Hue Jackson leaves no doubt that Oakland is Jason Campbell’s team

There are a lot of ways Hue Jackson is clearly different than his predecessor Tom Cable.

First is Jackson’s self-proclaimed “gift of gab,” which was on display in a pair of interview sessions at the Scouting Combine Thursday.  Another obvious difference: Jackson is a true Jason Campbell believer.

After I asked a question about the team’s receiver position, Jackson went in an unexpected direction.

“There’s not a position, other than quarterback, that I wouldn’t just look at in the draft and say we don’t need anybody,” Jackson said.

Wow.  Jackson later softened that position, saying that they would seek the best player at any position.  But that first aside — on a question not even about quarterbacks — may give us a window into Oakland’s true belief in Campbell.

“Jason Campbell, in my opinion, did a tremendous job last year,” Jackson said.

Al Davis or “coach” as Jackson calls him, has repeatedly said Campbell can be a truly great quarterback.  Jackson cited Campbell’s leadership and increasing comfort in Oakland over the course of the year.  He said he fully expects Campbell to take the franchise to the next level next year after going 8-8.

Sink or swim, it’s pretty clear this is Jason Campbell’s franchise.   Unlike when Tom Cable was running the show.

39 responses to “Hue Jackson leaves no doubt that Oakland is Jason Campbell’s team

  1. Of course. He has to say that. Al Davis, quite possibly suffering from Alzheimer’s, keeps claiming Jason Campbell is Jim Plunkett for some reason. Someone needs to tell him, “No, Al. That’s not Jim Plunkett. That’s Jason Campbell. Now go back to your room and take your pills.”

  2. Compared to Cable’s interviews, Hue Jackson is a breathe of fresh air.

    Jackson is much more of an X’s and O’s guy and seems more comfortable answering questions.

    He’ll be able to coach up the players more than Cable ever could which should equal a more successful season.

  3. Tom Cable was the reason we did’nt go 10-6 last year. Like i said before Tom Cable is not a head coach in this league, he’s a line coach. Funny how he did’nt interview for a head coaching job this off season.

  4. What is it today with these new coaches and their refusal to progress their teams?
    First John Fox thinks things are just fine with Neck Beard..
    Now this guy thinks Jason Campbell is the way to win?

    Looks like San Diego will get another default playoff spot once again.

  5. I understand all the hate going on here.

    Al Davis couldn’t care less about the labor negotiations when it comes to signing players. Everybody will be on board whenever the season starts.

    These haters can’t say that about their team.

  6. 2009 under Cable running the play calling and offence the Raiders were near the bottom in rushing, passing, TD’s and points scored per game, rushing TD’s and total O.

    2010 when it was taken away from Cable and handed to Hue Jackson the Raiders were at the top of the NFL in rushing TD’s, rushing ypg, 20 yard plays per game, points per game and they had a passing game that was much better.

    Just that improvement was the 3 game wins they had better then 2009 not to mention how it helped the D. Cable was 17 and 27 as a coach and Hue Jackson was the right move. When Al Davis was asked about what he thought of Cable saying we are not losers any longer Al Davis stated, what 8-8?, to me that is the definition of a loser, that was never my goal.

    Cable wanted Parades in Oakland for going 8-8 while when Jackson was asked about the season he stated we have a long way to go. Love to see Hue Jackson in charge.

  7. Like Tom Cable, Hue Jackson wouldn’t get a sniff for a head coaching gig by any other NFL team.

    Jason Campbell hangs onto the ball longer than almost any other NFL QB. Eight wins is his plateau as a Raider.

    The Raiders will finish last in the AFC West in 2010 with 5 wins.

  8. Thanks for the fairly even handed Raider article, but as far as the jab at Cable about Campbell, I am sure Cable feels the same way as Jackson about Campbell now. Campbell was a markedly different QB as the season progressed. He was lame at the beginning and took half the season to get his bearings.

  9. I don’t know about his coaching ability, but his use of a triple negative in one sentence is unmatched in the industry.

  10. chargerbar says:
    Feb 24, 2011 3:53 PM
    Like Tom Cable, Hue Jackson wouldn’t get a sniff for a head coaching gig by any other NFL team.
    Except for that you know, head coach interview he had with the 49ers. But whatever dischargerbar, you’re still bent we swept you this year.

