Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum go Hollywood

Jets coach Rex Ryan and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum have parlayed their reality television stardom on Hard Knocks into a role on CSI New York.

The show is actually taped in Los Angeles, so the Jets brass will shoot their scene Wednesday before heading to Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine.  CSI has become a popular refuge for NFL types of late: NFL Network host Rich Eisen appeared on CSI Miami.

While the Jets have made great progress the last two years, this is a disappointing step back for the organization after Tony Soprano said hello to Jets coach Eric Mangini at Vesuvio a few years back.

At this rate, the next Jets head coach will be a contestant on Minute to Win it.

(Photo provided by Jets EVP Matt Higgins.  Yes, we’re aware Jim Belushi isn’t on the show.  But his studio is apparently nearby.)

22 responses to “Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum go Hollywood

  1. Word is Rex has a 7 figure deal as the lead in Tommy Boy II . Fat guy in a tight track suit has blockbuster written all over it.

  2. I thought this would be a CSI Tokyo, where they would play two sumo wrestlers hell-bent on revenge for a fast food deal gone wrong.

  3. Can’t help but notice they’re appearing on the worst of the three CSI shows, the one that’s been exiled to Friday and will likely be canceled at the end of this season.

  4. After watching other NFL players like Bernard Berrian on Minute to Win It, I’d love to see Rex on that show. If he can make Hard Knocks and even press conferences interesting, most shows on tv would be improved by an appearance by Rex.

    Tony Soprano saying hello to Rex would have been a delight!

  5. Anyway to bash the Jets. I am not a Jets fan and really don’t care one way or another about how they finish but I hope they win the Superbowl next year to shut everyone up.

  6. I completely misread that statement. I thought it said Tony Sporano.

    When Eisen was on CSI Miami , did he play a fashionista or psyhco?

  7. No doubt this will end as well for Rex as it did for Mangini.

    Even so I’m sure it will be entertaining. I happen to know the plot line involves a murder in which they can’t match the killers fingerprints to any of the suspects.

    The breakthrough comes when they discover they aren’t fingerprints, but toe prints.

    If I say anything more I’m apt to give away the surprise ending.

  8. Rex Ryan looks like he’s “one wafer thin mint” away from exploding. Hate the pic. I really like Belushi. He is a great actor. See, he even looks like he likes them.
    ACTING!!! as his old friend John Lovitz use to say!

  9. I think its kinda cool. Rex is a good coach (2 AFC title games with a young QB). I wish our coach would have a sense of humor sometimes. I guess if you consistently win and the things you do do not distract the team, then I say go ahead and do what you want.

  10. *Puts on CSI Caruso shades*
    Rex Ryan lands his first Hollywood acting gig…

    Looks like Rex finally got his….
    *Takes off glasses*

    foot in the door.


  11. If Rex Ryan would have been on the Sopranos, they would have whacked him and stuck a pool cue up his @ss.

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