Dungy thinks Bob Sanders could return to the Colts

When the Colts cut safety Bob Sanders last week, most assumed that the 2007 defensive player of the year had played his last down as a member of the Colts.

There’s a chance that he’ll be back.

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy believes that the team is trying to negotiate a new deal with Sanders, and that the goal is to come up with an agreement for something less than what Sanders was due to make.

“Now they’re going to let Bob test the market and see what the market will pay,” Dungy said.

Thus, to the extent that other teams are offering contracts to Sanders, there’s a chance those offers will be shopped back to the Colts, with the Colts getting a chance to match whatever offer Sanders is able to finagle, given his injury.

To date, Sanders has visited the Jaguars and the Bills.  He’s free to sign with any team through March 3.  As of March 4, his status hinges on the labor agreement.  If there’s a lockout, he can do nothing.  If there’s a new deal, he’ll be a free agent.  If the current deal is extended by a couple of weeks as negotiations continue, he’ll still be a free agent.

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18 responses to “Dungy thinks Bob Sanders could return to the Colts

  1. Can Dungy the All Knowing tell me the winning lottery numbers? I mean the dude thinks he knows everything. Yah Dungy, I smoked the ganja. Was a beautiful gateway to Hostess products.

  2. There are 20 to 25 talking heads out there with an opinion about where Bob Sanders will wind up.

    Who gets the PFT headline? Surprise, surprise, it’s the same guy who got a PFT headline every time he declared he was turning down a head coaching job he wasn’t even being considered for.

    Why does this one particular talking head get so much more PFT attention than all the others?

    Three letters say it all.

  3. Man, a lot of folks sure got all worked up by the Cam Newton-icon story. It’s not about race, though. Couldn’t be. No sirree.

    Its just the guys in these parts prefer their black public figures be good, humble, decent, God-fearing men who don’t have criminal records and always try to do the right thing. Like Tony Dungy…Oh, wait a second. Dungy is far and away the most hated guy on this site. Never mind.

  4. this site does take his word as fact. Like it is Biblical or set in stone when Dingy(no typo here) says something. I can’t stand when somebody does 4 the first time as far as a black man. People think they r great. How many white mofo’s won the super bowl. They didn’t get 2 make a loaddeade off the color of thee skin. of money because of a book they wrote and sold simply

  5. The Colts will sign him back to a 10 day contract then issue a statement stating they will immediatley IR him before the regular season in hopes to save him for the beginning of the playoffs.

  6. Sanders basically robbed the Colts of $15 Million dollars over the past 3 years… He should play for the Colts for free next year

  7. Wait – how does this move forward the story that Bill Polian is the worst person in the world?

    Why was this published?

    Please work harder to parse Polian’s words to find something that could narrowly described as negative.

    This story makes him seem… almost … humane…

  8. Every time Dungy opens his mouth to pontificate, I can not help but wonder what he might be doing if it were not for P. Manning. Maybe a Walmart greeter, or honorary PFT contributor, or…….

  9. I wonder what the percentage of players that actually take dungy serious is? I mean they have to catch on to his act? We get it Dungy, you have never done wrong and have all the answers.

  10. @ 11inthebox

    I can’t stand Dungy. I also can’t stand Andy Reid, John Gruden and several other former white coaches. What are you talking about with this race crap?

    The problem is that Dungy the person is so self righteous. He thinks he knows all and it is annoying. His skin color is coincidental my friend.

  11. He should get an ‘all incentive’ contract based on number of plays. Of course he might be financially off better if he just bag’d groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly.

  12. @krow101

    So why is that people like you think the only job any athlete can do is bag groceries? So hateful. Whats up with that? I mean, I get you guys hate most athletes, but why hate Bob Sanders. All he did was get hurt. Its not like he killed dogs or something.

    I wonder if this will get posted. My last comment didn’t make it. Think it was a bit too high brow for those who do the screening.

  13. “Now they’re going to let Bob test the market and see what the market will pay,” Dungy said.

    How does a simple comment like that lead to people saying he’s never done anything wrong and is self righteous… and even play the race card?

    I’ve never seen a message board comment section jump to spew more hatred than this one. WTF is wrong with you people?

  14. I agree. What exactly is wrong with Tony Dungy being a good guy. He isn’t self-righteous – he is truly a good guy, and he doesn’t have to say that … it is obvious. He walks the walk.

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