Torrey Smith won’t predict a 40 time, other than “I’m fast”

After declining to disclose the draft grade he received when deciding to leave Maryland with a year of eligibility remaining (he called the information “top secret”; I suggested he simply didn’t want to jinx himself), I asked receiver Torrey Smith during Tuesday’s ProFootballTalk Live to predict his speed in the 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine.

He considered the request, but he opted not to make a prediction.  Though he didn’t say he was hoping to avoided the dreaded jinx, we have a feeling that he didn’t want to tempt fate by picking a number that, for whatever reason, he failed to reach.

So he opted not to get specific.

“I’m fast,” he said.  “Not slow.”

The entire interview with Smith can be seen at the PFT Live home page.  And if you’re not familiar with Smith or his background, we highly recommend the December 26, 2010 profile of Smith from Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post.  Be prepared — if you read it, you’ll find yourself rooting for Torrey to be drafted high and to have a great career in the NFL.

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15 responses to “Torrey Smith won’t predict a 40 time, other than “I’m fast”

  1. Watch some of his highlights to see how amazing this kid really is. His QB made some horrible throws and Smith made the catches look effortless. He’s gonna be good.

  2. this is an honest to goodness, good kid. i wish him the best that life has to offer. he was a credit to UM football and when he decided to leave, I don’t know anyone who begrudged the decision given his life story. I hope he is selected in the first round and I am pulling for this kid to be a success. Even though the Ravens have more pressing needs, I would happily expend my first round pick on this guy. You just can’t have enough quality people on your team.

    Good luck Torrey in all you do.

    G-d bless

  3. would love for the skins to pick this kid up in the middle rounds…of course we would need to acquire some mid level picks first

  4. Oh hes a fast guy??? I can hear this already..

    The oakland raiders select……………

    cant be worse then the other Maryland guy we have that runs windsprints durring every game

  5. I think he’d be a good fit for Atlanta . They need a number two Jenkins isn’t great and if you noticed he pushes off alot to get separation . Falcons need a deep threat roddy is great but not blazing speed .

  6. I’ve met this dude before and watched him from the sidelines. He’s a real class act and a phenomenal receiver that was plagued by an absolute tool of a quarterback two seasons ago. I really wish for big things for this guy, and hope he goes to a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning, so people can see what this guy is really capable of. Either that, or I hope he goes to a team like St. Louis and becomes the next big QB-WR tandem with Sam Bradford.

    Honestly, the dude can be the next Mike Wallace, or even more, easily. Watch out for this guy.

  7. I hope the best for this kid. I hope the NFL life doesn’t corrupt him or anything, and his family can be happy for the rest of their lives. They’ve certainly earned every bit of it.

  8. This kid is everything that’s right with college football. He’s a good kid and a real talent. If he’d have returned next season, now that the Terps finally have a good QB, barring injury he’d have been a top 15 pick.

    I’m rooting for him. This is one MD WR I’d love to have on my team anyday.

  9. To the moron that voted negative on every good comment about this kid who many of us locally know, why do you grow a pair and identify yourself and why you would be such a loser.

    This is a kid who overcame great odds, took care of his family as if he were years older than he was, graduated from college and is a class act.

    Grow a pair and identify yourself so we can call you out for the miscreant that you are.

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