New cast of characters added to labor talks

The fifth day of mediated labor negotiations includes some new faces.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal says NFL ownership will be represented, although cautioned that may not necessarily mean actual NFL owners.   For example, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen is in attendance.

(A quick aside: Isn’t ownership represented by the league there every day?)

The NFLPA added Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth to the mix.  Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer made his first appearance on Monday representing the players.

It will be interesting to see when actual NFL owners get involved in the face-to-face talks.   Florio has speculated that these early mediation sessions have focused on smaller issues in the hopes of creating momentum and building consensus.   It makes a lot of sense.  (And not only because I’m paid to say that.)

Putting NFL owners in the room could ultimately be a sign the two sides are moving towards larger problems, and the inherent difficulties those issues create.  (Including the possibility of a breakdown in talks.)

For now, the talks have gone off without any interruption, drama, or leaks to the media.   Let’s hope that continues.

UPDATE: Kaplan now reports the NFL says no owners will be in attendance on Tuesday.

UPDATE II: A league source tells us that Allen’s involvement is not new or particularly significant; Allen also participated over the weekend.

8 responses to “New cast of characters added to labor talks

  1. “For now, the talks have gone off without any interruption, drama, or leaks to the media. Let’s hope that continues.”

    So, I’m assuming then that PFT won’t be posting any “leaks” it obtains because that would harm the CBA talks?

  2. I just want to know if anyone has used the “you shut your mouth when you’re talking to me” line yet.
    I just can’t help myself from envisioning Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson doing the mediation.

  3. No more SB-lawsuit posts?? In the last one, you claimed the $5k+ figure wasn’t good enough…in the one before that you said the $5k+ figure was what “Mike has been pushing for all along”…I just want to know what bullcrap you’re selling this week.

  4. Update III: Disregard everything above/

    Update IV: Colts owner Jim Irsay arrived sporting a Perry Ellis Charcoal suit and paisley tie.

  5. The league has been warning the NFLPA that if they don’t soften their stance, Al Davis will be flown in from Oakland in an air ambulance.

  6. UPDATE III: Bruce Allen is there only because the free catering and has not been active in negotiating anything other than additional bacon wrapped hot dogs.

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