  11. ” Now this guy thinks Jason Campbell is the way to win?Looks like San Diego will get another default playoff spot once again.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it KC with the playoff spot… besides Campbell helped the team go undefeated in the division… an not all losses were on him this season…

  12. chargerbar says:

    “Jason Campbell hangs onto the ball longer than almost any other NFL QB. Eight wins is his plateau as a Raider.”

    Hey Choker fan…

    Jason sure did not seem to have any problems against the Chokers!..As a matter of fact, he held it so long on one play he just walked into the end zone because your loser defence did not have a clue where the freakin ball was.

    Get a freakin ring, then pop off loserfan!. We will bitch slap the chokers again this year! – We own you and the other pukes in our division! Soon we will own the whole league. Soon as in this year! We win the SB this year hands freakin down!

    Theres no team that will keep up with our power offence and stingy defence!!!

    Strength and Speed!!!

    Long live Al Davis!!!


  13. chargerbar says: Feb 24, 2011 3:53 PM

    Jason Campbell hangs onto the ball longer than almost any other NFL QB. Eight wins is his plateau as a Raider.


    I think Flacco earned the distinction this week of hanging on to the ball longer than any other QB. That seems to be working out okay in Baltimore.

  14. thenewenglandpatriots12 says:

    “The main reason that the Raiders went to 8-8 was because of Tom Cable”

    Hey, Patsie Loser…You are correct, that is why we fired his fat butt…we should have been 12-4.

    Don’t worry though, I get unlimited e-mails, so you’re not costing me anything…


  15. I bet Jackson would want his own QB but there isn’t any out there. What u wanna call Brett Fraud? trade for McCrabb? Campbell gives us the best chance this season, he gives us stability within the offense. The running game is what’s going to make the difference next year. NATION

  16. Once again people are making something out of nothing. Of course hue is going to say that about Campbell, he is the returning starting QB in a year where you dont have a 1st round pick and there may not be any offseason mincamps to get anyone else up to speed. If your a 1st year coach of a team coming off an 8-8 season with uncertain labor times, you want as few changes as possible so you get a second year as coach. The raiders would be able to compete in their division right now if they resigned their guys. Not until a new labor deal is signed will you see teams making the kind of personnel changes like going in a different direction at QB.

  17. Campbell played well BUT he got bailed out of a few game changing plays by our recievers (J.Ford) wrestling interceptions away, defenses playing horrible (denver,kc,seattle,etc). Campbell can return the RAIDERS back to being RELEVANT, nothing more. Cable went 8-8, Hue is going 8-8 too

  18. Jason CAmpbell pretty good for the time he got to play…including all the distractions. I feel comfortable watching him and think he’ll do even better next season…Raiders swept their division…not an easy task.

  19. I think this is great for Campbell. He could be a pretty good (probably not great) quarterback if he was given a measure of stability and organizational confidence that he has yet to experience in the NFL. All he has known thus far is dysfunction.

  20. 1 word – continuity. First time in a long time that can word was used in regards to anything about the Raiders. That being said, Al really needs to can the Plunkett comparisons. The only thing those 2 have in common is crappy starts to their careers. I’m on board with Campbell but only with 1 foot.

  21. I think the whole Campbell thing is irrelevant. RRaider has it right when he says that with all of the uncertainty out there due to no CBA, and the lack a step-in first year starter in the draft, the Raiders are stuck with Campbell this year. He knows it, and rather than create drama, he is playing smart and saying that Campbell is the best he has. Besides, the Raiders are so busy overpaying for veterans that they can’t even keep their best player. Whether the Raiders are better than 8-8 is more dependent on the other teams in the division than who their starting QB is.

  22. Calls Al “Coach,” does he? Ooooh … smart. 🙂 But can he break a jaw with one punch? Although I’m not suggesting Cable did such a thing. Hanson the Weasel fell out of his chair. 😉

  23. moelester says: Feb 24, 2011 3:44 PM
    Looks like San Diego will get another default playoff spot once again.

    That’s what they banked on last year, but it didn’t work out for them. At some point you have to stop depending on the failure of others for your success, and for San Diego, that was was last season. Every scribe and talking head yakked up Rivers as the MVP, and just waited for him to will his team into the playoffs. Never happened.

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