Champ Bailey fears for 2011 season

Even though positive indications have emerged after five days of mediated labor negotiations, not everyone is feeling warm and/or fuzzy about the possibility of a new agreement being reached.

Indeed, on a day when Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey should be celebrating his new four-year, $43 million contract (the real value will be in the details of the deal), Bailey was lamenting the possibility of a lockout that could wipe out the 2011 season.

I’ve been pessimistic about this thing since Day 1,” Bailey told reporters in a conference call regarding his new agreement, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  “Ever since our union leader [DeMaurice Smith] came and talked to us last year it kind of opened my eyes like, there might not be football.  I know once April, May, June, July rolls around, and there’s no football, I don’t know what the players are going to do.

“There’s a lot of players out there that need this game.  That’s a big bargaining chip for the NFL and they’re going to use that against us.  I can see that happening.”

It’ll be interesting to see how much money Bailey will pocket under his new contract before a lockout would begin.  Based on his pessimism, it’s possible that he gave up some post-lockout salary in the hopes of scoring some pre-lockout loot.

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  1. champ, you’ll be tied for first place if there’s no football. seeing as you’re a denver bronco, that’s about as good as it’s going to get for you in the next 4 years…

  2. Champ’s comments “There’s a lot of players out there that need this game.” Is the nice way of saying there’s a lot of young dumb athletes who have already been handed riduclous amounts of money and havent made wise decisions with it

    Players need to get real with their money and owners need to stick it to them like they already do the fans

    Oh and Champ’s a bitch

  3. Thank God. I am So happy champ is going to stay. We as bronco fans have been through allot in the past few years. Champ stayin shows some stability and hope. Broncos for life!!

  4. @ buttchargerdillon: Speaking of bitches, maybe if your uber talented QB wasn’t such a bitch, he might’ve led that incredibly talented team to a SB by now.

  5. Deny it all you want, but the fact that he’s admitting the players need the owners and the owners don’t need the players is EXACTLY the same reason the owners are claiming leverage, and exactly why the profits shouldn’t be split 50/50. Supply and demand. They can find other football players who will take less (and still make a boat load of money) while the players aren’t going to have a comparable salary in the UFL/CFL.

    The NFL’s success is only in small part because it has the best players of the three leagues.

  6. Yeah Champ, most people who get paid a $350,000 – millions per year definitely cant make it for a few months without a job. I can only imagine what the lowly unemployed service workers in this country are going through.

    Player arrogance is baffling.

  7. Hate to say it but the more this saga unfolds, the more I support the owners.

    Free market society and capitalism dictate that he who puts up the money and takes the risks gets the profit.

    The owners are all alone dealing with red ink. I haven’t seen these same players forking over their capital to help when teams are upside down.

  8. @azwildcats – ‘minimum’ is about $350,000

    Yeah, it would be a crying shame, but I think me or my doc could STRUGGLE and live TWO years on that.

  9. @polegojim –

    Many people could make it for many years on that kind of money. But a doctor making 350k a year is almost certainly going to have much higher living expenses than a 40k a year factory worker. When your house payment is 40k a year, it’s just as hard to sustain without income as a dwelling that costs 10k a year for somebody with a lower typical salary.

    Athletes are not even close to the only people in America who spend 99% of their earnings each year. They just happen to spend it on more expensive stuff.

  10. @touchdownroddywhite

    Excellent justification. Since you make more you are allowed to spend more and live less responsibly than people who make far less. Entitlement much?

  11. see champ… why you gotta go and resign with the Broncos?? i was hoping that the Ravens would try and scoop you up… oh well… c’mon Asomugha

  12. @chapnastier – Entitlement? LOL Athletes and doctors get PAID a lot of money because they possess RARE skills or abilities in most cases. Doctors train and go to school for years, pay a TON of malpractice insurance and student loans for medical school. Most athletes, not all, but the elite ones TRAIN constantly and put their bodies through a lot. Stop being jealous because your either A) too stupid to have a high paying job or B) not athletic enough to be a professional athlete.

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