Agent: Willie Colon unlikely to return to Steelers

When we looked at Pittsburgh’s free agent priorities a few weeks ago, we ranked Lamarr Woodley, Ike Taylor, and Willie Colon as the three key guys Pittsburgh had to worry about.

Woodley has been given the franchise tag in the meantime.  Taylor may get the transition tag.

That leaves Colon, Ben Roethlisberger’s Milledgeville partner and stalwart right tackle, possibly left out in the cold.   Colon’s agent told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there is “little chance” Colon will be back in Pittsburgh.

Presumably, Colon’s agent only said that because the Steelers have made it clear they won’t pay his client what he thinks he’s worth.  Colon is coming off a torn Achilles tendon, but he will only be 28 years old entering next season.  He has a lot of experience at tackle and could conceivably kick inside to guard.

As long as there is free agency, Colon’s agent knows his best deal isn’t likely to be with Pittsburgh.

33 responses to “Agent: Willie Colon unlikely to return to Steelers

  1. Mr. Colon, meet Mr. Holmgren.
    Cleveland will give Willie 2 chances a year to shove it right back at the Steelers. Come on’ Willie, Brownies are calling.

  2. Wouldn’t mind seeing him picked up by the Falcons. Kinda funny that the Steelers would leave him in the cold considering the troubles they have on the O line

  3. Steelers have a great track record with FA players.

    I trust them, no matter the decision.

    Maybe Willie should have a talk with Randel El before he books a departing flight.

    Hate to see him go, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  4. Jerry Jones you have shown no interest in any of the free agents that will instantly improve your horrid team. Can you please consider this!!!?!?!

  5. The Raiders need this guy! When and if they do get him, the O-line in Oakland will either be a RT or RG away from returning to elite status in the NFL.

  6. “That leaves Colon, Ben Roethlisberger’s Milledgeville partner and stalwart right tackle, possibly left out in the cold. ”

    The dead horse called. He asked that you stop beating him.

  7. Welcome to Pittsburgh, Mike Pouncey.

    This isnt a big deal he would have moved to guard anyways since Max Starks is coming back. Instead of a 28 year old revolving door coming off a torn achelles well have a 21 year old stud.


    Looks pretty solid to me!

  8. Let’s see…..
    Offensive lineman….check
    Some sort of injury….check
    Will probably get overpaid…check…
    Hung out with an NFL QB while he raped a co-ed…The reclamation factor…check…

    Hell, Andy Reid and Joe Banner must be salivating for him to become a free agent, this is their Gold Standard….

  9. This will be great cause the steeler o-line sucks the way it is and will be even worse, this is the start of the steeler decline and i cant wait. Please resign ike taylor too, guy sucks big time, he couldnt cover a telephone pole

  10. cbusbrownie says: Feb 23, 2011 9:45 AM

    “Cleveland will give Willie 2 chances a year to shove it right back at the Steelers. Come on’ Willie, Brownies are calling.”

    Even money can’t buy a man’s pride.

  11. This year’s draft class may be front-end loaded with DL talent, but the real depth is at OL, where there will be good value throughout. A number of teams need OL help, especially on the right side, but damaged goods like Colon won’t command anywhere near the top OL money.

  12. dirtyharry1971 says:
    Feb 23, 2011 10:10 AM
    This will be great cause the steeler o-line sucks the way it is and will be even worse, this is the start of the steeler decline and i cant wait. Please resign ike taylor too, guy sucks big time, he couldnt cover a telephone pole
    Yes, the loss of Willie Colon certainly signals the decline of the Steelers. Not an ounce of wishful thinking there on your part.

  13. I think the Steelers need this guy, but they nearly always make the right call when they sign or let someone go. Steelers also draft well so they should have no problem filling this hole. As for Colon, even off an injury he will get attention. There are plenty of teams who don’t draft well that need help on their OL. Plus tackles always get paid well.

  14. Interesting. I know they’ve got Starks over on the left side but it’s only a matter of time before Flozell isn’t able to get it done anymore, he already has begun to struggle in protection as it is. The Steelers usually know when to cut a guy loose though.

  15. The loss of Willie Colon signals the start of the decline of the Steelers? I can’t decide if that’s more pathetic or delusional.

  16. He’s probably better than I give him credit for but it seemed as though whenever there was a line penalty called his hand went up.

  17. 9 times out of 10, the Steelers make the right decision on a free agent value when it is one of their own. OL is a weak area for them, so that probably helps Willie’s value to them. Plus he knows the system, etc. But, if he thinks they will pay through the nose, he is mistaken. As well, Willie should talk to Randel-El and Foote about how much they enjoyed their money while playing for pathetic teams. The Steelers have a legitimate shot at returning to the Super Bowl this coming season.


