Jets raise ticket prices

The Jets have been cutting costs by eliminating jobs in the business office and planning to place employees on furlough. Now they’re increasing revenue by raising ticket prices.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that ticket prices will go up an average of 2.3 percent for the 2011 season.

The Jets will require season-ticket holders to pay 50 percent of the cost of their season tickets by April 1, with the rest due when training camp opens.

If any home games are canceled by a work stoppage, the Jets will refund season-ticket holders the price of those games’ tickets. But there will be no refunds for personal seat license holders in the case of a lockout.

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  1. Like I’ve said numerous times before. If the fans are stupid enough to keep paying the ever increasing ridiculous prices to keep the owners wallets fat, then they deserve to be played like fools by the NFL and it’s owners.

  2. What a scam it is to require 50% payment at this time of year, especially with no assurance that the games will be played. Teams are just sitting on that money for 6+ months, and at least in the case of the Jets, they’re not using it to pay for the employees they just laid off.

  3. Is there any new stadium where they haven’t killed the fans on ticket prices? It’s crazy, I go to one game a year so it doesn’t really bother me but for season ticket holders it’s definatly bs!

  4. Wow, will all teams with PSLS not be refunding those if there’s a lockout? PSLs suck.
    Another reason why Kraft>all other owners.

  5. I was one of the idiots that bought not one, not two but 6 psl Tickets. They did everything to have me buy them. Even guaranteed me prices wouldn’t go up for 2 years. I even have it in writing from my Jets Sales Executive. I forward it to the powers at be and they offered me a $600 food & drink voucher. They basically said expect a 2.3% raise every year.

    I thought I’d never say this, but man I so miss Giants Stadium or even further Leon Hess who came from nothing, never took advantage of the fans.

    Just to keep this in perspective. Green Bay Packers raised ticket prices $2 to $4 dollars a ticket. Making the best seats & most expensive Packers Ticket at $87 dollars compared to the Jets $700 per ticket, but that does come with a free Hot Dog. (Jets Nose Bleeds $105)

    Hey wait a minute didn’t the Packers win the Superbowl this year. Well just maybe the extra $5 dollars will go to fixing the escalators that were shut down after one game to overwhelming use in the new state of the art stadium.

  6. maybe it’s time for the fans to form a union and have a vote. Both players and owners need us to keep paying their salaries. If they keep this up fans should league wide boycott a game. I’m pretty sure we’d have some attention then.

  7. But but but… how can they do this? They guaranteed a Superbowl win and didn’t deliver. Now they raise prices? They must think Jets fans are fools. And by the way, that’ll be $9 for that Bud Light please.

  8. At least the Jets will win the Super Bowl this next season. Right Rexy? Oh that must be why they are raising prices. They will soon be champions. Rex made the right call in getting his lap band surgery last off season too.

  9. Jets raise ticket prices…by 5 dollars!

    But I guess that wouldn’t get enough clicks for you.

    In any case, PSL’s suck. View from the nosebleeds is still excellent and the NYJ announced they’d be building more bathrooms up there, which is definitley a good thing.

  10. This kind of stuff is eventually going to soon bring the average fan to their breaking point. I don’t get why people even attend games in person anymore. $10 Beers (insert cheap, bottom of the keg light beer), $7 Burgers, $6 Hot Dogs, $30+ Parking, and oh by the way $100+++ for a ticket. The NFL stadium experience now resembles the likes of a private country club.

    Personally, I would much rather watch games at home. HDTV’s, great TV coverage, make your own food and drinks, you don’t have to worry about battling crowds, and oh yeah…it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.
    I realize everyone just sitting at home doesn’t exactly help the teams’ bottom line, but hey, that’s what these ultra-super-mega TV contracts are for.

  11. That’s what’s great about living in the local market. There’s enough suckers and corps to sell out the stadium for the game to not be blacked out and the road games are on tv.

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