Polian: Colts making progress with Peyton Manning

The latest on a possible Peyton Manning contract?   More of the same.

Colts G.M. Bill Polian said the Colts were “making progress” on an extension, but nothing was imminent.

At this point, it would be a surprise if a deal happened before March 4.  Polian’s wording indicates, however, that talks are continuing after the Colts placed the franchise tag on Manning.

Polian also noted that he’d be open to bringing back Bob Sanders, just like Tony Dungy indicated on PFT Live Tuesday.

11 responses to “Polian: Colts making progress with Peyton Manning

  1. Peyton Manning should be like Tom Brady; get the contract over with, don’t ask for an insane amount of money, to make your team better overall.

  2. Polian and Irsay will make Manning the highest paid QB and it will be a huge mistake.
    It’s clear Manning is on the down slope of his career. Why give him the mega contract now? You will be paying him for past performance.

    But go ahead and pay the big head the biggest contract and get over the hill results.
    After all it’s really the Indy season ticket holders that will be paying his salary.

  3. I’m telling you, Peyton’s waiting for a new coach! I’ve not heard 1 single player back up Jim Caldwell. After the playoff loss, one of the local reporters mentioned that several players were anonymously putting pressure on the reporter to bring up the bad time out calls in the paper and on T.V.

    At least when Dungy was there, players wanted to play hard and win for Tony. I haven’t heard anything positive about Caldwell from the players. They all want him gone, but hopefully Peyton can put the right amount of pressure to get him out of there… He’s a bottom 5 coach in the NFL.

  4. dude is 35 years old, i dont know why polian and irsay are bowing down to manning, the big forehad dude chokes in the playoffs too much and choked in bowl games.

  5. yeah a new coach will keep him from throwing all those INT’s ! he has to audible all the time, cause the coordinator can’t call plays!!! over paid arrogance

  6. Peyton was unavailable for comment as he was giving a demonstration of the new high tech desk for really dorky looking guys.

  7. kom2k10:

    #1) Caldwell being the coach has NOTHING to do with what the players want, it is ALL about what Polian wants. Caldwell is basically puppeteered by Polian.
    #2) I am pretty sure that Peyton loves Caldwell, after all he was his ‘QB’ coach.


    Irsay will make Manning the highest paid player: He is so goofy that he will make it a feather in his cap…. he has problems, one of which is has too much money and no job. And another one is the one that Polian is holding over his head to keep him the ‘boss’.

  8. Popolover:

    You’re half right, Polian does love Caldwell because he is is puppeteer, but Manning does NOT. Caldwell is coach right now because Dungy hand picked Caldwell as his successor, and God forbid the Colts not bow down to Dungy.

    Manning was CLEARLY frustrated with Caldwells lack of football IQ in the playoffs after that time out call, and that was the 2nd time he did that this year. I’m telling you, Caldwell is the hold up here. The guy was like 23-69 as a head coach in college, and now he’s coaching in the NFL????

  9. You guys act like Manning has some replacement waiting for him in the wings, they don’t & he is one of the top QB’s in the league.

  10. Progress?? SOunds like it…

    What if…The Colts sign Manning to the record contract of the century? At 35 years old his interception total has been steadily increasing in the past 3 years and with players suddenly getting older around him, a GM who can’t seem to draft with today’s concepts and a coach who is clearly not NFL worthy, what will his numbers be like in the future?

    This question is soley to the Colts fans:

    If Manning were to say throw for 33 TD’s and 18-20 interceptions does that justify this contract and the Colts are 9-7 every year? I’m a Manning supporter but with the key guys getting older on this team and uncertainty around Manning to do it by himself you would think its just time to call a truce and both parties should just part ways. Its more likely he’ll decline now especially with Wayne, Saturday and a crippling offensive line getting worse. Do you guys really see more light at the end of the tunnel by signing him? I see it completely shutting after he signs, not locking but shutting. There will be no money for anyone else and you just can’t build teams with rookies and take them to the SuperBowl.

    Polian has never had a player like Peyton Manning to work around and maybe this is why Polian’s legacy has fallen off the map. Manning limits what Polian has to do to build the team the way it needs to be built maybe, just maybe Manning’s contract not his play has been the problem all along and its about to get worse.

    Like Marvin Harrison’s contract earlier the Colts seem to not learn any valuable lessons and continue to pay to what the player has done for them versus what that player will do for them in the future. But it was a weapon Peyton HAD to have, so Polian signed him. A move Polian wouldn’t of made before and didn’t make with Marshall Faulk long before Peyton Manning was the all time great quarterback and greatest ever Peyton Manning he is today. Those two moves should tell Colts fans a little about Bill Polian yesterday versus today.

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