Bob Sanders’ free-agency tour begins in Jacksonville

We’ve long believed that the Colts have kept oft-injured safety Bob Sanders in the fold due to concerns that, if he were released, he’d resurface with another team in the AFC South.

And now that the Colts have cut Sanders, that’s precisely what could happen.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN report that Sanders is in Jacksonville for a visit with the Jaguars.

Apart from the run-stuffing skills of the undersized strong safety, Sanders can help his new team deal with the challenge of facing Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning twice per year.

Sanders is a free agent; he can sign a new deal with any team before March 4.  After March 4, his status depends on the labor agreement.

The Titans and Texans would be wise to get in on this one before it’s too late.  And if former Colts assistant Leslie Frazier hopes to bring Bob to the Vikings, the time to pick up the phone is now.

Sanders has played in only nine games since winning the 2007 defensive player of the year award and scoring a big-money contract.  It remains to be seen whether he has simply been chronically unlucky, or whether he simply has a Body by Balsa.

13 responses to “Bob Sanders’ free-agency tour begins in Jacksonville

  1. Bob Sanders should not leave Jax with a deal being reached. As much of a injury risk he is and has been, he’s due to break this injury prone eventually. With what we’ve had to endure watching last year and previous years with this secondary, I’ll take a cheap chance on Bob Sanders that to have to watch this train wreck secondary for another season. He’s low cost low risk.

  2. Can he stay healthy? Or even partially healthy? He hurt himself on a play he wasn’t even involved in in the 1st quarter of the 1st game of the year.

    The Colts didn’t release him just to shake things up, they released him because he simply can’t get on the field. Will that change just because he changes cities? We’ll see.

  3. You can’t have that small a body 5’8″ 206lbs and play and hit like he does and think you will last in the NFL. For a couple years there in 2006-07 he was one of the hardest hitters in the NFL, NFL Defensive MVP in 07 when he played the whole season. But running full speed up into the box blasting running backs 50-60 lbs heavier looks cool but kills your body especially a small guy like him.
    Good luck Bob, but your body just cannot take it anymore. Time to pack it up.

  4. Regardless of whether or not he can stay healthy the Jaguars should pick him up just for his knowledge of the Colts system. Especially because of how close the Jaguars were to winning the AFC South in 2011 and it is always good to have a veteran player like Sanders helping that secondary get better.

  5. Body by Balsa? Bob Sanders is the last guy I’d call that, lest we meet in a dark alley. That dude can hit!

  6. “Bob Sanders’ free-agency tour begins in Jacksonville”

    unfortunately it will also end there as Bob, reportedly twisted an ankle getting off the plane and will officially be listed on IR later today

  7. Sanders shouldn’t feel resentful about being cut by the Colts. They showed remarkable patience and understanding with all his injuries, and paid the man for rarely playing for the past three years. Sanders should feel gratitude. Getting cut is not an example of the NFL being a cruel business; Sanders may have had a chance to renegotiate his contract/bonus due, and decided instead to chance the open market.

  8. @Akula

    “Great player but not worth tying up cap money for future years. Great heart, Sad case.”

    What cap? There is no cap. Hasn’t been for over a year.

  9. shackdelrio says: Feb 21, 2011 10:24 AM

    He’s played in nine games the last three seasons. Dude is done.


    Most people said the same thing about Vick before this season too. He had a bad run of totally unrelated injuries. Its not like he blew both knees out or something.

  10. jvillenole says:
    Feb 21, 2011 11:41 AM

    “Great player but not worth tying up cap money for future years. Great heart, Sad case.”

    What cap? There is no cap. Hasn’t been for over a year.
    Nice try at being a smart ass but I think there just might be one in the new CBA…just a hunch.

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