PFT Heroes 2010: Vote for the top offensive lineman of the year

We move to the offensive side of the ball as we bleed out the position-by-position postseason awards.

The first guys recognized are the last guys noticed, especially when they’re doing their jobs well — the offensive linemen.

The finalists for top offensive lineman of the season (regular and post) are:  Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, Chiefs guard Brian Waters, Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn, Packers guard Josh Sitton, Browns Joe Thomas, and Falcons tackle Tyson Clabo.

Cast your votes below.  We’ll declare a winner on Wednesday.

33 responses to “PFT Heroes 2010: Vote for the top offensive lineman of the year

  1. I hate the Jets.

    However, the fact you don’t have Nick Mangold on this list reveals a lot (specifically your complete lack of O-line knowledge).

  2. Maurkice Pouncey is already a top-3 center in the game. In a year or two he is gonna be the best. Great talent but maybe more important, great character. Can’t wait to see how good he gets.

  3. pouncey???? are you kidding me???? he wasnt the best center in the afc north (mack). not to mention guys like joe thomas, whitworth, grubbs…and thats just the afc north.

    ngata made pouncey look like a child

  4. how can you include the center from one of the worst OL in the league (Pouncey) but not the RT/RG on one of the best OL in the league (McKenzie / Snee)

  5. Sitton was the solid , quiet anchor of the championship line. Did he even get called for a penalty this season? Just asking, don’t remember one.

  6. PFT, I hope you guys decide this based on the analysis of yourselves and scouts only. Not many fans can speak intelligently about the overall play of the linemen on their own favorite team, let alone the other 31. I’m a huge GB fan and from all the coverage I’ve read on GB newspaper sites, national sites, NFP, etc, I’ve heard Sitton is one of the very best in the league, but I can’t honestly say that I’ve focused on Sitton enough during games to say I know that he’s elite.

    Of course I guess this is true for all positions, just to a slightly lesser degree.

  7. I hate to be one of those commentators that complain about the choices but I just can’t help it this time. Why is Pouncey there and not Mangold? Yeah, Pouncey had a good year but nothing like Mangolds. Just look at common opponents. Ngata embarrassed Pouncey but Mangold did a great job on him. And there are more examples than that but I’m not gonna get into it. Anyway, Pouncey is going to be a great Center and will one day probably be on Mangolds level. But he’s not there yet and thats not a bad thing, I mean, he just finished his rookie year. But you guys are dead wrong to have Pouncey here over Mangold.

  8. All though I appreciate you placing a Chief in there you probably could have picked any other lineman on our team and would have picked someone who had a better season. Unless by hero you are speaking about something they did in the community. Then I get it.

  9. Pouncey wouldnt even be in the top 5 of rookie O-Lineman if this were based on performance. This is another classic example of reputations and biases being parroted in absence of true evaluation. Donald Penn is another example.

  10. While it may obvious why i think Mangold deserves consideration, I think the best o lineman on the jets was D’Brick this year. He had a great year, especially against speed rushers. He gets my vote, but he is sadly on the list. Also where’s Mack?

  11. Nick Mangold and Alex Mack are the best centers in the AFC. I love Pouncey but let’s be real, Lagursky did just fine in the Superbowl, Ben was rarely even touched.

  12. No one had a better year than Josh Sitton. Heck, the NFL alumni already voted him top offensive lineman of the year. The guy is still 24 years old. Insane.

    …and for the Pouncey people:

    1.) A center? Come on. He may make all the line calls for Pittsburgh, but he’s still a center.

  13. Has anyone even seen Waters play??!?! He is one of the greats of all time. He is getting no love right now!

  14. Most people don’t realize that Joe Thomas got all 3, yes, all 3 Browns QB’s injured ankles this year. In the first game Tampa DE Stylez White got around him dragging DelHomme down from behind falling on his ankle. Delhomme, instead of falling on the ball, attempted to throw and it was picked by Ronde Barber to set up a TD at the end of the half.

    In the Atlanta game, DE John Abraham got around him and injured Seneca Walace’s ankle sending the still broken Delhomme back in the game.

    In the Jacksonville game, Thomas again allowed a DE or LB around him and injured Colt McCoy’s ankle, but McCoy toughed it out until the end of the game.

    That said, I am a Browns fan and voted for Maurkise Pouncey. He is that good.

  15. barely any love for clabo whose been a rock in the run n pass game for the last 3yrs after weiner retired easily being top 5 of rts in this league n the stats prove it, ryan got blitz more times than most qbs n had the lease amount of sacks of em all being blitzed! n the run game speaks for itself!

    the offensive line of atlanta is so underrated its beyond ridicilous, 23 sacks allowed all year 3 best behind giants n colts n only 27 last year!

    run game, turner finished 3rd in yards for a power back! n 3rd in tds this year n 2nd in yards n tds in 2008 in clabos n turner 1st year as starters

    pouncey is a talent but his awareness n positioning in a joke all along that oline of steelers n plus one good year doesnt exactly justify hes worthy of such a award, joe thomas has been a joke all year like the rest of his team! sitton doesnt deserve it neither, no run game n still rodgers gotta escape pressure all game n make plays wit his feet practically every play. only guys worthy of the award are waters, penn n clabo and i voted for waters after all these years in the nfl n still getting it done!

  16. Joe Thomas is the only one not deserving. He gets beat on every play, but has long enough arms to hold (illegally) the defender. Toward the end of the season, he was one of the main reasons that their offense stalled.

  17. Mangold should be on here. He and Pouncey are the best centers in the NFL (Mangold is better, but Pouncey has more upside).

    Any one of you idiots who are saying that Pouncey is overrated clearly did not watch game film. The last guy to get to the second level of the defense that fast was Dermontti Dawson. Pouncey isn’t as strong as some of the other centers, but he’s also 21 years old.

    As someone noted earlier, Ngata sometimes made him look bad (in the divisional round, Pouncey won a lot of matchups). But with that being said, Ngata made everyone look bad, including Mack kevo126.

    I think people forget that Pitt’s o-line performed average throughout the season when they lost both starting tackles and their right guard after 6 games. A lot of that stability was because of Pouncey. Still Mangold was better, so he should be on the list.

    As I noted earlier, Joe Thomas is a joke, so this list is obviously not that relevant.

  18. Pouncey is amazing. Anyone who wants to not agree is wrong. Our offense was so banged up this season. He is a BIG factor as to our success! NO ONE should argue that! There is a reason he as a rookie was picked for pro bowl! He deserves this honor as anyone else on that list!

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