Source: Ravens won’t make decision on McGahee until CBA resolved

A league source tells PFT that no decision will be made about Ravens running back Willis McGahee’s status until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached, despite a report in the Baltimore Sun Monday.

Mike Preston reported that the Ravens decided at their recent evaluation meetings not to bring back McGahee and his $6 million base salary.  That alone would not have been a surprise.  Preston was quick to point out that G.M. Ozzie Newsome doesn’t plan to release any players before March 3.

“Right now, there are a lot of things that could happen before next season,” Newsome said when specifically asked about McGahee.

The details of the next CBA will influence every decision that front offices make regarding their 2011 roster.  So it’s difficult to say anything definitively will or won’t happen afterwards.

Does it seem likely that McGahee will get $6 million to back up Ray Rice?  It never did in the first place.

This much we know: McGahee will still be on the team if there is a work stoppage.   Perhaps the Ravens could work out a pay reduction to keep McGahee afterwards or perhaps they will have to cut him in the end.

Like so many things in this confusing offseason, it’s wait and see.

10 responses to “Source: Ravens won’t make decision on McGahee until CBA resolved

  1. i’d love if the eagles grabbed a power runner like this. he wouldnt get worn down, because like in baltimore, he’d be a backup.

  2. Either way you can’t pay him 6 mil. next season an let McClain walk. I know he is a valuable short yardage and goal line back, but 6 mil. is nuts. Choose one or the other, let McClain go and work out a different deal with Willis or sign McClain and cut Willis. I would go with McClain simply because he is also a fullback and can actually catch the ball pretty well out of the backfield.

  3. When the Ravens got him from Buffalo a lot of the Ravens fans were online talking how they ripped Buffalo off and how they got their RB of the future. Now 4 years later you got a guy getting 100 carries a year. How’s your RB of the future working out for you. Congratulations to his agent for getting in top flight money for a middle of the pack back.

  4. McGahee is a MUCH better RB than his backup roll tells… he can out pound Ray Rice and runs the ball MUCH BETTER against the Steelers than Rice ever has… the Ravens OC just uses these types of guys the WRONG way… he did it to McClain this year too… McGahee could be a real steal for some team and i am glad to have had his talent on the Ravens for as long as we have… the best option is to keep McClain and let McGahee go to a team that can use him better than we have… i love ya willis! if it were up to me i’d keep everybody around in the backfield… business can really suck sometimes… i wish him the best of luck wherever he lands… but the Ravens should DEF keep McClain around since he does more for the offense as a whole…

  5. @richc111

    “how’s your running back of the future working out for you?”

    Pretty good his name is ray rice and we got him in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft. Quite a bargain huh?

  6. @richc111
    -Seriously? A Bills fan questioning Ravens moves?Let me ask you this Rich, since we acquired him, how many playoffs have YOU been to? We have been to 3 and won 4 playoff games. Bottom line is your discarded trash has been a solid back BOTH as a starter and as a back up. I hope we can keep him. But…I guess that is what we deal with when we entertain losers’ comments about winning organizations.

  7. richc11, hilarious

    Marshawn (Geico Caveman) Lynch, Fred Jackson..and now add CJ BUST Spiller

    what a joke, enjoy Cam Newton

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