Mayock: Combine may put Robert Quinn in mix for No. 1 overall pick


Former North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn didn’t play in 2010 because of a suspension for receiving illegal benefits from an agent. And it may not matter.

Quinn still has a chance to be taken No. 1 overall in April’s draft, according to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock.  Speaking on the Rich Eisen Podcast, Mayock said he expected Quinn to “blow up” the Combine.

“I’m probably going to walk in there on the first day of the defensive line drills and say he’s the No. 1 pick in the whole country,” Mayock said.  “And he didn’t play last year.”

Mayock said he recently watched a lot of ’08 and ’09 film on Quinn and was highly impressed.  He said Quinn could run a 4.55 forty at 6’4, 275 pounds at the combine.  (That’s about the same speed as a possession receiver.)

It’s not like Quinn would just be a workout wonder; he produced plenty at North Carolina before his suspension.   Taking Quinn would be a risk, but fellow athletic freak Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers really had one big year.

There may not be a “safe” no brainer No. 1 selection this season and  Mayock has already moved Quinn ahead of Bowers in his defensive end rankings.

Mayock’s bold statement may take some draftniks by surprise.  But we’ve learned over the years that Mayock’s bold statements in February often turn into conventional wisdom by April.

24 responses to “Mayock: Combine may put Robert Quinn in mix for No. 1 overall pick

  1. I can see the Panthers going with Quinn, sticking to the NC formula in an attempt to find the next Julius Peppers.

  2. if a college player under scholarship gets a carerer ending injury, the scholarship is rescinded. The college system is set up to reap huge financial rewards from players they really dont care about.

    Until this changes, i really dont give a damn who accepts what, or what illegal gifts these players take on from agents and boosters.

    There are dozens of coaches and AD’s collecting HUGE checks at the expense of these athletes.. who eventually can just be thrown to the wayside… terrible business out the NCAA

  3. If you’re coming off a season so bad that you have the number one pick in the NFL draft, you don’t take risks.

    Any number of players in the top-10 can probably help you. You take the quarterback to rebuild your team around or you take the safest pick, knowing you’ll get a good player that can help turn your franchise around.

    He might be the second-coming of Lawrence Taylor, but for a player who sat out an entire season due to off the field issues, you can’t take that risk at number one. In my opinion, you can’t take that risk in the top-5.

  4. Take him at #1 and then use other picks to help the OL and WR positions. Give Clausen another shot for a year to see what he has.

  5. If you’re coming off a season so bad that you have the number one pick in the NFL draft, you don’t take risks.

    Not true. As a Ram fan, Suh was the much “safer” pick last year vs Bradford with his shoulder and coming out of the spread.

    The Rams FO took a risk on Bradford – and it payed off…

    The draft reminds me of battleship – full of hits and misses.

  6. If Quinn has a good combine and pro day- perhaps he is a top five pick. We WILL NOT be the No.1 overall. I could see Gabbert or even Newton before Quinn being No.1 overall. I think Dareus is the one to watch at the combine. It will be Dareus or Green or Bowers.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me. Dude’s an animal. I remember watching him completely dominant Constanzo from BC who is projected as a 1st round, and one of the top OT’s in the draft. I think Quinn could be a lot like Peppers minus the freakish size of Peppers.

  8. Myeaglescantwin…

    Your post in basically totally wrong in talking about what happens to injured athletes, especially football players.

    The NCAA has a medical scholarship policy in place to address these things.

    The vast majority of D1 scholarship football players who get hurt do not lose their scholarships.

    I actually remember reading something about how some SEC schools are notorious for taking players on the bottom of depth charts and forcing them onto med scholarships to open up football scholarships for new, more talented recruits….basically abusing the system to offer more scholarships in other words.

    It’s really a non issue on D1 football, curious as to why you are so up in arms over it?

  9. myeaglescantwin: “if a college player under scholarship gets a carerer ending injury, the scholarship is rescinded. The college system is set up to reap huge financial rewards from players they really dont care about.”

    That’s not accurate. The school has a choice whether to rescind or not. And even if a player doesn’t get injured, the school can still choose not to renew it from one year to the next. By the same token, many times a player whose career ends due to injury can be placed on non-football scholarship, as it is rumored that Nick Saban pressures many minimally-injured players to do. So the facts are different from what you think on that.

    Impermissible benefits are impermissible because of very valid problems they would create with the haves and havenots in college sports.

  10. the draft is an art, not a science… and mayock is the closest to being da vinci
    (he may not be very close, but hes the closest out of anyone)

  11. “if a college player under scholarship gets a carerer ending injury, the scholarship is rescinded.

    Nope, they get moved to medical scholarships and still finish their degrees for free without counting as a roster spot, similar to IR in the NFL.

  12. one MAJOR problem with mayock’s assessment… Quinn is not gonna measure in at 6’4″, 275 lbs. there’s no way he’s that big. The dude’s a linebacker. mark it down. praise me later

  13. Quinn will play 3/4 OLB in the pros. I’m not sure if that position has ever been drafted #1 (but I doubt it).

    However, I’ve thought for a while that Quinn was the best player in the draft, but teams will be (understandably) wary of someone who sat out all of last season.

    If he played last year I have no doubt that he would be the consesus top defensive prospect. Whoever drafts him is going to be glad they did.

  14. Usually #1 in the draft only matters for the money the #1 gets. I doubt if Quinn will go #1, but whoever takes Cam Newton will be the Oakland Raiders of the next decade in pro football.

  15. It’s funny, Mayock is widely respected and McShay of ESPN often ridiculed, but if anything it seems to me like Mayock is the one who goes against the grain just for the sake of it. He was the guy who threw a wrench in last season’s draft by ranking Gerald McCoy ahead of Suh in his DT rankings at a time when everyone had Suh as the best DT coming out of college in years. Early days, of course, but early evidence is Mayock was wrong on that one. McShay, on the other hand, was the guy who said Jimmy Clausen shouldn’t go in the first round at a time when wide consensus has him as a top ten pick, and also graded Vernon Gholston as at best a 2nd round pick when consensus had him as a top 10 pick. On the surface it seems to me like McShay has been vindicated more frequently on his unconventional picks than Mayock has.

  16. Quinn is a monster, and LOL for realz to the loser who said he will be a LB. LMFAO He’s 6’5 255lbs. as a Soph. He will be a better 43 DE than a 34 OLB because of his explosion when coiled up in a 3 point. Plus his coverage skills or ability to drop into zone is an unknown right now so selecting him to play OLB when he has done nothing but play 7 Tech is just stupid. Stop watching football please for the sake of embarrassing yourself any further.

    As for his size / weight, knowing how much this kid loves the game and how much work he puts into his craft I definitely think that Quinn will show up to the combine at 260lbs.-270lbs. He has a long lanky frame that could easily handle 10-15lbs. more with out losing speed or agility.

    I had Carolina picking Quinn to pair up with Johnson 2 months ago. Charles Johnson and Robert Quinn would be an elite pass rushing duo from day 1.

  17. Once Luck was gone, I thought the next best guys, talent-wise, were Quinn, Peterson, Newton and Fairley, with Bowers and Green right behind them. Other than Green, there are question marks about all of them, but these guys have the biggest upside. I can see any of them going #1.

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