Greenway not griping about franchise player designation


The Vikings have decided to place the franchise tag on linebacker Chad Greenway.  Greenway has decided he has no problem with that.

“I would say my initial reaction is I’m excited to be a Viking for at least another year,” Greenway said, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “Obviously, I’m hoping to get a long-term deal done when a CBA is reached because I want to be a Viking my whole career.  I’m excited to play for Coach [Leslie]  Frazier and [linebackers coach] Mike Singletary, Coach [Fred] Pagac again.  I have great teammates and am excited to be here.”

The fact that he’ll make nearly $10 million in 2011 may have influenced his decision to take the high road.  Either way, not many guys are happy about being restricted via the franchise tag.  This year, at least three guys (Greenway, Mike Vick, and LaMarr Woodley) have no complaints.

Greenway was the first first-round pick of the Brad Childress era.

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  1. “I want to be a Viking my whole career.”

    Never heard of him before. And now I know I’ll never hear of him again.

  2. “Never heard of him before. And now I know I’ll never hear of him again.”

    Well, when you don’t watch much football, one can understand why you would make such a dumb comment. Either that or JimmySmith has another username.

  3. @ profootballwalk…. I hope you’re joking about not hearing of him before. If you’re not, you have no business posting, reading, or even thinking about this website. He was a Nagurski finalist and a 1st round pick. How could you have not heard of him if you claim to be any type of a Football fan

  4. He will be overpaid @ $10 million for a LB. However, the defense needs a beast like him flying around out there with the Williams’ tackles having an off year and Allen missing a beat.

    To continue with the writer’s thoughts, I wonder if Vincent Jackson is excited about the franchise tag….stated in a sarcastic tone.

  5. Correction: Greewway was the first first round pick of the Rick Speilman era. The only draft decisions that belong to Childress are as follows…

    1: Trading up into the second round to draft Tavaris “TJoke” Jackson. A blunder that the team has paid dearly for ever since.

    2: Passing on Jimmy Clausen and Chad Henne in spite of the fact that Speilman wanted to draft both players.

    3: Drafting WR Joe Webb, as a QB. Webb is a guy who is athletic as hell be he shouldn’t be playing QB anywhere in the NFL, except as a third string, long term project.

    Other Noteable Personel Decisions By Childress…
    1: Trading away Sage Rosenfels, the only capable long term QB on the Vikings roster. This move was made to protect TJokes starting status.

    2: Cutting Gus Ferrotte, the only capable QB on the Vikings roster at the time. This move was made to protect TJokes starting status.

    3: Cutting promising QB prospect Tyler Thigpen. This move was made to protect TJokes starting status.

    4: Cutting Randy Moss after Speilman and ownership, desperate for receiving help, traded a third round pick to get him.

    I could go on, but I won’t. His personel decisions were atrocious.

  6. @profootballwalk

    Considering he lead the NFC with 144 total tackles, maybe you should try and clean the wax outta your ears.

  7. @zn0rseman

    3: “Cutting promising QB prospect Tyler Thigpen. This move was made to protect TJokes starting status.”

    In no way would I ever defend Childo and his reign of terror in Minnesota, but, to be fair, I’m pretty sure Thigpen wasn’t cut, he was claimed off the practice roster by KC…

  8. Correction:
    Rosenfels wasnt traded away because of T-Jack’s starting status was in jeopardy. He was traded to soothe Lord Favres ego.

    I was really hoping that the Saints would pick this guy up. Hes a beast of a LB. Well with Greenway getting tagged i guess you can kiss Sidney Rice bye-bye. Its a good thing the team has said its gonna be a running team, cause they dont have jack sh*t for WR’s now

  9. $10 million.
    Yea.. I wouldn’t complain either.
    Nice work if you can get it.
    I think in the next CBA you will only be able to franchise a player for 1 year but the team has the option of negotiating up until mid way through the franchise season at which point the player cannot be re franchised again.
    This is something I heard coming out of the talks from a “friend” … but it does make sense and we are not surprised.
    Owners have new and creative ways to raise revenue while players are locked in.
    We are also looking at guaranteed contracts in lue of up front money so the owners reduce short term cap space and also let players buy insurance against getting cut or waived for being out of shape and not injury.
    It’s a sweet deal for the players and owners….
    but it’s still in the pot being mixed.

  10. I hate to pile on someone when they’re obviously down, but I must say: profootballwalk, I’ve heard stupid comments on this site before – and they are LEGEND – but you may now have set the new standard.

    In fact, this site should have a new award: “The profootballwalk Award for dumb-speak”.

  11. Where is Gus now?
    No Where.
    Where is Sage now
    No Where.
    Where is Moss now?
    No Where.
    So he cut 3 guys who make no contributions now. The trade for Moss was to try to salvage a season.
    Sidney Rice screwed them by not getting surgery after the season was over.

  12. Overpaying for players is a Viking trademark. Does anyone really believe Jar Head Allen is worth $70 Mil? Or Berrian is worth $44 mil?

    Saving the best for last, a QB that threw more INTs than TD’s and finished in the bottom 5 for QB ratings is paid $17 Mil for the season?

  13. @sandiegosmith

    Thigpen was cut and Chiefs immediately claimed him off of waivers before any other teams had a chance (they were first in the peckinng order at that time) which happened before the Vikings could get him onto their practice squad. Childress made that decision because Speilman was responsible for drafting Thigpen and Chlidress was protecting ‘his’ guys from getting replaced by Thigpen. He knew (just like everyone else who saw Thigpen in action that year) that there was no way Tyler Thigpen didn’t get snatched up onto some teams final 53.

    @ dkeyser
    Rosenfels was traded strictly as a move to protect TJoke. Childress wanted his guy to start if Favre didn’t come back and Rosenfels was Speilman’s guy. Sage was the single biggest threat to TJoke starting, so Childress just got rid of him… juat like he did with Ferrotte, Thigpen and Bollinger. Remember what happened with Ferrotte? Ownership had to step in to bench TJoke. Ferrote then took the team to the playoffs, got hurt and Childress kept playing TJoke even though everyone knew that we didn’t stand a chance with him at QB. Childress wasn’t about to let that happen again unless the QB was named Favre, and even then if it were up Childress, TJoke would have started.

  14. sage was/is garbage
    thigpen, the goose, clausen and henne? really? i don’t even need to respond to that one…but i think we all know what they ‘bring to the table.’
    tjoke…fine that was his mistake.
    im not going to try to overly defend chilldog cause he was a terrible head coach but in his time we did draft greenway, AD, percy, sid, rey, and gain JA through FA…not bad. talk smack about JA but any one of you would take him in a heart beat.

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