On Ryan Mallett, former NFL exec cites 2010 rumors of drug use and “possible addiction”

This time of year, we’re very careful about reporting things that could impact in negative fashion a player’s draft stock, even though few teams will be making decisions based on anything other than the information developed via their methods and sources.  Whether or not other media outlets exercise similar care is their own business, and since we’re in the business of sharing with you interesting information reported by other media outlets, it’s really none of our business if they are reporting something that possibly isn’t accurate.

When it comes to former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, reports have emerged of late regarding the issue of drug use.  No one has reported that Mallet uses or has used drugs.  But they’re coming dangerously close to doing so.

On Sunday, Rob Rang of CBSSports.com reported that Mallett will be asked at the Scouting Combine about “so-called lack of leadership and reports of illegal drug use.”

Now, former Rams and Panthers exec Tony Softli, who now works for 101espn.com in St. Louis, has echoed Rang’s report.

“Heavy rumors of drug use and possible addiction kept [Mallett] from coming out for the 2010 draft,” Softli writes.

Again, no one is saying that Mallett has used drugs.  But it’s safe to say that he’ll be grilled about it at the Scouting Combine, and that teams will try hard in their allotted 15 minutes to get past the scripted and rehearsed responses he’ll be ready to recite with name, rank, and serial number consistency.

So why do teams care about drug use?  Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America addressed the subject today on ProFootballTalk Live.  We’ll post the clip later.  Or you can watch the show now.

39 responses to “On Ryan Mallett, former NFL exec cites 2010 rumors of drug use and “possible addiction”

  1. “So why do teams care about drug use? Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America addressed the subject today on ProFootballTalk Live.”

    Did you really have to ask Tony Dungy what he thinks? We already know what his response will be. Rather than talking about examples like Matt Jones and his addictions he will relate it to sinning and going against the almighty.

  2. Heh. Another Arkansas player following in the steps of Matt Jones. Maybe after it’s all over, they can hit the links for some golf and a few beers.

  3. Well, he is in college, maybe he safely experimented in a laboratory, hooked up to machinery that was being monitored by scientists in lab coats. That’s what I did.

  4. You may see red flags, but I see orange stripes. As long as he doesn’t rape or kill anyone, he is welcome in Cincinnati.

  5. P.S. Everyone keeps throwing out Matt Jones as another Arkansas QB involved in drugs. Let’s not forget about Mitch Mustain.

  6. The kid can play, no doubt about it. His numbers are sick… It’s just a matter of what kind of drugs he has had trouble with. Is it just some weed or does it go deeper than that? There are plenty of GREAT players in the NFL that are known smokers… Sounds cliche, but it just depends if weed was a gateway drug for him or not…

  7. With all these rumors about drugs, leadership, and dedication. He probably went from a top 20 pick to 2nd round , possible third but I think that is a real stretch. He is probably going to be like Brohm were someone won’t be able to pass him up in a 2nd round, in need of a qb. If he gets in the right spot and gets his stuff figured out he may be a good find.

  8. Sometimes you have to take extreme measures to forget you’re living in Arkansas. Where the cheerleaders are the prettiest razorbacks.

  9. “No one has reported it yet.”

    Yes, you did. Go to the PFT article from Sunday, “Mallet will be asked about drug use at combine” and click on the “prevalent speculation” link in the article. Voila, there’s the article reporting confirmed use of drugs that PFT LINKED TO…..c’mon man.

  10. I think he’s good….if he goes Rnd 2, somebody just stole a #1 pick quality guy on the cheap…he’s certainly worth the risk. Check out his #’s in AAA (the SEC),,,the kid is ready for the snow…seriously I mean show

  11. As long as you can run, catch, or throw very very well, you’ll have a job in the NFL except in the most extreme cases. Even Pacman and Vick were welcomed back and they are the scum of society.

  12. Leave the kid alone.! Give em a chance! The NFL knows that Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor are drug addicts among other things. Does anybody say anything about all of that stuff?!?!

    Double standard.

  13. I happen to know both of Ryan’s parents and most of his family very well. Nothing could be further from the truth regarding the remarks about his mother. Both of his parents are wonderful school teachers whose Christian morals are above reproach. Do you have no conscience trashing individuals whom you know nothing about just for the sake of pretending to be in the ‘know’ by spreading ridiculous rumors? C’mon – get a life.

  14. @tryagainplease …

    You go, girl! On the other hand, if these simpletons continue to harbor such moronic stereotypes of the South, they won’t move in next door 😉

    @chapnastier …

    Can you provide one quote where Tony Dungy has related a football issue to sinning and going against the Almighty? And he didn’t say anything like that in this interview. People need to grow up and learn to be as respectful of other people’s rights to their opinions and life choices as they expect people to be of theirs.

  15. Said it before, I’ll say it again: Best QUARTERBACK in the draft, today, tomorrow, and in 10 years.

    Again, though: ideally, he gets to sit at least a year; confidence takes only a few bad games early on to be shattered.

  16. When will the hyperbole about Marijuana being a gateway stop? We have so many scientific studies that tell us differently now. How long will ignorance and reefer-madness reign?

  17. “This time of year, we’re very careful about reporting things that could impact in negative fashion a player’s draft stock…”


    “On Ryan Mallett, former NFL exec cites 2010 rumors of drug use and “possible addiction”

    How’s that for being very careful. I’d call it pretty reckless.

  18. I’m not trying to pile on the poor dude, but one of my coworkers went to Arkansas and ran track for the women’s team. I asked her if she knew the guy and lo and behold she told me about some of the rumblings that you and league scouts are hearing now about Ryan Mallet. This isn’t confirmed or anything, but she did tell me that he was smoking mad weed down in Arkansas. If that’s really true, then he just cost himself millions of dollars all for nothing.

  19. dsharpe8 says: Feb 22, 2011 8:11 PM

    This isn’t confirmed or anything, but she did tell me that he was smoking mad weed down in Arkansas.


    Have you been to R-Kansas? Of course he was – and probably is still -getting high…

    It’s Hillbilly Heaven there and besides drinking and getting high, there is not much else to do…

    Look at it this way, in Arkansas, they buy Teethpaste!

  20. tebowsgonnagitya says:
    Feb 22, 2011 2:19 PM
    He sure does look like a feller from Arkansas

    not really, i’d say he’s taller, thinner and less hairy than most..

  21. These reports are only going to help this kid realize that he will have to change if he wants to play in the NFL.

  22. pftequalsgreatjournalism – being that you used R-Kansas in your post, it leads me to think you’re an lsu fan. that’s funny in itself- louisiana folk making fun of arkansans? at least we have teeth to brush…

  23. I’m sure Ryan has really wonderful parents who did their absolute best to provide him with the best education available and tried to provide him with the skills necessary to be a strong, Christian member of society. Unfortunately, when children leave home and get out on their own they do make mistakes.

    I was there, saw it with my own 4 eyes. Ryan doesn’t need slammed and demeaned on this site, he needs intervention and help. He’s a fabulous athlete and made some terrific plays after partying all night before more than one game. He will still go far and make his parents and ‘back fans proud.

    But before this becomes another bad situation like Matt Jones found himself in; Ryan needs to stop and do some serious soul searching and prayer.

  24. My parents are Mormons, and my Mom is an educator. I drink, smoke weed, frequent prosititutes, and lie thru my teeth more then anyone I know. Granted I’m trying to be an NFL Quarterback or anything involving large amounts of responsibility.

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