Gabbert won’t throw at Combine; Newton will

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Jim Corbett of USA Today reports that Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert is expected to take a pass on all throwing drills at the NFL Scouting Combine later this week.

Gabbert’s competition to be the first signal caller drafted, Cam Newton of Auburn, will be making a game-time decision.

Cam hasn’t decided yet,” said Newton’s quarterback trainer, George Whitfield. “He’s prepared to go in and do everything. I’m sure he’s getting information from everybody from Brett Favre to Warren Moon, a lot of guys who have reached out to him.

“It’s probably going to be a matter of how he feels when he gets there.”

Auburn’s Pro Day is scheduled for March 8, while Mizzou’s will take place on March 17.

As for other top quarterback prospects, PFT has confirmed that Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick will participate in full. Washington’s Jake Locker will join him. Christian Ponder of Florida State said in January that he doesn’t plan to throw.

Ryan Mallett of Arkansas presumably will throw, but he’s got bigger problems to worry about.

UPDATE: NFL Network reported Monday evening that Newton will participate fully at the Combine because he wants to be “transparent” throughout the pre-draft scouting process.

20 responses to “Gabbert won’t throw at Combine; Newton will

  1. “It’s probably going to be a matter of how he feels when he gets there.”

    That’s a bad sign. The whole ‘play when I wanna play’ thing never works long term.

    If he doesn’t feel like throwing during the audition, how’s it going to be different after he’s drafted, sitting on $20 million, and getting pounded by NFL defenses?

  2. I dont understand why these guys dont just show up and throw the ball, I would be weary of any QB who refuses to throw just so that they can have perfect conditions on their own pro day…If your not trying to hide flaws in your game then Show up and earn your draft spot

  3. Newton’s desire to be “transparent” is refreshing and a welcome change from most recent top quarterback prospects. I will always favor those who are willing to compete.

  4. By the way Silva, I know a good surgeon if you need to be detached from Cam Newton’s jock, just saying.

  5. In typical Team Newton fashion, the desire for “transparency” comes at the last possible moment. When their hand is completely stuck in the cookie jar and Mom is at the door.

  6. I would be hesitant to select any player who did not do all the drills at the combine. If they do not want to do the drills then don’t show up. I understand that a “business decision” trumps glory but I also know that a guy that is not afraid to compete anywhere or anytime against his peers is a guy you can win with.

  7. kegpack says:
    Feb 21, 2011 9:10 PM
    QB’s who dont throw at the combine have something to hide. Red flag, sorry Blaine…

    Of course he has something to hide. Just like all of these historic NFL busts who didn’t throw at the combine:

    Peyton Manning
    Aaron Rodgers

  8. I’m not a expert on the Combine but from what I’ve heard, wouldn’t it be better to throw in the Combines as a QB and correct what u need to in the Pro Day.

    Where as, u leave everything for the Pro Day and u don’t do well, where does that leave the QB?

    Maybe Blain is buying into the hype more than he should.

  9. Hey catman72 you forgot green and brown “grass and dirt” because he’s gonna eating alot of it. the panthers are horrible. Just another team that really doesn’t matter.

  10. It seems to be a policy with CAA, the guys who represent Gabbert. Their top QB doesn’t throw at the Combine. Bradford, Stafford, Ryan, in recent times. Their second tier guy does. Flacco, Freeman, Ponder, in recent times.

  11. Let’s step back and remember that the top QBs rarely throw at the combine.

    Also, let’s go ahead and acknowledge that Newton is not a top QB.

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