Gabe Carimi says he’s the best tackle in the draft

Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi enters the Scouting Combine coming off an impressive Senior Bowl and decorated college career.  Joe Thomas’ successor for the Badgers, Carimi started 49 games in Madison, was twice a first-team all-conference pick, and earned Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year and Outland Trophy honors in 2010.

Carimi has earned the right to be confident.

And he is.

“I’m completely confident in my game,” Carimi said at the Combine Thursday, according to Comcast SportsNet New England’s Tom Curran. “I really don’t have any problems. … I know I’m the best tackle out there and I just have to play like it and act like it.”

Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo tops Mike Mayock’s draft-eligible offensive tackle rankings. Castonzo was asked about Carimi’s self promotion.

“That’s his opinion,” Castonzo replied.

Other candidates to be the first offensive tackle drafted include Nate Solder of Colorado and USC’s Tyron Smith. Mississippi State’s Derek Sherrod is another potential first-round tackle.

Carimi was also asked whether he’s received interest from the Patriots.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t comment on the Patriots.”

Sounds like he’s talked to the Patriots plenty.

20 responses to “Gabe Carimi says he’s the best tackle in the draft

  1. Castonzo says the Carimi isn’t even the best 6’7″ Italian American tackle in the draft.

  2. Castonzo says that Carimi isn’t even the best 6’7″ Italian American tackle in the draft.

  3. I would love to see the Lions to draft him but at #13 it may be too early and the Lions have a huge need at CB and OLB.

  4. I am more inclined to give this kid a pass because he is NOT Cam Newton. I am an Auburn fan, but Cam indirectly brought attention to the program, conducted a media stunt with the pre-combine workout, and has now went on record calling himself an “Icon”. What has Carimi done? Claim he is the best tackle in the draft. I like him better than Solder because he is a more complete tackle, where Solder is more of a finese pass blocker. Constonzo is up there, but I give the edge to Carimi for playing against better competition. So yes, I think Carimi will be the best tackle to come out of this draft. Albeit it may be at right tackle.

  5. Yeah, if Carimi were black, people would be ripping him mercilessly for saying this. Comes as no surprise though.

  6. Big fat offensive tackles is what Wisconsin does best. And from what i heard he hasn’t stated his desire to be an “entertainer” or an “icon” so stop with the Newton comparisons.

  7. An Auburn fan mad at Cam? He brought you an NC, a Heisman, and a 2011 recruiting class with that “indirect” attention.

  8. No. If Carimi had been kicked out of school for theft, taken money (allegedly), pulled a media stunt and kept bragging to everyone who would listen about how great he is then, yes, we would bash Carimi. However, this is the first real time we’ve heard Carimi speak to the media.

  9. Who says they will wait to draft him or anyone at 32? I know Ted Thompson is not known for trading up and I don’t expect him to either but he has shown that he will give up picks to get who he wants if he believes the player is worth it.

    Can’t claim to be a good judge of offensive line talent but I do like most of these guys and would be delighted if one of Constanzo Solder or Carimi were to fall within grasp for the Pack.

  10. bigbigodnarb says:
    “Let’s see how many folks here rip this kid. If Cam Newton had said this…”

    He’d be pretty damn stupid, considering he plays QB.

  11. I would prefer Castonzo but would be more than happy with Carimi. Either would be a great fit in NE.

  12. Maybe a little overconfident. He’s seems like a nice enough guy, but just doesn’t seem as athletic as a guy like Tyron Smith.

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