Mark Ingram loses weight, hopes to gain speed for the combine

Alabama running back Mark Ingram says he’ll reveal a more svelte form when he takes off his shirt and steps on the scale at the NFL scouting combine, the result of an intense training program he started when the college season ended.

“The first week, you barely can walk, you know. Your hips are busted up, everywhere. Arms, shoulder, back, you’re just busted up. And it’s like, man, why am I doing this?” Ingram told the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, where he’s been working out with a personal trainer. “But after a while, the next week you feel better, next week you feel better, next week you feel better, and you start getting more and more confident in everything that you’re doing here. The training is hard, it’s not for everybody, it’s really not. But that’s what I love to do. I love hard work.”

As I wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal, you can gamble on players’ combine numbers, and the oddsmakers have put the over-under on Ingram’s 40 time at 4.46 seconds.

Ingram says he’s down to 212 pounds and ready to run fast, although he’s not predicting a specific time. And his trainer, Wyatt Harris, makes a point of saying that Ingram isn’t working out to perform well in shorts and a T-shirt this week, he’s working out to perform well in a helmet and shoulder pads in the fall.

“Mark’s not here to train for the combine. We’re training guys for careers. The goal for me is to get him ready to go to camp and compete,” Harris said. “I care about him being able to do the things that NFL teams are going to want to see.”

And the first thing teams will see is a slimmer Ingram.

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  1. “The training is hard, it’s not for everybody, it’s really not. But that’s what I love to do. I love hard work.”

    Paging Cam Newton: This is what you are supposed to do and say before the draft.

    That is all.

  2. Do these trainers know they are receiving cash most likely manufactured in his basement by his father?? Just saying….

    Hope ingram does well in the league though I like him a lot and he plays hard

  3. jc1958cool says:
    Feb 23, 2011 9:00 AM
    hope the team that drafts him has some blockers!
    can’t run without blocking! who is paying for his training?
    Usually these trainers take a differed payment plan…not only that, they are usually training 1-10 guys at a time, so they can take a “loan” out on these super stars, then over-charge them….

  4. jc1958–obviously his agent is paying for it, just like agents for almost every other serious prospect are paying for training, interview prep, Wonderlic prep, etc.

  5. Most of the time when I hear players dropping weight to improve their combine stats, I get annoyed. But this guys is actually more inline with the size of a typical NFL runningback now, so it will be interesting to see.

  6. I’ve seen this go both ways. Some guys bulk up for durability(Felix Jones) and some guys slim down for speed(Brandon Jacobs), but ultimately they return to their prior weight because that’s where their nitch is.(Jones burner & Jacobs bruiser) In the end this is really about money. Fast 40 means more dollars. I don’t blame the guy it’s just a point. I think he is going to be a very useful player at any weight.

  7. With the need at DB and OLine I dont see it happening, but I think Dallas should def consider drafting him at 9 overall. He is going to be the next Emmit, so why not have him play in Dallas!!!

    How bout them Cowboys!!!

  8. As a Dolphin fan I like Ingram but there is no way Miami picks him at 15. There are too many holes to fill and Miami’s number 1 concern should be to recoup their 2nd rounder they sent to Denver for Marshall.

    This RB class is fairly deep and Miami can find a good back in the later rounds (even tho they might not be as good as Ingram).

    I wouldn’t mind at all if Denver sent both of their 2nd round picks to the Dolphins to get back into the first round at 15 but Denver is rebuilding as well so who knows if they would be willing to make the trade.

    If I was Jeff Ireland I would TRY to do this:

    1) Trade down to the bottom of the draft, while acquiring a 2nd.

    2) At the bottom of the first I would select:

    1. Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois
    2. Stefen Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State
    3. Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy
    4. Will Rackley, OT/G, Lehigh
    5. Kenrick Ellis, NT, Hampton (If Solila leaves)
    6. Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh
    7. Damien Berry, RB, Miami
    7. Stephen Skelton, TE, Fordham

    If I was Ireland I would not draft a QB. The Dolphins are not in position to get either Gabbert or Newton, they have wasted way too many picks on 2nd tier QB’s and if they are going to draft one they need to get pick of the litter.

    Henne did have over 3,000 yards passing and while his TD – INT ratio was nothing impressive the odds were stacked against him. The interior line was garbage, they had no speedster WR and TE, no running game whatsoever, and Dan Henning calling the plays.

    Given the circumstances I would like to see Henne get one more shot with those problems listed above fixed before I throw the towel in on him.

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