Clemson safety McDaniel responds to ESPN’s assault report

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On the heels of Tuesday’s Ryan Mallett story, former St. Louis Rams personnel director Tony Softli filed a Wednesday report for ESPN 101 detailing Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel’s 2008 arrest.

McDaniel is a projected second- to third-round draft pick.

His off-the-field issues are a concern,” writes Softli. “He was arrested in June, 2008 for assault and battery (a misdemeanor). The female was his girlfriend and called police. Once police responded, she said, ‘He covered my head and face with a comforter and choked me, hit me and threw me down stairs.’

“According to my source,” adds Softli, “McDaniel completed an intervention program that wiped his record clean.”

PFT contacted McDaniel about Softli’s report Wednesday, and the former first-team All American was upfront.

“I did put my hands on her,” said McDaniel, insisting the media made it a bigger deal than it was. “Some of that stuff is false. … That’s the only mistake I made in my whole life.”

He also confirmed that the three-year-old misdemeanor charge is off his record. McDaniel made the ACC’s Academic Honor Roll in 2009 and 2010.

McDaniel enters the Combine with one of the most impressive resumes in the 2011 safety class. He intercepted 15 career passes, including a pick of Matt Ryan as a true freshman, and was a productive special teamer all four years while doubling as an all-conference defensive starter.

“I’ve got a knack for the ball,” he explained.

McDaniel will do a full workout in Indianapolis. He’s hoping to run a forty-yard dash in the high 4.4 to 4.5 range with about 37 inches in the vertical.

7 responses to “Clemson safety McDaniel responds to ESPN’s assault report

  1. In an age where nobody ever own anything, Kudos to this kid for owning it and doing what he can to make things right. Never should have put his hands on her but at least he owns his mistakes.

  2. “That’s the only mistake I made in my whole life.”? Really? That’s the only mistake you made in your whole life? Saying something patently stupid and false like that just raises more red flags as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Teams shouldn’t hold what he did as an 18 year old against him IF, and that’s a big if, that was the only time he assaulted people. They certainly have the right to grill him about it and look him right in the eyes to judge his sincerity or insincerity. The last thing a team needs is to have a player appear on the police blotter for violence against women when they KNOW he has done this in the past.

  4. tony softli is obviously soft in the head after yesterdays comments on mallett. i make no bones of knowing what mallett does in his personal life but no one (as in not one person) advised mallett to go pro last year due to him needing more time to prove himself at the college level and also the fact of all the other qb’s entering the draft then. the drug rumors had not started at that point. and i have one more comment on the mallett rumors- it’s a process of some double reverse prejudice anyway. ryan at times talks a little bit like a black guy so if a white guy does that- he must be a thug on drugs right?

    3 times my posts have been deleted. what am i saying that’s so wrong? i question softli- is he somehow above reproach?

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