Report: Tebow is a “man without much support in Denver”

We’ve got something that Broncos head honcho John Elway may feel forced to address on Twitter.’s Michael Lombardi writes that Tim Tebow is a “man without much support in Denver” from the previous Broncos staff.

“Most members of the Broncos who were there when the Tebow pick was made are looking to distance themselves from the choice, which is a classic way for things to operate in the NFL,” Lombardi writes.

(The report says no one complained about the pick last year because they wanted to be loyal to Josh McDaniels.)

Lombardi has hinted around at the lack of support for Tebow before, but never this strongly.  It makes you wonder who, exactly, isn’t in love with Tebow that was with the organization last year.   For Tebow to move forward as a “franchise quarterback,” he will need the support of guys like G.M. Brian Xanders and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

There are a lot of reasons this information could come out.  Perhaps it’s an early smokescreen from the Broncos that they will consider taking a quarterback at No. 2 overall.  Perhaps the news is coming from a former employee with an ulterior motive.

Maybe it’s just the simple, unvarnished truth with no agenda.    (But that would be no fun.)

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  1. I would gladly take Tebow here in Philly. If the coaches could fix Vick’s mechanics and teach him to pass from the pocket I am sure they could do the same with Tebow.

    The guy has a passion for the game. Given the right opportunity I think he could be a good player.

  2. is Tebow the new Favre when it comes to headlines?!!

    Alot of people in Dallas dont like Tony Romo and i never see posts like that, even in the Dallas papers!

  3. If this is true, and it’s a big if at this point- Wow.

    I’ve never seen a bigger hatchet job than what McDaniels did to this franchise.

    It is literally unprecedented- His list of personnel indiscretions will go down in NFL history.

    He set this team back 6 years minimum!

  4. Now maybe Wayne Weaver can swoop in and grab him for a 2nd rounder and look like he knew what he was doing the whole time!

  5. Success has a thousand Fathers, Failure is an orphan.

    If he plays well, the bandwagon will fill up quickly. If not, it’ll always be “Josh’s decision”.

  6. This is ridiculous. All of the Denver fans want Tebow to start at QB. If coaches are against that, then get rid of them now. I told believe GM Brian Xanders is against Tebow. Orton needs to be traded badly. His stats are all fake. When the game is within 7 points, he sucks. When Broncos are down by a lot, that’s the only time he puts up his stats. There’s no way Denver goes for a QB with the 2nd pick. I believe they go for the best defensive player there, which probably will end up being Patrick Peterson.

  7. This is awesome – all the donk fans gushing about this guy before he took a snap claiming he was the savior of the franchise. I live in the middle of donk country and it was nauseating listening to all the praise heaped on this kid. Reality check – QB draws and cheerleading aren’t going to get you far in the NFL. It may earn brownie points from the most ignorant fan base in professional sports though. When they lose Orten to free agency it’s gonna be time to get the popcorn out and watch the train wreck 16 consecutive weeks.

  8. No offense to M. Lombardi…but that article sounded like it was written by a guy that needed some hits. Throw Tebow in the headline and watch the comments roll in. Lombardi even says in the end Denver will focus on defense.

    You don’t really need a relationship with the Bronco’s front office to hypothesize that backing the former coach’s pet project might not be the smartest move politically with a new guy in charge.

    NFL Network, I could write this stuff for half the cost on my lunch break. How about I send my resume in?

    But hey. it’s a Tuesday at the end February what else are we going to talk about?

  9. thelonious says: Feb 22, 2011 1:32 PM

    How can you doubt the writings of a football reporter named “Lombardi”?
    Please…tell me that you were being sarcastic.

  10. If this is the case (which I doubt as you have hardly any substance to this story) then McDaniels really did do a horrendous job with the Broncos.

    Got rid of Cutler.
    Got rid of Marshall.
    Got rid of Hillis.
    Got rid of Scheffler.
    Made the entire Tebow thing look like a mistake.

    With the way San Diego have been playing recently, Denver (with the team they had even 18 months ago) could have had a serious shot at the playoffs..

  11. Tebow seems to be having much more success as a marketing tool than as a football player. Maybe he should focus on being a product pitchman as he might have a longer career.

  12. Most people didn’t even think he’d be drafted, much less in the 1st round. He’ll continue his success in the NFL regardless of what the Broncos do with him. Wish he was on my team.

  13. I think it’s safe to say that there is an agenda behind this article (particularly that line), and it’s equally safe to believe that that agenda doesn’t include “promoting the truth” anywhere in its charter.

    McD & Lombardi: aren’t they buddies?

  14. If they decide to draft a QB, who do they take? All the possibilities — Mallett, Newton, Gabbert, maybe Locker or Kaepernick — are uncertainties too. How does that improve the situation?

