Phil Dawson gets the franchise tag

The Browns have decided to make sure kicker Phil Dawson returns for a 13th season in Cleveland.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Browns designated Dawson their franchise player Tuesday.

Dawson and the team struggled to come to terms on a long-term deal last offseason, leading Dawson to miss some voluntary workouts.  The franchise number for kickers is expected to be somewhere between $3-3.5 million.

That’s a 300% pay raise, which should keep Dawson happy.

20 responses to “Phil Dawson gets the franchise tag

  1. Great news for Browns fans. Dawson has been a steady contributor for over a decade and knows how to kick on that crummy field and in the wind and snow. Now give him a long term contract and lets be done with it.

  2. Great news it just wouldn’t have been the same without “Awesome Phil Dawson” , Now get some quality free agents and draft some difference makers (A.J. Green please) ! Go Browns.

  3. Glad to see Phil getting something. Get a deal done and let him retire a brown. Phil is one of the most underrated kickers of the NFL all because he plays here. If he was on one of the top tier teams espn would be all over him. But please lock him up soon I’d hate to see him as a steeler, raven or bengal. And Big Show sign Vickers what’s taking so long. All the guy wants to do is block and hit people.

  4. This is the second decision by the Brown’s hierarchy that makes sense; the first was ridding the team of Mangini and Company. All those head-scratching decisions in between give me reason to doubt the intellectual thought given them. The first bad decision: changing to the 4-3; the second is the west coast offense. And don’t tell me about GBay using the WCO; the Pack uses a FB and the majority of the passes are over 10 yards before the RAC…and the defense, which is 3-4, is what destroyed the competition including the Steelers. And GBay plays two indoor teams in its division, unlike the Browns’ division which is all outdoors, and subject to horrible wind and rain and snow.

  5. Such an underrated player. But very appreciated by Browns fans. Glad to see he will be here next year! Hope this management can lock up the rest of our solid free agents.

  6. shows you the talent level of the Browns. If you have to franchise your kicker, it is a sad statement on the quality of the team.

  7. Now this is something…to use your “franchise” on a kicker??? You’ve got to be kidding me….

    Leave it to Cleveland…..

  8. @ppdoc13 and dubs7:
    If a kicker is one of the highest scoring and consistent players in the NFL and not under contract, why not? Thomas, McCoy, Hillis, and Watson are under contract on offense. Defense has Rubin, Haden, and Ward under contract. What teams would not want a Dawson kicking for them; Cleveland just put a stop to a bidding war.

  9. ppdoc13 says:
    Feb 22, 2011 6:04 PM
    shows you the talent level of the Browns. If you have to franchise your kicker, it is a sad statement on the quality of the team.

    So, were you as snarky last year when the Steelers franchised Jeff Reed? Kickers have been franchised throughout the years. It doesn’t mean they are the best player on the team, it means you want that player back and will guarantee it for a year. Out of the Browns’ free agents, it would have been used on him or Lawrence Vickers had they used it. I think it’s a great move for one of the most reliable kickers in the league over the past 20 years.

  10. Franchise tag a kicker WOW well I guess you don’t wanna get shutout every game so you better have a good one. I said it before Cleveland will never matter.

  11. Kickers have been franchised before and most recently the Steelers last year with Reed.

    Now kindly remove your head from your ass douche.

  12. @tednancy

    Way to read other peoples posts and then rag on someone like its your own. My comment was more to the point of this: You have knowone else on your team. All your high draft picks get traded,bail, or just are not worth a $#!t because cleveland is a sinking ship. Brady quinn, Braylon edwards, courtney brown, tim couch and on and on.

  13. franchising a kicker , only in Cleveland, on second thought he is probably their best player. So good move Browns.

  14. The reason all of these lowlifes are commenting on the Browns franchising Dawson is simply because Cleveland, unlike other AFC North teams, has no criminal players to defend.

    No rapists. No murderers. No wife or girlfriend beaters. No cop-assaulters.

    What else you got?

    Thought so…….

  15. ppdoc13 says: Feb 22, 2011 6:04 PM

    shows you the talent level of the Browns. If you have to franchise your kicker, it is a sad statement on the quality of the team.
    Dude, that’s just unfair. I’m a Pats fan and the Pats franchised Vinatieri at least once and maybe twice and it was when they were winning Super Bowls.

    It’s probably related more to not being able to work out a contract than it is a statement of who they feel their “best player” is. Though Dawson is a very, very good and reliable kicker.

  16. Looks like a hand full of 12 years olds don’t know what a franshise tag is so let me help you.

    Franchise tag DOESN’T mean your best player. It goes to a potential free agent that the team doesn’t necassarily want to leave. The person who gets the franchise tag would be free to sign with another team but the team loosing that player would get compensation for it if he doesn’t he will get paid for one more season at the top range of pay for his position.

    Out of the Browns free agents Dawson and FB Lawrence Vickers are the top two. Dawsons was the better choice for the tag because he is probably the best bad weather, bad field kicker in the history of the NFL and many teams (cough Jets cough) don’t have kickers that could hit the broad side of a barn in good weather let alone blizzard conditions.

    “Leave it to the Browns”

    you could also

    “Leave it to the Steelers” (Jeff Reed)
    “Leave it to the Seahawks” (Josh Brown)
    “Leave it to the Patroits” (Adam Vinatieri)
    “Leave it to the Packers” (Mason Crosby)

    Need I go on? Learn about the sport you’re talking about kids before you put down someone elses team.

  17. tednancy….

    Here’s the diff…. We win…you lose… easy to understand? probably not.

    Oh.. and BTW…ever hear of Shaun Rodgers??? Carring a conceled weapon at an airport? Now there’s a bright boy..

    Another one……? How about Gerald Lawson arrested for DUI…

    Robaire Smith…carring a gun…

    And lets not forget Mr. Donte Stalworth…yeah he was charged while playing for the Browns.

    Yup…The Brownstains have their criminals too just like every other NFL club.

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