Ike Taylor could get transition tag

Like their counterparts on the other side of the Commonwealth, the Pittsburgh Steelers could be using both a franchise tag and a transition tag before the Thursday.

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s shot at unrestricted free agent has been blocked by the franchise tag.  According to John Harris of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, cornerback Ike Taylor could be limited by the transition tag.

The transition tag gives a team only a right to match an offer sheet signed with a new team.  It provides no compensation if the offer isn’t matched.

Under the 2006 CBA extension, the amount of the transition tender (i.e., the average salary of the 10 highest-paid players at the position) became guaranteed when accepted.  Prior to that, the transition tender was used more frequently.

Teams can use a franchise tag and a transition tag under the rules of the uncapped year, which still apply until a new CBA is reached.  The transition tag used in addition to a franchise tag may be applied only to players with at least six years of service.

The Eagles have applied the franchise tag to quarterback Mike Vick, and the transition tag to kicker David Akers.

That said, the new CBA could wipe out any transition tags used by teams who also have applied a franchise tag.

6 responses to “Ike Taylor could get transition tag

  1. Good because he’s the only CB they have that’s got any coverage skills and who can get a hand on the ball.

  2. @ jack after it touches his hands it usually ends up on the turf but i guess thats better than the recievers hands

  3. Does this website only talk about the steelers?
    U should just call it steeler news.
    Get over it steelers losted the superbowl, they are losers. They are no better than the Panthers.
    Nobody remembers or cares about the team WHO LOSSED THE SUPERBOWL

  4. huejackson says:
    Feb 23, 2011 11:02 AM
    Nobody remembers or cares about the team WHO LOSSED THE SUPERBOWL

    Nobody remembers or cares about posters that “LOSSED GRAMMAR SKILLS” either.

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