  18. @jc1958cool

    the choice of not signing him has nothing to do with his injury,so you may as well get that out of your head now.there are a lot of linemen coming up in this years draft that are possible starters.colon has cost a lot of yards in penalties with his false starts and holding calls.sure it would be nice to keep him for his size but it just wont happen,,if it does good for the steelers if not no big dont make it one about his injury.

    and to the browns fan who,i think colon is smart enough not to go to the mistake by the lake

  19. When your play isn’t half as good as a 14 year vet on the downside of his career it’s time to move on.

  20. LOL … This is what cracks me up about this site – and a lot of you toolish fans – all I have read the past couple years is how BAD and AWFUL the Steelers’ O-line is. Yet, teams have many fans are clamoring for their team to get Colon. (Snicker). Make up your minds, geniuses.

    As for Colon, I’m not sure he is going anywhere, but as some Steelers’ fans above have duly noted, the Rooneys rarely make a mistake on a free agent. In fact, Rod Woodson is about the only one I can seriously think of where they should have held on. They will offer Willie what he’s worth. If he prices himself out of their market, then he can grab money and probably won’t have as much success (unless he lands in a place like New England or Green Bay or New Orleans). Certainly, if he goes to Cleveland, Dallas, Chicago, Philly or some of the other above mentioned spots, he may get paid but he won’t win as much as he would as a Steeler.

    Look at Clark … he took a little less than Miami offered to stay in Pittsburgh. How did that work out for him? Pretty good, I’d say.

  21. Willie is a False Start machine. He really struggles with speed on the edge. An Achilles injury isn’t going to make that better.


    I’d say dump kemo the lost, and go with this:
    Starks, Maurkice Pouncey, Legursky, Mike Pouncey, Adams.

    5 best players- no more stupid penalties- or missed assignments due to failure to have actually functioning brain cells.

  22. This was the second year in a row Starks sat early because of injury, if I recall, so I doubt he’s being counted on to shore up Colon’s departure.

    IF he goes.. all we know so far is he wasn’t tagged. But I suspect the coaches have a plan. Colon had penalties every game, it was maddening.

  23. @anpsteel

    I like your line-up except the exact positioning… Legursky deserves to start. I have said all year that he is better than most of the guys on that line, but his ability to play any o-line position makes him more useful as a back-up.

    Don’t get me wrong, Colon is a good O-lineman, when healthy.

    I see the line going

    Max Starks|Doug Legursky|Maurkice Pouncey|Mike Pouncey|Flozell Adams

    Kemoeatu is a good guard, but too many boneheaded plays. He always seems to play about 20 seconds past the whistle.

    God I would love to see the Pouncey brothers together in the ‘Burgh and I HATE the Gators lol.

  24. cbusbrownie?

    No offense, but your earlier statement about the Browns shoving it to the Steelers calls for a chuckle.

    Browns stink, have stunk, and will continue to stink for years. The Pittsburgh Steelers demolish the Cleveland Browns in overall NFL accomplishments. World knows this. Surprised to see a Brown fan even remotely beginning to elude to the idea that the Browns will be threatening ANYBODY, let alone the Steelers.

    What a joke.

  25. @wtf2812

    I agree with you on Woodson.  The only other players that the Steelers lost to FA who had enough innate talent to succeed elsewhere were LBs Hardy Nickerson and Chad Brown.  Nickerson enjoyed 5 pro bowl and 2 All-Pro seasons with Tampa Bay (“paper champions”).

    Chad Brown enjoyed 2 pro bowl and 1 All-Pro season with Seattle.  Although, the reality was that Mrs. Brown and Paul Allen’s private jet never really gave the Steelers a chance to resign him.

    I will say that there were three players who achieved nothing after leaving the Steelers but whose departure significantly changed the Steelers the following year:  QB Neil O’Donnell (1996), LT John Jackson (1998), and WR Yancy Thigpen (1998).

    O’Donnell was succeeded by Mike Tomczak who managed to lead the defending AFC Champions to the Central Division title with a 10-6 record and into the Divisional Playoff round where they were soundly beaten by the eventual AFC Champions the New England Patriots.  Tomczak threw 15 INTS to 12 TDs that year.  O’Donnell was simply a better QB in Chan Gailey’s spread offense.

    Jackson was replaced with Will Wolford and Thigpen was replaced with Courtney Hawkins (technically Hawkins replaced Charles Johnson who moved over to replace Thigpen).  These were important components on a team only two years removed from the Super Bowl and coming off a loss to the Broncos in the AFC Championship.  They were ultimately doomed with Kordell but he was at least over achieving with a safe blind side and reliable #1 WR.

  26. 1998 was the 7-4 season that blew up on Thanksgiving when Phil Luckett threw the OT coin toss with mashed potatoes in his ears.

  27. this guy doesnt and shouldnt get top dollar because he isnt top shelf tackle. way too many false starts. he may be Ben’s close friend but that doesnt win many gms neither. unless oakland,dallas, or washington decide to overpay him like they do everyone else he is better off getting a contract done with the steelers. besides neither of the forementioned teams is winning a title anytime soon.

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