Jason Garrett compares notes with Coach K

As Jason Garrett prepares for his first season as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he decided to spend some time watching and learning for the head coach of one of the premier college basketball programs in the country.

According to DukeBluePlanet.com, Garrett spent the weekend in North Carolina with the Duke Blue Devils and coach Mike Krzyzewski “to check out how Coach K runs his program and leads his team.”

It should be viewed as a positive sign by Cowboys fans, given that the prevailing view of the team is that someone must provide real leadership in order to get the franchise back to elite status.  The top two candidates are quarterback Tony Romo and Garrett.

10 responses to “Jason Garrett compares notes with Coach K

  1. “It should be viewed as a positive sign by Cowboys fans…”

    Because coaching unpaid kids in college basketball is EXACTLY the same as coaching well paid men in professional football. Yep, Dallas fans should be thrilled that Garrett will threatening to revoke Ware’s scholarship unless he starts to get his grades up.

  2. Leadership is a universal skill. That’s why books like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War are still popular; or do people want to argue that people actually read these things to learn how to fight old Chinese battles with swords and bows and arrows?

    The same applies here. Football is not the only subject that a football coach can learn how to lead from.

  3. Leadership is a trait that one can replicate in most, if not all, situations. Coach K is a solid leader – given his productivity and loyalty that that he builds within his program. I am NOT a Duke fan btw…

    Who cares if it is paid vs. unpaid, college vs. football, etc? Garrett is showing some humility, something missing from most of the Cowboys organization. He is trying to learn from a person who has risen to the top of his profession, as a leader – now one should just hope he listens.

  4. Coach K is a great college coach. How do his players pan out in the NBA? Laettner? Mike Dunleavy? JJ Reddick? How have these guys translated to the NBA? They are all terrible. Goes to show that the college game doesn’t mean a thing when talking college and pro’s. So what good does it do to have red jesus talk to a college coach who can’t develop players into anything but assistant coaches? Great job dallas, you have made PFT write another pointless story.

  5. I guess thats why there are more players in the NBA than any other college.And he went there to see how a REAL coach runs a program.I guess you must be a Tarheels fan.Get a life loser.

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