Dolphins officially add Bryan Cox to staff


The Dolphins created a brand new coaching position in order to add Bryan Cox to their staff.

The team announced Monday that the former NFL linebacker (and Browns defensive line coach) joined the Dolphins staff as a “pass rush” coach.  Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald first reported Cox interviewed last week.

Cox played for Bill Parcells in New York and continues to work within Parcells’ coaching tree.

9 responses to “Dolphins officially add Bryan Cox to staff

  1. Is this their “Kevin Greene” hire? People are going to look to the Packers for an organizational model now, and I suppose that’s fine. But couldn’t they get someone other than Bryan Cox?

  2. Hardly a “brand new” coaching position. Keith Millard served as Denver’s pass rush coach for several years, and I believe Carl Hairston held the same position in Green Bay. I’m sure there have been others.

  3. Call me what you will, but I always have and always will love Bryan Cox. One of my favorite athletes of all-time.

  4. cox will bring alot of the right additude a defender needs to be confident and get after people he was very good at it when he played and i hope he can instill that with this already talented group of defenders

  5. Bryan Cox, and more specifically his actions, was a major indication of the decline of Don Shula. When nothing was done to Cox after he flipped off all of Rich Stadium, I knew that Coach Shula wasn’t cut out to coach anymore.

    I haven’t been following Cox since he left the Fins, but I imagine the fact that I can’t recall any news on him is a good sign he isn’t the same belligerent guy he was before.

    I’m all for it…I guess?

  6. I’ll never forget Tom Brady’s first start for the Pats cam against the colts in 2001 after Drew Bledsoe went down. In that game Bryan Cox put a hit on i believe the Colts tight end that set the tone for that championship season. Tough guy if not always liked brings to the table the type of tenacity you want in your defense.

  7. Knuckle-Pollard I think.
    I am mad he went to Mia instead of possibly going to NE someday because I wanted him there for DL coach if Pep ever decides to leave (or ever gets promoted to DC which doesn’t look likely in NE). But like I said in another recent post about him, he said on the radio long before Mangini hired him in NY that he will always consider himself a Dolphin.

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