Christian Ponder has a change of plans


In late January, former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder said that he doesn’t plan to throw at the Scouting Combine.

“I think the plan right now is I’m not going to throw, which most quarterbacks do,” Ponder said in the days prior to the Senior Bowl, per  “Something could change and I could throw, but I will do everything else.”

Something has indeed changed.

Despite being named the MVP of the Senior Bowl, we’re told that Ponder has indeed decided to throw at the Scouting Combine.

He joins guys like Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton, and Ricky Stanzi, all of whom will throw at the Scouting Combine, as Silva summarized earlier today.

Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert is the biggest name to choose not to throw.

20 responses to “Christian Ponder has a change of plans

  1. I always think of Vernon Davis around this time of the combine mania, and even though I still think he’s kind of a douche, he showed up and did every drill, did everything the coaches & evaluators asked him to do. Got drafted top 10 (didn’t he?).

    That should be the standard for every NFL hopeful.

  2. he is underated, by far the smartest QB in the draft, extremely strong and fast with a decent arm, could bea great NFL grab

  3. Well done by Ponder. Always glad to see guys show their chops along side everyone else in equal conditions, and not go the “Pro Day” route. Granted, the Pro Days allow those not invited to the combine to show their stuff and that’s fine, but I like to see the top prospects head to head. Hats off to all that are competing in all events!

  4. Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert is the biggest name who can afford not to throw. Matter of fact, probably the only one.

  5. Anyone who doesn’t do all the drills etc… should be uninvited, and another lesser player invited to be given a shot. All the guys who think they are “good enough already” eat up spots for hungry players.

  6. None of these guys are the next Peyton Manning but I think all these guys are pretty solid.

  7. Great choice by Ponder. He’s going to impress in the weight room and in interviews. This gives him a chance to answer any questions about his arm strength as well.

  8. graduated in 2.5 years not dumb enough to play for the Dolphins, he will go to wall street before that play

  9. Ponder reminds me of Drew Brees, slightly less accurate, but much more mobile.

    Very intelligent person, would be a great cornerstone for a franchise.

    I can see the Vikings, Titans, Seahawks, Jaguars and Bengals making a play for him.

  10. Whoever gets this kid is getting a steal without a doubt. With the right coaches to develop him he could be a legit QB in a few years.

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