Vanden Bosch on recovery from neck surgery: “Piece of cake”

The Lions took a calculated risk in signing defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch last offseason to a big contract.  They quickly saw the upside and downside of the deal.

For most of the year, Vanden Bosch’s leadership set a tone for the unit that defined the team.  He provided solid play on the outside.

On the other hand, the cumulative effect of years of hitting led to a bulging disk in his neck that forced him to miss the final five games of the year with surgery.  Vanden Bosch says he should be back good as new after getting surgery to fuse two vertebrae in his spinal column.

“As bad as neck surgery sounds, the recovery was a piece of cake,” Vanden Bosch told the Detroit Free Press.  “I don’t really have any lasting affects from the injury or the surgery.”

Vanden Bosch says he’s trained harder the last two months than ever in order to get back to full strength.   He’s set to make $4.5 million next year.

For Detroit’s contract to truly pay off, Vanden Bosch needs to stay healthy for the entire 2011 season.

4 responses to “Vanden Bosch on recovery from neck surgery: “Piece of cake”

  1. Vanden Bosch has already earned every cent the Lions have paid for him. The Lions started an entirely new front four last year, adding Vanden Bosch, Ndamukong Suh, Corey Williams and promoting Cliff Avril to start at left DE. Vanden Bosch, a former Jim Schwartz player from Tennessee, helped mold the defensive line into what was, by season’s end, a very dangerous unit, which even saw reserves Turk McBride (5) and Lawrence Jackson (6) contributing mightily to the sack total.

    Vanden Bosch has defined the new Lions’ defense. His full time motor and vast knowledge have raised the line play to levels not seen in Detroit since the famed Silver Rush.

  2. As a Lions fan I love seeing him on the field. He’s a beast. I had no idea that he had the motor going as hard as he does on every play. Everybody wants him to stay healthy. The surgery should help. He wouldn’t have had it this year if the Lions would have been in position to do anything as far as playoffs are concerned. It was actually a surgery he could have gotten after the season but he had it early to start recovering more quickly.

    As far as paying off for the Lions, it already has. He has been a positive influence on every player of the Lions defense, especially the D-line. That’s one reason they continued to play at a high level even after he was out.

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