Butch Davis producing NFL talent


Former Browns coach Butch Davis isn’t exactly the most respected guy in NFL circles. But in his current role as head coach at North Carolina, no one can dispute that Davis is producing NFL-quality talent.

As I write in today’s Wall Street Journal, North Carolina has 12 players at the scouting combine, most of any school. If combine invitations are any indication, Davis has done a fine job of recruiting and developing talent since getting the North Carolina job in 2007.

Of course, three of the most talented North Carolina players at this year’s combine were suspended for the entire 2010 season as a result of NCAA violations, and Davis’s North Carolina team had a disappointing 8-5 season in 2010.

But just as he did in his final season as the head coach at Miami, when he sent a loaded crop of talent to the NFL that included four first-round picks in the 2001 draft, Davis is having a major impact in the NFL. Even if he wasn’t a good NFL coach.

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  1. It is amazing what type of recruits you can get when you pay them and have your babysitter/nanny do all their schoolwork

  2. It’s not his fault the team when 8-5 when the NCAA decided to become a bunch of overbearing morons and make an example. It’s so retarded that they deprived us fans of seeing that UNC defense on the field last year.

  3. Of course he has top talent. He pays top dollar. They dont have to do school work, they dont have to attend class and they get free trips and bling.

  4. Of course he is. He is running a football production company. If athletes only have to concentrate on football, and have someone else to take care of everything else and get paid vacations they ought to be ready for the NFL. That’s exactly what the NFL is, but he shouldn’t call himself a college coach. A college coach should teach players about how to be productive in life, good people and get the most out of their football ability.

    P.S. He told all the recruits that committed this year their would be no NCAA sanctions so obviously he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.

  5. I disagree, I thought Butch Davis was a fantastic game-day coach, getting the most of of his players’ strengths even though they didn’t fit his scheme. Unlike other coaches who try to fit guys into what they like to run, he used what he had and got the most out of it.

    He was a horrible GM type though, his big downfall.

  6. According to UNC fans, nobody associated with the program has ever done anything wrong. Just like they have never committed a foul in basketball or legitimately lost a game in any sport.

  7. Davis is/was the reason why The U returned to dominance in the late 90s – early 2000s

    i wish we got him back.

    horrible nfl coach, great college recruiter

  8. I feel he did a respectable job in Cleveland…until he added GM duties to his basket. Holmgren was a good coach with the same results as GM.

    It is NOT that they couldn’t handle being a GM but, both are such perfectionists as coaches, that the additional duties of GM became an overload.

    I really wouldn’t mind seeing Butch back in the NFL. Remember, even the great Belichick had a “learning curve” coming into the NFL

  9. “steveo305 says:
    Feb 24, 2011 11:07 AM
    It is amazing what type of recruits you can get when you pay them and have your babysitter/nanny do all their schoolwork”

    Schoolwork wasn’t the only thing she was doing, my friend. And what she was doing wouldn’t be referred to ‘babysitting’.

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