo on Tuesday, and Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Bills “are thought to be interested” in O.J. Atogwe as well.   Atogwe is slated to visit the Redskins Tuesday.  He indicated previously that he wasn’t planning to sign a deal until after a new CBA is reached.

Whitner, meanwhile, is watching all this unfold closely.   He’s been posting links on his Twitter account to stories from around the web talking about the Bills’ interest in Sanders, and articles about Sanders in general.

The latest link Whitner passed along: “Dear NFL Teams: Don’t Sign Bob Sanders.”

24 responses to “Bills interested in Atogwe too; Whitner keeping tabs

  1. Sanders needs to only play on 3rd down, then he might last a full season. If they’re 18 regular season games & he plays full time, I’d say he’ll make it through 3 games or so (which is his average).

  2. maybe you could keep a job if you could cover someone as football old and slow as alge crumpler.

    na na na na
    na na na na
    hey hey hey

  3. Nobody in Buffalo cares what you think Donte, we all can’t wait for you to leave town. And we don’t want Sanders either.

    But I bet we end up with both, because ladies and gentleman, we are the Buffalo Bills!


  4. He wants 7 per year……Hell for 500,000 per year I can take awful angles to the ball carrier, mis diagnose every play and watch the wr catch the ball for a td 20 yards behind me…

  5. The latest link Whitner passed along: “Dear NFL Teams: Don’t Sign Bob Sanders.”

    Followed by:

    Unless you want to pay millions of dollars to someone made of glass and will play an average of a whopping 3 games a year

  6. and the Bills wonder why they suck year after year. Why not instead of dumpster diving for washed up has beens like Owens, Merriman and Sanders why don’t they instead study and find great players in the draft to build a solid core for the future.

    Then again, big name has beens is the only thing that will give Bills fans false hope to visit their bland no character stadium every Sunday.

  7. lmao!! these idiot bills fans will all go out there john corto jerseys thinking he is the answer just like they thought “POZ” was the next comming of dick butkus and they ALL ran out and bought his #51 jersey!! haha how did that wk out dumb bills fans?

  8. Doe’te deserves $8m. He’s a better safety then Polimalu and Ed Reed. There’s no flaws in his game, he warranted going 8th overall. Hell he should have went 1st. He’s just a great all around player. Who needs to cover tight ends in pass coverage? who needs INTs from your safety? who needs a safety who can get to the QB? Test the market Doe’te, maybe your hometown Browns will pay you big money but that’s your only hope.

  9. Donte Twitner needs a friend to tell him he’s an idiot.
    Newsflash Lil Donte, you represent all of the bad decisions, ineptitude and mediocrity that this franchise has stood for over the past decade.
    Take your sad act somewhere else.

  10. There goes Donte using social media and the the press to fuel hi desire to be over payed. Maybe you should just stick to the things you do best, like giving away superbowl tickets via twitter. If that doesnt work ask Mike Tice his plan for superbowl tickets. Have fun in Cleveland and lets see if Holmgren like your act. Beat it!

  11. Hey Wiff-ner! Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya! Your time here is done. I wish I could say that we enjoyed it.

  12. If Sanders could be had for the right price, he offers a couple things. A) He is PR, Buff needs al of that he can get. B) If the CBA isnt done in time then Free agency will happen after the draft. Safety will create just another whole they need to fill via draft. Sanders and the most likely resigning of Wilson would secure it enough to not need to use an early pick. C)Merriman did not want to sign but said he did because of the Locker room, now he will talk to other FA. If they sign Sanders, he would also carry weight with other FA’s and hed probably mean at least one other FA would come to Buff.
    The more big names interested the more likely others listen. Either of these Safeties help Buffalo alot.

  13. Whitner has become a permanent piece of turf at the Ralph since Sammy Morris trucked him 2 years ago…. oh and they are replacing the turf at the Ralph this year. Bye Donte!

  14. Whitners most jaw dropping play this past season is when he was knocked silly by little DANNY WOODHEAD !

    It was amazing.

    Ahh shoot, now Donte is gonna block us all on twitter!! Oh no 😦

  15. I would like for the Bills to take either one of these guys, preferably Sanders though. Sanders will more than likely be cheaper than Atogwe due to injury concerns. I do hope they re-sign Wilson, he falls into that “Role-Player” label and is a very important special teamer as well. I just want to see Whitner go, he has nothing this team is looking for. I belive Bryan Scott is the better saftey of the two to be honest, and it’s not even close. Also, Sanders would instantly upgrade the run support, and would allow Byrd to free-lance a little more. This is promising, however. In the last 5 years, outside of Owens, the Bills really havn’t shown much intrest in many high profile FA like these two. Maybe the times are changing here in OPNY. (Change is good, Chan-ge is better!)

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