Jerry Angelo disputes report Chester Taylor is on his way out

A report surfaced after the Bears NFC Championship loss that the team would cut ties with running back Chester Taylor.

I don’t know why that was reported,” Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.   “Is that to say he’s a lock to be on this football team in 2011? Very few players are a lock.”

Vikings fans missed Taylor last season, but he wasn’t worth the money in Chicago.  The Bears guaranteed him $7 million and he wound up averaging 2.38 yards-per-carry.  Still, there’s not much point in dumping him now with a low base salary scheduled for 2011.

“Players have to earn their way on the team irrelevant of what their status is coming into the season,” Angelo said.  “But there’s no target on Chester Taylor.”

Taylor figures to at least get his chance to make the team with a solid training camp.

(Everybody now: “If there is a training camp!”)

8 responses to “Jerry Angelo disputes report Chester Taylor is on his way out

  1. Chester may have been the first player in NFL history to admit that the primary reason for his free agency signing was for the money. Well, at least he got his dough for a year and his body isn’t exactly beat up from overuse.

  2. I sort of agree, he already got the bulk of his coin this past year, let Taylor absorb some hits from Forte for the upcoming season.

  3. Smart Vikings fans did NOT miss Taylor last season. Rookie Toby Gerhart averaged 4 yards per carry. Taylor managed less than 3 in Chicago. Gerhart also proved he can catch out of the backfield just fine.

    Any Viking fan who’d rather have Taylor over Gerhart at this point is an idiot.

  4. @rovibe

    I mean absolutely no offense with this, but any Viking fan that didn’t miss Taylor’s blocking in the backfield is an idiot.

    Gerhart may have a solid future (yet to be decided, as one year does not a career make), but if last season was “all-in”….than the blocking ability of a Chester Taylor was “sorely” missed (ask Farve about “sorely”).

  5. no doubt in my mind that if used properly CT still has a lot left to give. love this guy as a player and a man.

  6. @truevikingfan
    you are right on with your comments. yeah, the future may be very bright for the kid (toby) and i like him very much but we very heavily missed CT last year. there were numerous times when the offense would be on a roll, AD would work his ass off, get tired, have to come out and the drive would instantly stall. not only was CT the only proficient blocker we had in the backfield but he also was extremely clutch coming out of the backfield and picking up much needed first downs. i would take him back in a heartbeat and although he is getting up there he only has one season as a starter and still should have pretty fresh legs.

  7. You Bear fans are missing a key point. By picking up Taylor the Bears effectively took away their best blocker in the backfield and it worked out in their favor. What are a pair of division wins worth? I can only hope the Vikings return the favor by releasing BB and he ends up a Bear again.

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