    If I were the Broncos I’d try to upgrade the defense and running game before worrying about QB. Orton is under contract for 2011 so he can fill in for now.

  15. Btw, before Josh McDaniels resigned and the Denver offense was thrown into total chaos, Kyle Orton had 20 touchdowns versus 6 interceptions. There is no justification to put Tebow before Orton at this point.

  16. Big question in Denver is which highly disrespected QB will start next season, Orton, Tebow, or Quinn?

  17. so why just 2 months ago when Elway was introduced to the media did he say, he talked to all the staff and everyone said they would do the pick of Tebow the same way. sounds like someone is reaching for a story. I bet everything Elway tweets later falsifying this story.

  18. Trade him to the Dolphins, they will do anything to try and sell tickets. Plus Henne is awful , so let someone else take a shot at trying stay ahead of the Bills and out of the basement in the AFC East.

  19. @broncostebow15 who says:
    All of the Denver fans want Tebow to start at QB. If coaches are against that, then get rid of them now.
    No they don’t and don’t assume you speak for an entire fan base. Most of us know Tebow is not the answer at QB unless your only goal is to sell his jersey to the religeous right.

  20. Nothing more nauseating than mixing religion and pro football. Seriously. And this guy does it in spades!

    Time will tell, Timbo. I say nada. I say you take one more goal-line pro hit and you’ll go back to making more anti-abortion commercials.

    As for Mr. Elway, you showed me on the field. Now you gotta show me everywhere else. Good luck to you, sir!

  21. If this is true then denver does have some people with football brain running it. Tebow is not an NFL qb. Yes he won a game or 2 last year but the d coordinators didn’t really plan for him. We’ll see how he does this year

  22. With Orton and Tebow on the team it would appear that this position is not one Denver needs to be concerned with as a priority. The defense was not able to compete with the good teams last year. Give these two guys a chance to play with a decent D and then judge them.

  23. Word out of Denver is that their current Director of Football Operations likes draft prospect Blaine Gabbert, who reminds him of a young John Elway.

  24. As a Tide fan in Fla., I watched Tebow’s college career without being blinded by Tebow-mania. The guy is uber competitive and has fantastic leadership skills. But what does Elway think? He’s a Hall of Fame QB and should be able to gauge whether Tebow has the goods.

    @goawayeverybody …

    Are you kidding? You sound like something out of The Simpsons … or Leave It to Beaver. Why are you ridiculing the guy’s lifestyle choices? What’s it to you? And do you really think he’s the only Christian in the league? 🙄 The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has a large NFL membership. In fact, Mike Smith said in an article last year that he looks for FCA qualities in the rookies and free agents he brings to the Falcons. FCA members often gather on the field after games to have group prayers. Why should that bother you? For Pete’s sake, grow up.

  25. Please. Lombardi is a clueless hack, and he’s clearly carrying the water of his buddy McDaniels on this one.

    Also, Brian Xanders is a complete stiff– Elway was forced to take him because he’s Joe Ellis’s crony, but one of John’s first statements about Xanders was that “he’d have nowhere to hide” now. Don’t be surprised when Tebow far outlasts Xanders in Denver.

  26. Like most, I’m convinced Tebow is journymen at best. And as for the “rah rah Christian crap”/ Please.

    However, he should be given a chance as he does have the skills for that much. The one thing passion can translate to is to work hard to be better. Maybe he will. I just think it’s a year or two too soon to decide.

  27. @scytherius …

    Maybe his passion will translate into work? I can see you don’t know much about the kid other than not liking his religious beliefs. All he does is work. If Roethlisberger had spent that much time working during his first six years, nobody would be questioning his elite status now.

    Who cares if Tebow rah-rahs about his beliefs? He doesn’t do it during the game like that idiot Ochocinco does rah-rahing about himself with his fake Hall of Fame jackets and hidden cell phones. It’s ridiculous that PFT can’t run a single article about this guy or Tony Dungy without people harping on their religion … while claiming all they do is harp on their religion 🙄

  28. This is as big a wasted high draft pick for Denver as DeMarcus Russell was for Oakland. Tebow is never going to be a pro-style QB in the NFL, no matter how much the religious right in this country want him to be. He should have never been drafted as high as he was, and Denver is regretting that decision as soon as I thought they would. What a waste of a good draft pick to have to go and spend another one, on the same position, this soon.

  29. A report from Michael Lombardi? The same Michael Lombardi that gave John Unitas 7 out of 10 in NFL Films to 100 list? That Michael Lombardi?

    Forgive me for thinking he knows not his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to football, and I have a hard time believing anything he reports.

  30. I find it quite interesting that people are so offended by his mixing christianity and football, but seem tolarant of players mixing criminality and otherwise offensive behavior and speech. He is a good person, is that not wanted in the nfl?

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